Fox Nixes Sunday's Original Episodes of 'Family Guy' and 'American Dad'

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December 14th, 2012

Fox is replacing scheduled originals of Family Guy and American Dad with repeats of the shows according to The Futon Critic. Fox gave no official reason for the change, but it's believed the episodes include "sensitive content in light of today's tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut."

The original episodes of The Simpsons, The Cleveland Show and Bob's Burgers are still schedule to air, though the 7p repeat of 'Cleveland' has been replaced with a different repeat.
  • kyle

    what about Bob’s Burgers?? did that get moved as well?

  • iggy agrimotor

    Bob’s Burgers is safe according to futon critic — it probably doesn’t have any jokes about mass shootings in its Christmas episode.

  • Travis

    Family Guy was about Peter sharing his version the Nativity story. American Dad states that Stan takes Steve to Grandpa Jack who shares a story about a demon who would punish naughty children on Christmas.

  • Dan

    So I guess we have to wait a year to see these episodes….

  • Dan

    Or maybe Fox will air them on December 23 when repeats were previously slated to air, hopefully we’ll find out soon but it was smart of FOX to do in light of these events.

  • toystory2wasok

    It’s ridiculous in our society today that guns = instant offensiveness and must that it must be pulled immediately if there’s any headlines about violent or gruesome acts.

  • lily

    I support the decision but I hope FOX will tell us later when these episodes will air.

  • CBSviewer

    Will the 25th Season be the last for The Simpsons ?

  • DeanW

    FOX did the same six years ago with an episode of Bones. The episode was scheduled to air during the second season but was delayed due to the Virginia Tech massacre. The episode aired one year later and it’s the eleventh episode of Season 3 (Title: Player Under Pressure).

  • joel

    They should make the episodes available on their web site for folks willing to jump thru a couple of hoops to see them after being warned.

  • jay

    why is america so sensitive

  • Networkman

    I feel that there is too much contradiction and hypocrisy going on. If the episodes are so bad that they have to be pulled because its offensive, why would it then be ok to show them in a couple of weeks. The tragic event will always be in the minds of that community and it will take many a long time to heal.

    Secondly, we don’t see violent movies not being shown over the weekend out of respect for the families of the victims. Movie Studios feel it is the choice of the movie goer if they want to watch a particular film with shootings. So, shouldn’t that same thought go for broadcast tv programs. The viewers can choose to watch or change the channel. Many know what to expect from Family Guys and American Dad anyways. The particular audience that watch these two programs most likely won’t find the material offensive. I don’t think that target audience is that sensitive.

  • SJ

    I honestly don’t get this whole pulling of scheduled episodes in light of tragedies. So are we to deduce that violence on TV is allowed on any other day of the year? Talk about hypocrisy!

  • TV Gord

    I think people are just hurting right now, especially parents. Every parent is imagining that sort of thing happening to them and their children, so it’s hitting very close to home. I’ll be ready to laugh at Seth MacFarlane’s worst (best), but not right now. I don’t mind waiting a week or two…or until next Christmas, if that’s what’s happening. It’s only TV. What’s happening now is real life. (I hate real life.)

  • TheFollowing

    Great decision. Accept it guys. Not all people are like you.

  • Esaul

    @Networkman –

    Jack Reacher’s premiere for today has been moved out of respect for the massacre. And honestly, I hope people are sensitive to what happened. Do you know how many children, how many 5-10 year olds were killed?

  • John A

    I find it silly that Cartoons being pulled. Does Family Guy and American Dad be Violent? LOL

  • Nick

    This was especially important for Fox to pull. I mean, it’s Family Guy. If it did include violence & children, you can be sure they’d poke fun at it, offending a HUGE amount of people. It’s OK to show violence with children on TV after a real-life incident. However if you make fun of it, that’s just disrespectful. And sad.

  • thomas

    United States is very hypocrisy! and such violence always happens out there.

  • Laura

    This has been going on forever. The Buffy episode “Earshot” about Buffy being able to hear other people’s thoughts and coming across someone who was planning a school massacre was pulled due to Columbine.

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