Thursday Final Ratings: 'The Vampire Diaries' Adjusted Up; 'Last Resort', 'Two and a Half Men', 'Person of Interest', 'Grey's Anatomy' & 'Scandal' Adjusted Down

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December 14th, 2012


Vampire Diaries was adjusted up a tenth while Two and a Half Men and Person of Interest were each adjusted down a tenth, Last Resort and Grey's Anatomy were each adjusted down two tenths, and Scandal was adjusted down three tenths among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Thursday broadcast ratings.

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)
8:00 CBS The Big Bang Theory (8-8:31PM) 5.4/17 16.77
FOX The X Factor 2.4/7 7.66
CW Vampire Diaries 1.3/4 2.81
ABC Last Resort 1.0/3 4.94
NBC Up All Night 0.9/3 2.87
8:30 CBS Two and a Half Men  (8:31-9:01PM) 4.1/12 13.34
NBC Up All Night 1.1/3 2.68
9:00 CBS Person of Interest (9:01-10:01PM) 2.9/8 14.08
ABC Grey's Anatomy (9-10:02PM) 2.9/8 8.17
FOX Glee 2.0/5 5.26
NBC Take It All (9-10:01PM) 1.2/3 3.93
CW Beauty and the Beast 0.6/1 1.59
10:00 ABC Scandal (10:02-11PM) 2.4/7 7.14
CBS Elementary (10:01-11PM) 2.3/6 10.46
NBC Rock Center (10:01-11PM) 0.9/2 3.42

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  • jake3988

    Every single week PoI gets a 3.0 and every single week it gets adjusted down to a 2.9. Every freaking week.

    But, yet again, I’ll post: My lord is it consistent!

  • T’Rank

    Is it surprising that Big Bang has so clearly surpassed Modern Family as the top broadcast show this year? It’s an older show and has a lower HUT time slot, but it really seems to have caught fire. Does it help that it has a popular (if also old) show airing after it after a couple of years of mostly being followed by bombs, while MF is part of a weaker lineup overall?

  • Melissa

    MediaPost just published the C+3 adults 18–49 ratings data for this season. For those of you who don’t know, C+3 adults 18–49 ratings are the most important factor in determining ad prices, even more so than L+SD adults 18–49 ratings.

    These are the ten non-sports shows making the most money this season with the highest current C+3 adults 18–49 ratings:

    1. The Big Bang Theory, CBS – 5.0 C+3 adults 18–49 rating
    2. Modern Family, ABC – 4.8 C+3 adults 18–49 rating
    3. The Voice (Monday), NBC – 4.3 C+3 adults 18–49 rating
    4. The Voice (Tuesday), NBC – 3.8 C+3 adults 18–49 rating
    5. Grey’s Anatomy, ABC – 3.6 C+3 adults 18–49 rating
    6. Two and a Half Men, CBS – 3.6 C+3 adults 18–49 rating
    7. Revolution, NBC – 3.3 C+3 adults 18–49 rating
    8. Once Upon a Time, ABC – 3.3 C+3 adults 18–49 rating
    9. 2 Broke Girls, CBS – 3.3 C+3 adults 18–49 rating
    10. NCIS, CBS – 3.3 C+3 adults 18–49 rating

    So to those of you who say Grey’s Anatomy is making about the same amount of money as Person of Interest due to their L+SD adults 18–49 ratings being so similar, clearly you’re wrong, as the former is the fourth-highest revenue earning show this season, while the latter is not even ranked in the top ten.

    The article also notes that ABC has the highest C+3 adults 18–49 rating this season, so it makes the most money out of all the networks. If anyone wants the article for reference, here it is: http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/189392/abc-scores-with-upscale-viewers.html#axzz2F4OEfvVo

  • SarahL

    I am disappointed in Grey’s drop. I think that the show as been decent of late and this comes from someone who only watches sporadically because I find it horrible most of the time.

    Those are still good ratings for Scandal. Turns out that I got it right when I voted, it kept some, but not all of its gains. Certain renewal is in the show’s near future. Kudos to SR for finding a way to attract people to that show which was been stagnant for most of the season.

  • Tony

    GO TVD!!

  • Shaun P.

    Greys down into the 2.0’s :( Last nights episode was probably the best all season!!

  • cabose369

    Yay!! POI beat Grey’s (ties in 18-49 but, of course, wins in overall viewership)! Go POI!! Such an awesome show. I’m surprised though that Cincinnati caused it to adjust down so hard.

  • BH

    @John A

    I agree. This “cure” and “sire bond” story line are horrible and inconsistent!
    Despite this its still doing good in ratings! CW must be really happy!

  • Bookworm

    Considering your prediction was for a huge downgrade, it’s still one tick down from its series high and up a tick from the episode prior to the series high. So while it didn’t top any numbers, it’s still above the average and totally finding its space in that 2.2-2.4 range.

    Definitely not bad at all and it tops Elementary for the second week in a row. This is a show that premiered with a 3.1 and has been floating in the low 2.0’s and finally got topped for the second time. This looks like a trend for the second spot if Scandal keeps it up.

    In the end, Scandal is ABC’s highest rated 10pm show right about now and I don’t see that changing much.

    Sucks for Grey, POI and Last Resort.

  • jesse

    I’m sure you guys have heard about that Newtown, CT shooting. The Bastard killed 20 kids. I can’t get my mind off of it and focus on ratings.

  • Martha

    Go POI!

  • cabose369


    This is where you are wrong. Having that lead-in means nothing because the combo of TBBT and TAHM appeal to entirely different audiences than POI. TBBT ant TAHM are comedies. POI is a Drama.

    For example, I do not like TBBT or TAHM. However, I like POI. Most of my friends are the same.

    With that being said… Grey’s is a well established show that has been around for a while so a solid lead-in for it actually makes no difference.

  • karin

    Last Resort is killing GA..
    Scandal ? not good,not bad

  • Max Vrany

    @Jake3988, that’s because Two and a Half Men overruns a minute every week.

  • BH


    I heard that as well.Terrible Terrible day for humanity. they were kids for gods sake.I feel so sorry for all the families who lost their children.

  • Petar Ivanov

    @eridapo who said:

    NCIS 3.37 The drop from last season (3.754-3.37 is .384 or 10.2%); 15.33% from Midseason
    CM 2.99 The drop from last season (3.382-2.99 is .392 or 11.6%); 18.75% from Midseason
    POI 2.93 The gain from last season (2.873 – 2.93 is .057 or 1.98%); 6.54% from Midseason
    NCIS:LA 2.91 The drop from last season (3.187-2.99 is .277 or 8.69%); 13.93% from Midseason

    ME: first thanks my friend. Great work, appreciate it. So CM with biggest drop for the season, but #1 for this week. Surprise in ncis la too. I was thinking that is with biggest drop(cbs advertise it like #2 network drama last season) Top 10 dramas in the end of the year will be very interesting i think.

    ps One more thing TGW will survive and will be move in friday. Wich mean csi ny is out and tm will survive too. Wich mean Elementary will take sunday 9 pm slot i think.

  • CH

    knew scandal was going to adjust down,suck it fans!

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    @Melissa, “The article also notes that ABC has the highest C+3 adults 18–49 rating this season,”

    ABC has the highest NON SPORTS C+3 rating.

    You can guess who spun that “report” to MediaPost.

  • SJ

    Yikes, I didn’t expect Grey’s to start hitting the 2s until March. I guess next season will be its last. Too bad, I’m actually liking the new interns and the show could totally reinvent itself creatively a couple years from now if the older cast members decide to leave, but the ratings just won’t be there anymore…

    What is it about The Big Bang Theory that people find so appealing?! I just don’t get it.

  • robin

    surprised at TVD being so consistent despite how uninteresting it has gotten

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