Fox Nixes Sunday's Original Episodes of 'Family Guy' and 'American Dad'

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December 14th, 2012

Fox is replacing scheduled originals of Family Guy and American Dad with repeats of the shows according to The Futon Critic. Fox gave no official reason for the change, but it's believed the episodes include "sensitive content in light of today's tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut."

The original episodes of The Simpsons, The Cleveland Show and Bob's Burgers are still schedule to air, though the 7p repeat of 'Cleveland' has been replaced with a different repeat.
  • K

    Fox is bowing to the shooter, just as he hoped.

  • joel

    @The End,
    Believe it or not it’s possible to have compassion and empathy without dramatizing and sensationalizing it with the expectation that the rest of the world should grind to a halt.

  • Phil

    Good move FOX!

  • The End


    To be fair, the world hasn’t ground to a halt, it may of done for the parents of the children murdered at that school and the people living in that area, and although the rest of the world/America is deeply saddened by what has happened, life has gone on. Only a few programs with questionable content considering the recent events have been affected.

    This isn’t a huge cause for concern that the air dates of 2 cartoon episodes, and an episode of Haven with school scenes have been put back. The network is showing they care, it doesn’t happen often.

    I think some people are making a huge deal over nothing, let the world mourn for a week, and business will back to normal soon enough.

  • joel

    The issue isn’t 2 cartoon episodes being preempted from broadcast TV. The issue is those episodes not being available through any other media for those who CHOOSE to watch them. If you think broadcast TV shows get preempted because networks care about the victims you’re very misguided. They care – about maximizing their ratings and profits from the story in any way they can, and about what their advertisers might tell them to do.

  • Jase

    I get people often try to find some solace in times like this through entertainment, sports, etc…. I (and I am sure many others) are trying to do just that. With that said, some of the comments posted on here are ridiculous and borderline cold-hearted.

    Let’s be honest. My world and the world of many other people isn’t going to end because an episode of some tv show isn’t going to air. Please don’t elevate or equate a tv show over the lives of people.

  • thomas

    @The End

    The issue is not that, I do’nt watch these cartoons, I’m saying that these things happen out there several times, rarely see this kind of crime happening in other countries.

  • The End


    Why should they be made available by alternate means? Fox will air the episodes in question, there is absolutely no reason why they would even need, or want to put them online.

    @you’re very misguided. They care

    It’s not being misguided at all. I understand how things work, although clearly my opinion is different to yours.


    Really? Is that your point? Because you’re not being clear at all. Infact I can’t understand what you’re actually trying to say with that statement. Crime happens yes, but you have to consider that networks have to be careful, and not appear in bad taste by airing something that may be seen as offensive considering the recent events. That doesn’t mean the episode will never be aired, just delayed. These things don’t happen often.

  • Kate

    On yesterday’s episode of Fringe Peter and Olivia went to Connecticut to find clues. What a conquincidence?

  • lee

    ugh these shows always get screwed – the best animation on fox with these 2 shows and they get canned.

    it happened a while ago with a hurricane or something. now a shooting i think? im from the UK so i dont really know what happened or care – but these shows should still air. do you think the sort of person who watches these will be offended?

    stick them online, or put them on next week. either way, fox shouldnt be pussies and just show them.

  • DeanW

    Think about the victims Parents and friends. They are devastated and they certainly don’t want to watch Shows that remember them they lost a friend, a son or a Brother.
    On the other hand, I don’t think Family of the victoms will watch TV during the coming weeks.

  • Jumbotron

    I’m surprised they aren’t pulling American Dad entirely, given that Stan brandishes his gun in the theme song…unless they’re using one of the handful of episodes that doesn’t use the opening theme.

  • The Flying Cow

    I don’t think the characters that appear in the reruns are going to change.

    I also don’t really think that canning the episodes is going to stop gun problems. Also, I like how the Cleveland Show re-run they’re airing is an Illuminati-themed episode.

  • The End


    You really have no understanding do you? There’s more to life than cartoons, and certainly the lives of the 20 children, most of whom were around 6 years of age who were killed are a lot more important than 2 cartoon episodes. Look up what showing sensitivity at hard times means on google or something.

  • Aaron

    Really? They’re pulling them because of the incident in Conneticut? Unless Peter goes to Chris and Meg’s school and starts terrorizing children, I don’t see how it could be related. I can understand people having more important things to watch because of Family Guy, but to pull it because of sensitive content? It’s going to show on FOX eventually… I hope it was pulled for a good reason.

    Geez, everyone’s coming up with an excuse to postpone their arrangements. I realize it was incredible circumstances, but let’s not get carried away…

  • The End

    @Really? They’re pulling them because of the incident in Conneticut?

    Yup, where have you been for the past 24 hours?

    @I hope it was pulled for a good reason.

    20 children aged between 5-7 being murdered, along with a few teachers sounds like a good reason to me. Perhaps not to angry cartoon fans wanting their cartoons though.

    @Geez, everyone’s coming up with an excuse to postpone their arrangements

    It’s not an excuse, networks have been issuing statements, infact I suggest going on the Syfy twitter to see Craig Engler himself telling Haven fans the episode was pulled because of the events that had occured in Connecticut, because said episode has school scenes.

    Ignorance is bliss huh?

  • moraliste

    Like it or not, the body of psychological evidence showing a link between TV ( or any simulated) violence and heightened aggressiom in viewers of same is as close to a slam dunk as you will find in social science theory. I don’t call for censorship – its too late to do any good anyway. Back when liberals were actually critical of the mass media, before the hush money of billions in political contributions, this was a common theme. I just find it interseting that the so-called tough-minded realists are so selective in their ” toughness” … Apparently they can face everything except the probability that thirty years of escalating mayhem in kids’ eyes and brains since two or three years old has an effect on attitudes and behavior. I mean, what an outlandish and absurd claim in a society where 75% of the population believes in astrology, ie, that the sun and all the p[lanetsmoves around the earth.

  • GS2012

    I’m going to miss Animation Domination for the same sad s**t I’ve seen all over TV for 3 full days… great. America couldn’t use a good laugh or anything. *sarcasm* People’s disappearing sense of humor is probably why we all seem to go crazy. There’s a time to move on and it was Saturday morning… other people in the country have a life beyond the shooting. I use TV as an escape from MY problems and that’s MY choice. If people don’t want to watch, they shouldn’t — they know what to expect from these shows.

  • joel

    @The End,
    You don’t get it. They’re just a couple of cartoons, so no big deal right? Then why should anyone care, besides bullies like you who can only feel more in control of the situation by telling people what they can and can’t watch? Anyone who wants to watch 24 hour coverage of the news event can find it somewhere on cable, and anyone who doesn’t want to watch Family Guy and American Dad don’t have to. Preempting a couple of cartoons won’t bring the children back to life. All it does is tell everyone to continue being traumatically stressed over the event so the networks can sell the public more hours of dramatized “news” coverage.

  • The End

    @You don’t get it. They’re just a couple of cartoons, so no big deal right?

    Of course, and in any normal situation these would of aired on Fox as usual, but due to the massacre at that school, Fox doesn’t feel its appropriate to air the shows as scheduled. This isn’t a cause for outrage, or for a cause for complaining, implying that they should put the episodes online because you want to watch them now. You can’t have everything you want when you want it, that’s the way the world works I’m afraid.

    @besides bullies like you who can only feel more in control of the situation by telling people what they can and can’t watch?

    Bullies like me? What on earth are you talking about? I’m just asking people to show a bit of compassion because of what has happened to those poor children, It’s not appropriate to whine and complain that you can’t watch your cartoons when so many little kids have lost their lives. These episodes will air on Fox, so no big deal right?

    @All it does is tell everyone to continue being traumatically stressed over the event so the networks can sell the public more hours of dramatized “news” coverage

    No it doesn’t, and that’s a rather small minded way to view things, the world is hurting because so many 5-7 year olds have died, when anything significant occurs in the world, in said countries, TV courage automatically focuses on that, this is the way things are, and the way things will always be on TV, not that many programs have been affected.

    It’s not some conspiracy like you seem to suggest. And you may not care that those kids have died, but at the very most, just understand that this is a hard time for people.

    In any normal circumstances I wouldn’t of bothered commenting on a topic like this. Just after whats happened, I’m appalled that so many people are whining that they can’t watch their cartoons because those kids have died, you disgust me.

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