NBC Orders Three Additional Episodes of 'Whitney'

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December 13th, 2012

NBC has ordered three more episodes of its comedy Whitney, bringing its total order for its second season to  sixteen episodes, per Deadline.

  • Oliver

    Called it.

    No surprise. NBC should be doing better in that uncompetitive timeslot, but they don’t have anything that will do better right now, so expanding Whitney’s order is the right decision.

    It still don’t think its ratings will hold up through Spring and any renewal should be for spackle purposes only.

  • SJ

    I can see Go On and The New Normal getting full second season renewals. Parks and Rec and Community both 13-episode final orders for Friday. All other comedies – cancelled. They’ are all doing terribly!

  • Neil


    Whitney and creative integrity. That’s a oxymoron!

  • Adam


    What you said.

  • Bob

    I hope and pray that Guys with Kids gets renewed for a new season and while I am making my wish list for Christmas. Why not have Guys with Kids get another 4 to make it a full 22 episode season…..I am going all out for my wishes this year! lol.

  • psychic


  • boogke

    I think this was a mild sign of support for the show, and that based on its performance in the next month or two, NBC will decide whether to bump it up to a full 18 or 22 ep order for the year. I think some decision had to be made immediately about whether to keep the show in production, and based on this Wednesdays acceptable performance, it was given a chance to prove itself. Personally I like it and hope and believe it will succeed. With ABC and other networks airing repeats next few weeks vs what I assume will be an original Whitney or two , those ratings will be interesting.

  • Oliver


    I don’t think it makes much sense for NBC to put Community/Parks on Friday. It would make more sense to use them as schedule spackle or put them in a death slot (e.g. 8pm or 10pm Thursday, 8pm Tuesday between Voice cycles).

    Besides, Friday seems like an ideal timeslot to develop a sci-fi/fantasy partner for Grimm.

    I think NBC has a tough decision to make next season as to what to do with their 8pm Thursday timeslot. They will want to keep their comedy block intact but nothing will do well up against TBBT. I honestly don’t think they’re going to develop anything that will do much better than Community does, but I’m not convinced that will translate into a Community renewal.

  • George A. Wojtowycz

    Okay, who is it who doesn’t understand that Whitney Cummings, who is the same creative talent who gave us 2 Broke Girls, and who has a million kilowatt stage presence cannot carry a show? Harry’s Law was booorrringgg!

  • George A. Wojtowycz

    Neil, creative integrity? Watch 2 Broke Girls! Best Show Ever!

  • Oliver


    I agree that this was probably the last possible date for NBC to expand Whitney’s order and they pretty much gave it the smallest back-order possible to keep it in production.

    That said, there are 13 episodes of Whitney left, 7 episodes of Guys With Kids left, and multi-cam Up All Night has a 5 episode order. Even if they don’t expand the order further, that is a relatively coherent schedule.

  • Chris

    Alternate title–“NBC Hammers Three More Nails Into Coffin of its Once-Great Primetime Schedule.”


  • Dan

    @Neil – By creative integrity I meant that Whitney has none so more eps wouldnt compromise anything while Community would (because it has a set 13 ep story arc)

    @SJ – I agree Go on and The New Normal will get full seasons, but why wouldnt Parks get a full season also for Thursdays. I would figure that even though every other comedy is done, Parks has a chance to be saved for a while.

  • ABC needs more cowbell

    Why. after watching a few shows, it was a big turnoff.

  • The Cool Max


  • Frank

    Let it go.

    Maybe do like they did to Ellen. Change up the cast a bit and maybe it will have a chance.

  • Lewis

    I like Whitney the comedian, but the show isn’t much. She clearly has talent considering she’s behind the success of 2 Broke Girls, but she needs better talent around her for her own show. She needs better known co-stars.

  • Hadesa

    At the moment I say

    Renewed-Go On

    Toss up-The New Normal, Parks, Community, 1600 Penn

    Cancelled-Up all Night, Guys with Kids, Whitney

  • buttondiet

    I’m happy, but surprised by this! The demo rating for the show might be okay, but the viewers keep dipping every week, so it’s not like it’s gaining new fans in it’s second season… but I’m a fan of Whitney C. so yay

  • Potato

    So, I’m guessing Whitney is paired with Guys With Kids and then Up All Night, with either Whitney or Guys with Kids getting an hour of new back to back shows at one point. I’d guess either GWK gets an hour when it returns to draw attention, or Whitney gets an hour long finale.

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