NBC Ties For 7th Place Among Broadcast & Cable Networks With Adults 18-49 On Thursday

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December 14th, 2012

There are down nights, and there are down nights, but last night's all new NBC line up finished tied for 7th among all broadcast and cable networks among adults 18-49, so with apologies to The Shirelles..

Mama said there'll be ratings days like this,
There'll be ratings days like this Mama said

Click here for the show by show final ratings from Thursday night.

  • Mumbo

    Even though it’s purely because of football and The Voice…you guys do remember that NBC is the #1 network right now and won November sweeps, right?

    Things can’t turn around in a single season but NBC has started with the first half of the week and they’ve succeeded in building it back up. Thursday’s a disaster, but that project will start next season.

    NBC is at least trending up right now, whereas Fox is swirling down the toilet and is going to have some tough years ahead of it.

  • iggy agrimotor

    Nick, hilarious satire. Good job.

  • Dan S

    With the right combination of new comedies like the MJF show for next season & a solid quality drama NBC could reclaim Thur nights & give ABC & CBS a real run for the money. NBC is wasting valuable primetime with garbage like Rock Center, Take It All & the return of Fashion Star in March. Where’s Hannibal, Crossbones & Dracula ?

  • RC

    @ Dan S: multiple European and Asian channels announced that Crossbones will start airing in April.

  • David Howell

    NBC’s strategy was to win the start of the week in fall. They’ve done that spectacularly. It may be the only thing they have, but it’s a hefty “only”. And they’ve done it with an unscripted show that brings in a ton of ancillary revenue, so the rewards are coming a lot quicker than they would be if their big hit was a scripted show (whose higher costs would only be recouped years later in syndication).

    The key for them is to get into a position where, when The Voice’s overexposure starts to hurt it badly, they have enough scripted hits to survive it. That, or they need to hope that somehow The Winner Is becomes an unexpected summer smash and they can rotate it with The Voice in the same way Fox rotate X-Factor and Idol. This is hugely unlikely, though, as the format hasn’t been a hit in European countries where it’s already been launched.

    Basically, I think NBC need two big pilot seasons in three years.

  • Teresa

    should of renewed Chuck!

  • Niceguy

    NBC : No Body Cares

  • Brian

    NBC has to try unless they want to become a Netlet like Can’t Watch.

  • Flame

    And I thought somebody in the NBC PR department had a sense of humor and threw this one out…


    Thing is, when relying on just two shows you are standing on pretty shaky ground. Football will always do well in the US, no doubt about that. (Unless the NFL will go to another channel for the Sunday Night game, but I don’t think that will happen anytime soon.)

    But a casting show? That now airs two cycles instead of one? I mean true, the swirly stools are new and kinda interesting, but how long does it take for people to get tired of that, and how long until the judge rotation starts. (I heard that Blake Shelton wants out.) I have a feeling that NBC is going down the Who wants to be a Millionaire road pretty soon. (Which by the way still regularly wins the night in Germany and Austria – it’s on for about 15 years in both countries already.)

  • Lewis

    @ Mumbo, they know and they don’t care. They like to bash on NBC for whatever reason.

  • Lewis

    @ David, doesn’t NBC have AGT (America’s Got Talent)? I thought it was common sense for now that they’ve been rotating The Voice and AGT.

  • Ike

    This doesn’t mean much considering that NBC was pre-empting most of its usual 8-10 p.m. programming for UAN burn-offs and a sleazy, bottom-feeding holiday game show.

    Commenters act like this result is somehow important but it’s not. The normal lineup of NBC Thursday sitcoms do well enough in adults 18-34 to have lasted this long.

    Of course, the era seems to be ending with 30 Rock and The Office both concluding.

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