Fox Nixes Sunday's Original Episodes of 'Family Guy' and 'American Dad'

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December 14th, 2012

Fox is replacing scheduled originals of Family Guy and American Dad with repeats of the shows according to The Futon Critic. Fox gave no official reason for the change, but it's believed the episodes include "sensitive content in light of today's tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut."

The original episodes of The Simpsons, The Cleveland Show and Bob's Burgers are still schedule to air, though the 7p repeat of 'Cleveland' has been replaced with a different repeat.
  • GS2012

    If we aren’t going to take the time to focus on other murdered children here in the US, the people starving on our own streets, or the children being murdered and the people being genocided all over the world — I shouldn’t be forced to focus on something as minimal as 20 kids dying. Do you know what much, much, more horrible things happen than that all over the world every day? I guess you must not. It’s a matter of people being overly sensitive (which is just as if not more detrimental than being desensitized) and not knowing when to move on. Did you’re kid die? If not, than it’s been 3 days and it’s time to move on. Your mourning isn’t going to bring those kids back, it isn’t going to stop it from happening again, and it isn’t going to bring the guy back who did it so that justice can be served — time to drop it and move on. And no, I’m not some pissed off young dude who’s all angsty — I’m a married adult women who is sick of overly sensitive people making life about being sad & scared. If life is so precious, stop wasting it feeling sorry for people who don’t even know you exist.

  • Mats Svensson

    How about cutting down on guns instead of cartons?


  • Luca

    It doesn’t surprise me that so many people seem more bothered by the fact the episodes were pulled instead of a massacre of 5-10 year olds and automatically people are labeled sensitive. no…it’s out of respect and it’s not like they censored it…it will be likely delayed to another time. People these days…

  • mike

    the simpsons and cleveland show was preempted last night too

  • RG-X

    Although these cartoon are a bunch of crap I at least commend Fox for pulling them…

    …and to those that say “why is America is sooo sensative?” – it’s more out of “respect” – you would want the same if it happened to you & yours.

  • Wtf

    because they never offended anyone before any tragedy struck :/

  • Ian

    It probably won’t air for a while. The Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 3 episode “Earshot” was scheduled to air after the Columbine massacre in 1999 but didn’t air until September. Also the second part of the season 3 finale was postponed for nearly two months due to the same reason. Although it is frustrating I agree with FOX’s decision. I just hope it doesn’t take months for them to air the episode but if it does its for the right reasons.

  • GS2012

    No, i wouldn’t want the same if it happened to me. I’d want to people shut up and leave me the Hell alone.

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