NBC Orders Three Additional Episodes of 'Whitney'

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December 13th, 2012

NBC has ordered three more episodes of its comedy Whitney, bringing its total order for its second season to  sixteen episodes, per Deadline.

  • NCJeff

    Schedule spackle?

  • RyanCanada

    It’ll get bumped to 22!

  • Anon


  • Lucas

    Just Why?

  • omabin

    I don’t know why everyone is so surprised. Whitney is a tossup with its current rating. As I’ve said this morning:

    I think Whitney will be renewed. NBC’s current weighted average of comedies (greater weight to more recent airings) is 1.5 and Whitney’s weighted average is 1.4. Plus, it is a second year show so it should have priority over Guy with Kids, 1600 Penn and The New Normal if it eventually become a bubble show as well. If anything, Up All Night, whose current weighted average is 1.3 and is also a sophomore show, will be its problem as I see NBC making it an one or the other 11th hour decision – I don’t think they will get rid of both unless 1600 Penn really hits and new normal survives winter better than we think.

    It may be canceled, but it is not likely to be canceled, it’s no more than a tossup at this point IMO!

  • matthew

    According to deadline they ordered 3 more episodes so that would make it a total of 16 episodes not 15

  • Dan S

    Ugh, and to think NBC preferred this dreck over Harry’s Law. I’m holding out hope for the new 1600 Penn to be the successor to The Office. This show looks genuinely funny with a top notch cast headed by Bill Pullman. As for Whitney a 3rd season is still a longshot.

  • Dan

    I knew NBC would order more eps of Whitney today but I thought it would be 18-22. However the show has only aired 4 episodes so 12 more for next year makes sense. Here’s my guess for next year.

    Wednesday Jan-March
    8:00 Whitney
    8:30 Guys With Kids
    9:00 SVU
    10:00 Chicago Fire

    Wednesday April-May
    8:00 Whitney
    8:30 Up All Night
    9:00 SVU
    10:00 Chicago Fire

    If they had ordered a full season of WHitney than it could air in this slot straight through May paired with the final 5 Up All Night episodes. It still might work out that way. For those of you thinking that Save Me might air on Wednesdays, I;m thinking that NBC will stick to Multi camera for Wednesday this season. I expect Save Me to take 1600 Penn’s slot by April.

  • Mike

    It’s sixteen episodes not fifteen

  • JC

    So do I understand that the “5 script order” they got a few weeks ago turned into 3 episodes? Better than nothing I suppose but I’d like a full season. I actually like the show.

  • sarahl

    NBC scrapping the bottom.

  • Feedback

    Why not order more episodes of Community instead? They would probably come dirt cheap considering Sony would do anything to reach the magical 88.

  • Dan

    With multi camera shows, its very easy to order more episodes because producing multi camera episodes takes a lot less time than single camera ones. This is due to single camera shows having more locations to work with and camera angles. If NBC wants any more episodes of their multi camera shows they can order them quickly. So if ABC wants more episodes of Last Man Standing and Malibu Country both shows can produce them quick enough.

  • Dan

    @Feedback – NBC won’t order more Community because

    A) Community is more expensive to produce than Whitney
    B) Community hasn’t premiered yet and wont until February (so more eps wont make sense)
    C) Community has its entire season set a;ready while with Whitney more episodes won’t destroy the show’s creative integrity.
    D) NBC owns Whitney, Sony owns Community.

    Community will get syndication regardless. It already has 84 episodes and a syndication deal on Comedy Central. NBC didn’t want to premiere the show on Fridays and like Fox and Touch NBC probably didn’t want to order more Community eps beyond the initial 13 for the season.

  • Justin121

    I knew it.

    Guys with Kids, Whitney Renewed.

    Up All Night Cancelled.

    Community a true toss up.

    All others Renewed.

  • TeeVeeViewer

    NBC should’ve ordered three episodes of “Whitney” be buried at sea. This thing has never been funny.

  • Ram510

    An if Guys With Kids was new this week and beat Whitney it would’ve/should’ve gotten extra episodes as well. Please NBC don’t cancel Guys With Kids!

  • Anthony

    I knew it.

    Guys with Kids, Whitney Renewed.

    Up All Night Cancelled.

    Community a true toss up.

    All others Renewed.

    What makes you so sure Whitney and Guys with Kids will be renewed while Up All Night will be cancelled? Last time I checked they are all multi-cam (or will be by the end of their runs), all have equally terrible ratings (under 1.5), and all received small back orders. They seem to be all in about the same boat to me.

  • AnthonyMule

    I’m sorry she is just not funny

  • Verus

    A few episodes to give the few fans a real end to the show perhaps ?

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