Syfy Not Airing Tonight's (Dec.14) Episode of 'Haven'

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December 14th, 2012

Syfy's Craig Engler tweeted that tonight's scheduled episode of Haven would not be airing tonight due to the tragedy in Newtown, Ct.

via Twitter:

Tonight’s scheduled 10PM episode of Haven contained scenes of fictitious violence in a high school.

In light of today’s tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, we have decided not to air it.

At this time, no decision has been made as to when the episode will air.

  • Carol_R

    Bad decision. I was really looking forward to watching it. And this is sci-fi fantasy show that in no way can be construed to be realistic. I mean would they pull Buffy the Vampire Slayer because that was set in a school and they had violence against vampires?

  • JSunkist

    While it’s not realistic, people have seen and heard enough of a tragedy at a school. I don’t watch the show myself, but to me, SYFY made the right choice.

    To Delta’s “This affected the families of 26 people — that’s all” comment — poor choice of words, imo. Not that you’d need a lecture, but those were 26 innocent lives taken, 20 of them children. CHILDREN. Don’t forget the friends affected by this as well as many others. SYFY still made the right choice. They valued lives lost over their own series, I applaud them for that.

    Maybe if the show aired Monday nights and it would have aired then, I wouldn’t see too much a need, but today in general, just doesn’t feel appropriate. You can attack my words if you wish, this is just my opinion, just as what you all said is your opinion, but sometimes words lke mine need to be spoken.

  • O. Really…

    Don’t agree not to air but OK. There’s plenty of violence on TV. I understand the episode may have shown violence in a school but many shows and movies have that. Maybe a nice gesture for the families but also provides more notoriety to the morons. Morons that decide to shoot up a school have nothing in common with law abiding citizens who have guns- and anyone can rent videos if they want to watch such things even if a certain episode doesn’t air of a particular show. My answer to those who think we need more gun control is that maybe if someone with common sense also had a weapon on hand this would not have got so far.

  • Nick

    Psychic your an idiot if you don’t like the show then don’t follow what’s going on with it. Me personally I hate what happened today, but the people that were directly affected and everyone who would be offended by the show; Syfy is the last thing that would be on their mind or their channel for that matter. I look forward to haven every week and hope tonights episode will be aired soon.

  • postman

    good idea it was the only show on tv so they could do a 2 hour finaly next week replaced it with eureka christmas episode

  • Jj

    @ Delta

    Your comment sickens me. “This affected the families of 26 people — that’s all. If they don’t want to watch, that’s fine but the rest of the country should have the choice. “It involved and affected a lot more people than 26. What about those who were not killed? The kids that watched their classmates get gunned down? Their families, their neighbors, their town, state, the country. It is people like you that make me think there is no compassion in this world. I would hope that nothing as tragic as this would happen to you, but maybe something needs to so you can wake the hell up and realize that it didn’t just affect 26 people and their families. Thousands… Millions of people are grieving for this community.

  • Jase

    I think it was best not to show this episode and if Syfy decides to never air it, I’m fine with that too. This tragedy is something that leaves a mark on your soul regardless of who you are, where you live, etc…

    I am also sicken by some of the comments posted. Some of you should be ashamed. While sadly we live in a violent world, we should NEVER treat any tragic incident, big or small, with such blatant disregard. It’s not everyday that 20 kids are simultaneously killed in such a horrific way. Not getting to watch an episode of some show isn’t in any way significant (and never will be) as not getting to see your child ever again.

  • Coach

    Does anyone think any of the folks involved are watching TV tonight?
    Really? Do you think they care about a TV show and it’s content?
    SyFy is owned by the opportunistic political hacks at NBC.
    Political correctness will be our undoing.

  • JamieMM


    Two Buffy episodes were delayed because of Columbine.

  • Craig Thomas

    It’s not just something that happens in the US. A couple of years ago a soap that airs 5 episodes a week was off for at least a few days because of a shooting that happened over here in the UK.

  • CT Teacher

    @Delta – “This affected the families of 26 people — that’s all.”

    As someone who lives and works in another school district in Connecticut, I promise you that is NOT all.

  • David Howell

    This was the only possible decision in this circumstance, given the episode content.

  • Ryan

    I think it was a respectful decision.


    @ Delta “This affected the families of 26 people — that’s all.” ????
    It definitely affected more than 26 families! Families don’t really consist of just 4 or 5 people, they have extended family. What about all of the children and adults that were inside of the school that saw people get shot and had to walk over the bodies of people they knew to get out of the school? What about the emergency responders who came out of that school crying because it was such a horrific scene? What about the crime scene people who will be processing the scene for days? It’s been said that the bodies most likely will not be removed from the school until after Sunday because it’s most likely going to take that long to process the scene? I don’t know who you are, but you have to be an IDIOT to believe that only 26 families were affected by this horrific tragedy!

  • The End


    Airing the episode wouldn’t of been in good taste. Considering the circumstances I don’t think waiting a week would be too much to ask. It is not politically correct at all, some people and networks have morals.

  • Eric_Philly

    Terrible PC decision. Ugh.

  • Mari

    I was going to also say that Buffy was postponed for Columbine – that they postponed this episode in light of the tragedy that occurred is their decision, I’m okay with it. I looked for the episode, and it looks like SYFY is going to air the entire season before the finale – maybe we can see it then. Peace to all the people affected in Connecticut.

  • psychic

    @Nick: I don’t follow the show. But this is the Internet. I’m allowed to post what I think.

  • Simon Jester

    @psychic: And Nick is allowed to call you an idiot.

  • Tom

    @ Simon: “Psychic your an idiot” is both misspelled (it’s “you’re….”) and a violation of this Blog’s comment policy. It’s hard enough tolerating the B&B fans without also having to deal with personal innuendo.

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