CBS to Air Primetime Marathon of 'The Good Wife' on Friday, December 21

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December 14th, 2012

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CBS will air a primetime marathon of THE GOOD WIFE on Friday, Dec. 21 (8:00 – 11:00 PM, ET/PT), rebroadcasting three episodes of the drama. The air order will be:


8:00 – 9:00 PM: “Don’t Haze Me, Bro” – Alicia and Diane must constantly rethink their approach when an opposing lawyer keeps changing tactics. Meanwhile, Eli wins a victory in his efforts to protect Peter’s image. Originally broadcast 10/21/12.


9:00 – 10:00 PM: “The Art of War” – When a female military officer accuses a civilian contractor of attempting to rape her in Afghanistan, Alicia tries to prove that he is not protected by a law prohibiting servicemen from suing the military. Meanwhile, a surprising new obstacle appears in Peter’s quest for the governorship. Amanda Peet guest stars as Alicia’s client, Brian Dennehy guest stars as opposing council Bucky Stabler, Maura Tierney returns as Maddie Hayward and Denis O’Hare returns as Judge Abernathy. Directed by series star Josh Charles. Originally broadcast 11/04/12.


10:00 – 11:00 PM: “A Defense of Marriage” – Alicia and Diane agree to let a famous liberal lawyer aid them on their latest case, but they soon realize he may not have their client’s best interests in mind. Meanwhile, Alicia’s mother arrives for Thanksgiving seeking moral and legal support from Alicia and her brother Owen. Academy Award nominee Stockard Channing guest stars as Alicia’s mother and Bruce McGill guest stars as liberal crusader Jeremy Breslow. Brian Dennehy returns as lawyer Bucky Stabler and Bebe Neuwirth returns as Judge Friend. Originally broadcast 11/25/12.


THE GOOD WIFE is one of broadcast television’s most acclaimed dramas. Cast members Julianna Margulies and Archie Panjabi were recently nominated for 2012 Golden Globe Awards for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series and Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television, respectively.

  • Robert

    These are re-runs the weekend before Christmas. No show would do good then.


    I could see this as a trail to put Good Wife on Friday nights probably in place of CSI NY if its cancelled. Honestly if I were CBS though I would give CSI NY one last season. Give it a final 10th season. Miami had 10 seasons why not give NY 10 seasons as well. Good Wife probably will have a final fifth season. IMO I am shocked another network wouldn’t pick up GW its a great show that would be good on another network.

  • Rob R

    CBS loves “The Good Wife” and it is in no danger this season, thanks the increasingly lower bar for success these days. “The Good Wife” will get a full season renewal, although I acknowledge that Friday is a possibility. Still it attracts about 2 million more viewers than “Revenge” every week on Sunday, which isnt too bad.

  • Niceguy

    TGW will be fed to the cancellation bear soon.

  • JJ

    I love The Good Wife and Archie Panjabi but I don’t understand how her performance this season so far could garner a Golden Globe nomination. Her character has been pretty weak this season and the storyline with her husband is awful.

  • Jared

    CBS would be stupid to cancel a series whose stars have just been nominated for Golden Globes. Sure the live ratings aren’t spectacular but the series does have enough total viewers to warrant another season. Not sure why the network hasn’t already paired up Blue Blood and TGW on Fridays. Seems like a winning combination to me and a solid night for CBS.

  • JohnnyRico

    JJ cause the SAG and GG voters are always years behind. I don’t mind her nomination even though her charecter has had nothing to do for a while cause she should have been nominated by them previous years.

  • Sam

    TGW is a dreadful show. Dump it already!

  • Herb Finn

    I’d rather they ran 3 BLUE BLOODS

  • bob

    I often wonder how dumb network execs. really are. A they high school drop outs, mental patients or what….. The good wife as everyone knows is a fine production. It was doing great @ its old time slot on wed night so what do the idiots do switch it to sundays and put it up against revenge the top new show on television, duh…..I wonder why the ratings slipped…..put it back on@ 9:00pm on wednsdays and collect your money CBS…. It ain’t brain surgery…..

  • Paul

    The Good Wife never aired on Wednesdays.

    Please move The Good Wife to Friday!! It will get mid 1’s and it can be renewed and aired for many years to come. CBS can continue to get the awards, etc.

  • DeanW

    Why CBS does that. If TGW is Renewed and move to Friday it’ll be a disaster. CSI: NY got a 1.5 for its last original and TGW only a 1.8 on Sunday.
    If it moves to Friday TGW will get at most a 1.4 and Blue Bloods will fall. The best candidate for Friday is the tenth Season of CSI: NY, a new drama or Hawaii Five-0 (I know it’s impossible but if CBS put Criminal Minds on Friday it would get a 2.5 or more).

  • Nazel

    @Bob : I don’t think anyone who actually enjoys The Good Wife would rather watch Revenge instead, it just doesn’t make sense ..

  • Paul

    The Good Wife’s viewers are loyal and would watch the show regardless of any timeslot. The 1.8 is not a Sunday crowd. It’ll go 1.5’s on Fridays. And CBS gets to keep the critical acclaim and awards around.

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