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December 12th, 2012


Last week, tvbtn reader favorite Arrow dipped to a 1.1 adults 18-49 rating. Will it rebound this week? On one hand, it is facing the usual stiff competition from The X Factor, Survivor, and The Middle/The Neighbors. On the other hand, it's the Christmas episode, which... actually means next to nothing for a superhero show. Instead of Supernatural, tonight Arrow's lead out will be a repeat of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Make your ratings predictions, then, if you're so inclined, head to the comments to discuss your choice and, just for fun, which fictional TV character you would like to see Barbara Walters include in her annual Most Fascinating People special.

  • Jared

    I’m all about Arrow tonight..ill be watching.

  • BH

    Back to 1.3

  • senor chang

    I feel generous, so I’m guessing a bump up to 1.2. The more pressing question is how Chicago Fire will do tonight with a different lead-in and CSI back in the slot. I’m guessing it’ll dip slightly but still be a touch above what it did before: 1.7-1.8?

  • david

    I think it will be back to a 1.3 tonight. and the fashion show will get a .5 or .6 afterwords.

  • Vcoolwater

    1.1-1.3 range.

  • Silvio

    Arrow 1.5 A18-49 . Wishful thinking, but who knows.
    Sterling Malory Archer, definitely most fascinating fictional TV character.

  • Stuart Pitt

    1.2 on the CW is what this series is. Some weeks it will dip below while others will rise above. You either like Super hero shows / movies or you don’t and it will remain in this range unless the script starts getting written in crayon.

  • were123

    1.3, but I hope it hits 1.4 or higher!

  • Dan S

    I feel comfortable forecasting 1.3 which isn’t a big stretch. It’s also the midseason finale until it returns next month I believe. The show is consistently entertaining & has held up well in the past so 1.3 is my guess.

  • Mi

    I hope it bounces up, but I won’t be surprised if it drops either.
    This episode is going to reveal how many watch Arrow because they are interested in Arrow and how many watch Arrow because of SPN airing afterwards.
    If Arrow does well today, then the CW should consider moving SPN to fix another night next year. If it doesn’t, then CW shouldn’t move SPN anywhere..

  • Tessa

    I’d factor out the SPN fans who would show up to make the night a double bill, add the Christmas element which may draw people out of curiosity, and say it’d score the same as last week.

  • Melanie

    Maybe up to a 1.2 or stays the same.

  • DeanW

    1.1 no Supernatural won’t help !

  • POI

    I wish it scores a 1.3 or even get a series high because this show deserves it.

  • RG-X

    I think it will creep back up to a 1.2

    Needs more marketing outside of the network’s channel if they are going to get more viewers in 2013 though! it deserves more viewers!

  • a p garcia

    Hope Arrow gets a 1.5 but I will be happy with a 1.3. What I am more interested is BABA WAWA’s (AKA barbara Walters) special She should be banned from TV altogether for saying the Kardashiams were most fancinating last year. This year she may have topped that by saying that Honey Boo Boo made the list of 10 most fancinating people! If at all, she should join Betty White troupe “Off Their Rockers”.

  • JJA

    Maybe it will get a bit of a bump from the ladies that show-up to watch the Victoria Secret special.

    By the way, I think I understand now why last week’s “mid-season finale” of Supernatural did NOT feel like a “mid-season finale.” It was not meant to be!! The Supernatural people probably expected to have a new episode tonight as well.

  • POIFanatic

    In a just world, Supernatural and Arrow would get close to 3.0 ratings. But, in the real world, Arrow will probably get a 1.3.

  • Hillbilly

    Arrow – 1.2

    Barbara Walters interview, Gary from character. :)

  • Tom

    @ POI How about “On a network that doesn’t continually diminish its brand by broadcasting rubbish, Arrow would get significantly higher ratings?” I have to grudgingly agree that Arrow is the only worthy new show that the CW has broadcast in a while. That being said, the CW isn’t exactly the destination of choice for entertainment seekers. So, until the CW commits to upping the quality of its shows’ scripts and actors, both TVN and Arrow will continue to suffer.

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