NBC Orders Three Additional Episodes of 'Whitney'

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December 13th, 2012

NBC has ordered three more episodes of its comedy Whitney, bringing its total order for its second season to  sixteen episodes, per Deadline.


    What helps Whitney is that NBC wants her business…2 Broke Girls is the biggest new comedy on TV and anchoring a night…that is major. IMO Whitney, if it were on CBS would be doing WAY BETTER. I mean bigger than most comedies on most nets…Whitney has been on two horrible nights of comedy and still came out with decent numbers (decent for NBC that is). Last Wednesdays 1.4 was well ahead on the CW but 30 Rock/UAN have a problem with the CW….and Arrow/VD aren’t to far apart too.

    When it comes down to ratings Whitney’s ratings are probably on par with most of what NBC has today less Go On and The Office…and the former has a very strong lead-in while the latter is ending.

    NBC has no choice, they must go with their strongest shows and let’s face it, last nights UAN is clearly weaker, Community and P&R are fairly even with it…but NBC wants to do business with Whitney Cummings

  • Dan

    Honestly at this point, among the 3 NBC bubble series, Whitney, Up All Night, and Guys With Kids, Whitney has the best chance at getting a third season. Up All Night’s ratings are garbage and their reboot looks to flop, Guys With Kids is a freshman series with only 17 eps and no promise once those are done. NBC can keep Whitney just to have a multi camera comedy going for them.

  • Freddy Arrow

    Sounds like I’m one of the few that thinks Whitney is a decent show but think 2 Broke Girls is just terrible.

  • Carl


    Why would they be so excited about her? 2 Broke Girls is on a different network and her second idea for a show (and the one she decided to star in) is getting mediocre ratings. It suggests to me that she really only had one good show idea. If they think she’s going to be the next Chuck Lorre they are going to be disappointed.

  • Big Daddy

    Whitney reminds me a lot of How i met your mother… not a lot of love early but has a decent cast….

  • Joseph

    “Whitney” has outrun your friend and mine, the Cancellation Bear.

    But only temporarily.

    He’ll probably catch up to that show at season’s end.

  • Lamdog

    Put a knife in this show. It is done. This is the prime reason why NBC is number 3.

    The same could be written for Guys with Kids.

  • rob60990

    NBC deserves all the bad ratings they get for decisions like this.

  • Jake

    I guess you can also put me in the minority that actually enjoys this show. No, it’s not perfect, far from it, but I really enjoy the cast. Whitney Cummings and Chris D’Elia have great chemistry and their relationship is refreshingly real. A lot of my friends’ relationships have a very similar dynamic. If they could just sharpen the writing and give the supporting characters something more substantial to do I think the show could be really great. Again, I realize I’m in the minority on this one.

  • CrystalFissure

    Not that happy, only because I find both Whitney and 2 Broke Girls to be crap.

    Bloody Community on the other hand has no luck, only getting a 13 episode season despite major support from fans. Plus, its show rating on IMDB is nearly 4 whole points higher than Whitney. Clearly it’s a better, smarter show.

  • Gwen

    Deeply unfunny show it really is

  • jowm

    Shoot me

    Only thing worse than Whitney is that Love Ya, Mean It show she has on E!

    Do not understand the appeal of this woman at all..

  • Nancy

    Ew why?

  • Erin

    Hilarious that one who would refer to this (funny and heartfelt) show as “dreck” would think the crapshoot that is “1600 Penn” would be the next slow-building hit. Remember, “The Office” was slow to find its audience and voice. I like this show now and appreciate networks giving shows a chance.

  • Madd

    I actually liked the show better in it’s first season I read that they decided to focus on whitney and her relationship. There is nothing wrong with them but I don’t feel as if two people will be able to carry a show. When the character Neal and everyone else was still in focus the show was more interesting. I’ve watched the new season but the shifting focus to just two characters makes the show a less fun to watch. With Neal leaving and the shift in focus I felt less interested in watching or trying to catch up with the show.

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