Soap Opera Ratings: 'The Young & the Restless' Hits a New Low Among Women 18-49 Viewers

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December 14th, 2012


via Soap Opera Network:


December 3 – December 7, 2012

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,179,000 (-197,000/-425,000)
2. B&B 3,062,000 (-218,000/-53,000)
3. GH 2,538,000 (-213,000/+277,000)
4. DAYS 2,279,000 (-58,000/-129,000)

1. Y&R 3.2/11 (-.1/-.2)
2. B&B 2.3/8 (-.2/same)
3. GH 1.9/6 (-.1/+.2)
4. DAYS 1.7/6 (-.1/-.1)


Women 18-49 Viewers
1. Y&R 712,000 (-50,000/-44,000) <—– new low *
2. GH 609,000 (-32,000/-1,000)
3. B&B 546,000 (-75,000/+12,000)
4. DAYS 504,000 (-80,000/-28,000)

*Previous low: 734,000 (September 17-21, 2012)

Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 1.1/7 (-.1/-.1) <—– ties low
2. GH 1.0/6 (same/same)
3. B&B 0.9/5 (-./1+.1)
4. DAYS 0.8/5 (-.1/same)



Source: Soap Opera Network

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Y&R = The Young & The Restless, B&B = The Bold and The Beautiful, GH = General Hospital, DAYS = Days of Our Lives.

Nielsen TV Ratings Data: ©2012 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • TimsDale4ever

    lllogie, I assume you are referring to Y&R in which you are dead spot on in your analysis. This show for eons just does not know how to balance out the conversatons with some action. Just in a month or so we have been burdered with Adam and Chelsea yelling at each other over Adam’s involvement with Sharon. Does it really take 8,943 scenes for the viewer to understand that Chelsea is concerned that her husband Adam is spending too much time with Sharon, who happens to be staying on the property in a guest house? THAT’S why this show can’t get off the ground. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah about things we have heard over and over again. This show just does not know how to move on and keep things fresh and hopping along, and therefore, NOT SO BORING!

  • TimsDale4ever

    What happened to true romance on the soaps? Adam just married Chelsea 5 seconds ago confessing that she was the love of his life, etc., and yesterday he left her. I did not know (until I started watching Y&R) that a person can fall in and out of love between breakfast and lunch. Where have I been?

  • TimsDale4ever

    lol, MB — I can believe it. This show is, and has been, pure genious on focusing on dead situations/conversations (dress code) for weeks and weeks that I wouldn’t even allow on my show. If I were Phellps, and Josh told me he was going to script several weeks of dialogue with Neil and Devon at Jabot discussing the dress code I would have personally shown him the door then. Not on my show idiot!

  • MBmomof3

    Hi TimsDale, I’m home due to the blizzard and thought I’d chime in. I stopped taking the phrase “Love of my
    life” seriuosly on Y&R years ago. Jack’s engagement ring expenditures alone could probably save us from the “fiscal cliff”. When he married Nicki the last time, I kept thinking, Dude, you know you could just live together for awhile and see how it works out. Living in sin is no worse than yet another divorce. For a smart, successful, middle-aged man, he seems as hopelessly romantic as a young schoolgirl. Silly.

  • TimsDale4ever

    …..and Nikki checked out of that marriage even before the party was over. Beyond stupid. I don’t even think they had a wedding night as she was off to find Victor…. I just continually scratch my head at the nonsense this once POWERHOUSE of a show throws at us now. ???? Anyone, and I mean ANYONE could write better material than what I’ve seen on this show since OLTL ended. (And the talks are on to bring both AMC and OLTL back on). YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike

    I wonder what the Prospect Park deal will do the actors/characters from OLTL that are on General Hospital. Prospect Park has only been allowing GH to use the characters but they have the rights to them. But the actors have signed a new contract with ABC now.

    If they strike up the deal and it is a go, who will get to use the characters and what happens to the actors.

  • TimsDale4ever

    Mike, I would imagine the OLTL characters that have turned up up GH will stay there. I’m sure they are pulling in a much larger paycheck than they will on an internet show. It’s puzzling to me on how it will all work out. It could be that both shows will look nothing like they did when they left ABC and be filled with entirely new characters, sets, stories, etc. I simply cannot imagine where enough revenue is going to come from to support an entire new production team, as well as sets, and of course the actors themselves. ???? I will definately check out OLTL when it returns though regardless.

  • Chrisann D

    I will tune in to OLTL IF it is really happening. Hopefully this isn’t going to be just a rumor.

    Just wondering if anyone else thought Monica Q looked a little scary today? Watching GH and it looks like plastic surgery gone bad……whats wrong with how she looked before?

  • Mike


    I agree that yes the actors would probably want to stay with GH since it is more money. But ABC no longer has the rights to the characters. Frank Valentini had said months back that Prospect Park only allowed them to use certain characters from OLTL. So either ABC will have to get those rights back or fire the actors. The actors are under contract to them but the only way they can continue to use the characters is if Prospect Park allows it. If they say no they can’t use the characters on GH anymore, then ABC has a problem with actors under contract and no character. Prospect Park could say no hoping to force ABC to fire the actors so they can pick them up.

  • Pat

    GH—-Great to have Robert Scorpio, and a lot of the “old gang” back from the 80s, when the “Show” was a LOT more FUN, and exciting!
    I have had it up to my eyeballs, with BORING Sonny, Jason, and that “no personality”, and GRIM, John. (The guy always looks like he needs a bath, has the personality of a fire hydrant, and why does he ALWAYS stand SIDEWAYS to the “camera”, it looks ridiculous.)
    “Days”—fire Drake Hogestyn, he can’t “ACT”, he’s embarassing, and he can take Marlena with him, in her 60s now, and past her “prime.” (Boring!)
    Great to have CHLOE coming back, hope she is more TOUGH, and a little EVIL this time.
    Gagi and Nick, lose the BABY, we have had enough of ALL BABIES in “Soaps”, to last a lifetime.
    Like to see Gabi, be more of a “scheming witch”, like Kate.
    Daniel and Jennifer— BEYOND BORING, I would rather, “take out the garbage”.
    Y&R—Love AVERY and BILLY, but Nick, also BORING, and has a low tolerance for HAPPINESS! (The guy should have been a MORTICIAN!)
    Would like to see LILY have an affair, become more EVIL, something, beautiful woman, but too “nice” right now.
    ALL “Soaps” need LESS BABIES, more “Hot Romance”, “Adventure”, and even “Murders”, to liven things up!

  • LynTX

    I was at a meeting last week with around 32 young women b/w ages of 22 and 30. (sorority) And I asked if any were soap viewers. All said no – main reason was the treatment of women – the infidelity, WTD, etc. – that there were no strong women. If they wanted to see women treated like property to be passed around, that there are a multitude of reality shows for that. So are TPTB getting it wrong by not writing a varied group of interesting characters and s/ls that would attract a diverse audience? And More importantly, that all important 18-34 demo?

    Some enjoy the

  • JayTN

    I want to agree that some of the stories on Y&R seem to be so odd (i.e. the company dress code), and I would hope that somehow these silly storylines are actually leading somewhere. I also agree that Y&R tends to be more “wordy” than the other current soaps, but hasn’t that been a trait of the CBS soaps for a long time? I remember that “As the World Turns” and “Guiding Light” also being in the same vein, as well as B&B with their never ending love triangles.

    Just to comment on the whole Prospect Park/ABC soaps deal…keep in mind that Prospect Park did not buy the rights to these canceled ABC soaps, but were merely “loaned” them by ABC, which owns the rights to “General Hospital”, as well as “One Life to Live” and “All My Children”. If I recall, Prospect Park loses their rights to OLTL and AMC sometime in 2013 and perhaps this is their last gasp to try and make something happen with those rights. If Prospect Park cannot make anything happen, the rights will likely expire and be given back to ABC. The network could then do whatever they want to with those rights, either leave AMC/OLTL sitting on the shelf, relegated to TV history or try and shop the rights to other interested producers.

    Personally, I don’t have too much faith in an AMC/OLTL revival. It would seem to me that Prospect Park would have had to gotten the ball rolling (again) on these projects months ago in order to be up and running by “early 2013″. There are simply too many working parts that need to be ironed out, such as the acting/writing unions (which reportedly scuttled the original plans last year) as well as rebuilding sets (which have been destroyed since AMC and OLTL went off the air), leasing studio space to film the two soaps, and actually writing the scripts and filming the episodes, which would require hiring writers, directors, etc. Running the risk be labeled as a “hater” of the soap genre, it is my opinion that Prospect Park should not even talk about bringing back AMC and/or OLTL in any format until all of these issues have been ironed out and settled. Otherwise, the company – which is also maligned by a large part of the soap community – will only further tarnish its image with the passionate soap fans.

  • J

    I despise Y&R. The writers with this Victor-obsession, Newman overkill, and Nikki the most absolute stupid woman on earth who encourages women that in the same of “love” its okay to be obssessed and worship an abusive, self-absorbed and hypocritical tyrant! This character is as stupid and idiotic since she emerged and has never grown into anything worthwhile. I thought that maybe, for a moment, that would allow her to go on with life. This wealth tramp has been married at least 12 or 13 times. The most tolerable one of those Newmans is Adam, and they treat him like an crap. I just hate how a show that once focused on “real” substantive families, (i.e. Abbotts, Fosters, Brooks) can made the show into a caricature of what it once was and have made the Newman circle the core…..that’s why I’ve been done with it for a while!

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