Thursday Final Ratings: 'The Vampire Diaries' Adjusted Up; 'Last Resort', 'Two and a Half Men', 'Person of Interest', 'Grey's Anatomy' & 'Scandal' Adjusted Down

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December 14th, 2012


Vampire Diaries was adjusted up a tenth while Two and a Half Men and Person of Interest were each adjusted down a tenth, Last Resort and Grey's Anatomy were each adjusted down two tenths, and Scandal was adjusted down three tenths among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Thursday broadcast ratings.

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)
8:00 CBS The Big Bang Theory (8-8:31PM) 5.4/17 16.77
FOX The X Factor 2.4/7 7.66
CW Vampire Diaries 1.3/4 2.81
ABC Last Resort 1.0/3 4.94
NBC Up All Night 0.9/3 2.87
8:30 CBS Two and a Half Men  (8:31-9:01PM) 4.1/12 13.34
NBC Up All Night 1.1/3 2.68
9:00 CBS Person of Interest (9:01-10:01PM) 2.9/8 14.08
ABC Grey's Anatomy (9-10:02PM) 2.9/8 8.17
FOX Glee 2.0/5 5.26
NBC Take It All (9-10:01PM) 1.2/3 3.93
CW Beauty and the Beast 0.6/1 1.59
10:00 ABC Scandal (10:02-11PM) 2.4/7 7.14
CBS Elementary (10:01-11PM) 2.3/6 10.46
NBC Rock Center (10:01-11PM) 0.9/2 3.42

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  • CoolRanchDoritos

    fed up why don’t you just google primetime ratings. isn’t that how you found this place & zap2it???

  • Roy

    Elementary continues to stink it up!

  • George

    Vampire diaries and two and a half men should be down in the ratings as well as things like criminal minds since these shows only encourage crimes in our nation and we dont need any more of that at all. Vampires are like rapists and two and a half men like sodomy and criminal minds encourage murdur and other violent crimes with those who already have problems in those areas already or are lost sinners before a Holy Lord God our creator. And need to be saved by repentance toward God and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ who is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. Who also died on a cross to pay the full price for their sins against God by dying in their place and shedding his sinless blood as the full atonement for them there. And being buried, and rising from the dead the third day and being seen of men, and returning back up to heaven. And he is the only hope we have of getting to heaven and missing hell fire forever for our sins. So pray today , Lord Jesus please forgive my sins and save my soul from hell and take me to your heaven when I die for Jesus sake who died for all my sins. And he will do so. Sincerely

  • tv_viewer

    The MediaDailyNews article by Wayne Friedman is informative but misleading. I’m fairly sure that Wayne Friedman’s source for his data comes from someone at ABC. I’m convinced that the ratings for individual programs are correct but I feel there wasn’t enough of a disclaimer in computing the network averages.

    Mr. Friedman wrote that the primetime network averages for non sports programming (from September 24, 2012 to November 25, 2012) are:
    ABC 2.15
    CBS 2.10
    NBC 2.03
    FOX 2.03
    CW 0.57

    These network averages are for the first 9 weeks of the 2012-2013 television season. Many posters have noted that FOX has an advantage over other networks because they don’t have television programs at 10 pm. By limiting television programs to non sports, ABC has created an advantage when it comes to this average.

    Wayne Friedman failed to mention that ABC aired NCAA football on 8 Saturdays and 1 Nascar race on 1 Saturday during this 9 week period. Fox aired NCAA football on 8 Saturdays and a World Series game on 1 Saturday. CBS did air the Alabama – LSU football game on 1 Saturday. NBC had 1 football game on a Saturday and 1 hour of the Breeder’s Cup on a different Saturday.

    CBS’s average included 8 Saturdays. NBC’s average included 7 full Saturdays and 2 hours of another Saturday. Both ABC’s and Fox’s average didn’t include any Saturdays. CBS and NBC had their averages lowered by including poor Saturday night viewing. ABC and Fox avoided the Saturday night ratings problem.

  • reidjr

    While tv might have a factor but to say Criminal Minds etc encourage crimes i think is really reaching.

  • Mary

    I am really liking Beauty and the Beast, even moreso than Arrow. The chemistry between the two leads is amazing. Go BATB!! :-)

  • Claudia

    Beauty and the Beast the best show right now….

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