Tuesday Final Ratings: 'The Voice' & 'The Mindy Project' Adjusted Up; 'Happy Endings' & 'Take It All' Adjusted Down

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December 12th, 2012

The Voice and The Mindy Project were each adjusted up a tenth while Happy Endings and Take It All were each adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49  versus the preliminary Tuesday broadcast ratings.


Broadcast primetime final ratings for Tuesday:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)
8:00 NBC The Voice (8-9:01PM) 3.6/10 11.52
CBS NCIS 2.8/8 17.65
ABC Santa Claus is Comin' to Town - R 1.7/5 5.61
FOX Raising Hope 1.7/5 4.03
CW Hart of Dixie 0.6/2 1.41
8:30 FOX Ben and Kate - R 0.8/2 2.19
9:00 CBS NCIS: Los Angeles 2.6/7 15.12
NBC Take It All (9:01-10:01PM) 2.2/6 7.18
FOX New Girl 2.0/5 4.18
ABC Happy Endings 1.2/3 3.22
CW A Muppets Christmas - R 0.4/1 1.06
9:30 FOX The Mindy Project 1.5/5 3.07
ABC Don't Trust the B -- 1.0/3 2.49
10:00 NBC Parenthood (10:01-11) 2.0/6 5.73
CBS Vegas 1.5/4 10.33
ABC Private Practice 1.2/4 3.87


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  • cass rowland

    wendesday and friday comides are doing well

  • JoeRobby

    Quality has nothing to do with whether or not people watch something.

    Anyway, I did a comparison between “Happy Endings” and “New Girl” ratings to look at drops in viewership. “New Girl” has a higher 18-49 rating, but both have dropped about the same (from my reading of the numbers). Total viewership are closer (which really doesn’t matter), though overall “New Girl” wins there also.

    Here are “Happy Endings” ratings where first is 18-49, second is Viewers Live+SD (million) for seasons 3:
    1.8 5.57
    1.4/3 4.31
    1.3/4 4.36
    1.1 4.38
    1.3 3.37
    1.2/3 3.22

    For comparison, here are numbers for “New Girl” on the same weeks (there was one week where “New Girl” aired and “Happy Endings” didn’t, the ratings are not listed here for that week):
    2.7 5.16
    2.3/6 4.75
    2.2/6 4.35
    2.0 4.11
    2.0 4.10
    2.0/5 4.18

    The drop, I don’t think, has anything to do with loyalty, fan base, or quality, but rather with the fact that many of the comedies (including “Happy Endings” and “New Girl”) on these nights have dropped about the same amount of viewers since the first airing.

  • Tyler


    Yeah, and a 100% rise is still impressive, especially if the live audience is low. A 45% lift is impressive. A 0.5 was also in the top 20 of the week. Saying it’s a “DVR failure” is factually incorrect. I don’t think you understand the definition of that phrase.

    I don’t understand your constant hate on a show. Seems like a waste of time.

  • Networkman

    ABC please cancel Don’t Trust the B… immediately. Repeats of Modern Family would be better. Private Practice actually had a strong episode. It is ashame that people are no longer invested in the last season.

    CBS should be ashame of the results of Vegas. It is true that numbers have fallen across the board this year for the 10pm hour. But for CBS, I would think numbers below 2.0 demo would be unacceptable if it is not on Friday. Parenthood constantly wins the hour even though it has a weeker leadin. The network should know that they are able to do better and Golden Boy should be given a chance to succeed by taking Vegas spot. CBS could keep Vegas but move it to another night. CBS decision making has been questionable this season. I still don’t understand why CSI:NY did not receive a full season pickup.

  • rob60990

    “A 0.5 was also in the top 20 of the week.”

    It usually doesn’t but that was a holiday week.

  • eridapo

    ABC clearly has problems..

    Tuesday has collapsed.

    By now ABC knows that it needs to revamp the entire night. Is reality the remedy? I don’t think so. What they have in line, the diving show, smells like a turkey to me and will more than likely be a big bust. Whomever is in charge of their Non-Scripted development clearly has no idea. As has been shown on Monday with Extreme Makeover, the ABC reality bench is dismal and nothing in the pipeline looks too promising.

  • cass rowland

    people are saying that the abc ratings are down is because people are boycotting because of the soaps being cancelled im just wondering is that really true

  • Tyler


    So? A show that can get a 40-45% lift with DVR numbers is not, as you originally postulated, a “DVR failure”. In fact, going through those DVR posts as made me realize how many times you’ve posted about Happy Endings. It’s kind of weird.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “people are saying that the abc ratings are down is because people are boycotting because of the soaps being cancelled im just wondering is that really true”


    Almost every broadcast network’s ratings have been down season to season for the last 30 years (NBC this season being a very notable exception).

    ABC is down less vs. last season than either Fox or CBS is.

    Neither of those facts line up with the crazy soap fan view of the world.

  • Paul P.

    Drop Vegas to Fridays & bring back Unforgettable & those pathetic scripts!!
    At least it ave. a 2.0…
    @ Networkman – agree completely that CBS’ decisions are questionable…

  • cass rowland

    im sorry bill i was reading an article about the recent season of dancing with the stars and that what the people said the ratings went down

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “im sorry bill i was reading an article about the recent season of dancing with the stars and that what the people said the ratings went down”

    DWTS ratings were *way* down vs. recent seasons, but attributing that to a soap fan boycott is just silly.

    How about the fact the show’s gone through 15 cycles and its just not as interesting to people any longer?

  • Andrew

    Yay Mindy Project!

  • Mark3

    Great for dixie. I bet it gets renewed.

  • SarahL

    The Mindy Project was so good last night. I wish that its ratings would improve significantly.

  • Networkman

    If FOX were really bold they would move Glee back to Tuesday @8pm followed by Raising Hope @9pm and then the Goodwin Games @9:30pm. Glee would be facing Betty White’s Off Their Rockers and The Taste. If it can not maintain its numbers then it would be time to cancel the show. Then on Thursday New Girl would follow American Idol. FOX has to try and rejuvenate the show. It has the capability of garnering 3.0 demo. NBC comedies are dying, so FOX should jump on the chance of having comedies in the 9pm hour before CBS tries it next year.

    8pm Glee
    9pm Raising Hope
    9:30pm Goodwin Games

    8pm American Idol
    9pm New Girl
    9:30pm Mindy Project

  • Cass rowlwland

    Shows like survivor are down compared to seasons past to

  • Alan

    Everything of ABC should be cancelled. If they keep playing those awful-rated shows, why did they cancelled Cougar Town? I bet that it would do so much better than those shows.

  • Ruan

    Poor “Happy Endings”. It’s not a bad show.

  • Mary 1

    By the time Happy Endings premiered in October, I was already watching Go On, which was getting sneak peaks in August, and The New Normal. I think ABCs late start really hurt it. I now watch Happy Endings on Demand.

    It’s a funny show and I don’t want to see it cancelled, but I have to say it’s an exhausting show to watch sometimes. The energy is super high and everyone practically talks over one another. I think that puts off some people from watching it because it’s not a show that’s comfortable to follow especially if you’ve never seen it before.

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