'Vampire Diaries' & 'Beauty and the Beast' Up Week-to-Week in Total Viewers

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December 14th, 2012

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Last night's midseason finale of The Vampire Diaries rose 13% versus last week in total viewers (2.74M). It ranked #3 in the hour in A18-34 (1.2/4), and W18-34 (1.8/6) and tied for #3 in A18-49 (1.2/4). It was steady week to week in A18-49.Beauty and the Beast also rose 14% in total viewers (1.6M) compared to a week ago, and held steady in key demos.

  • Wright

    Hope TVD increases in the finals. I love the show, but was annoyed with everyone last night except Klaus.

  • ann

    No matter how you spin it, TVD’s ratings are lower these past couple weeks than they were earlier this season. Maybe more people are realizing how bad the show is now.

  • Stephen

    I hope beauty and the beast rots in hell. Save THE SECRET CIRCLE!!!!!!!!!

  • Billy martins

    I hope B&TB gets pick up for second season at first I thought it was a trashy version of the original eventhough I”am a biggest fan of they 80″s version if they gonna renew it for next season I hope they move it to Mondays following vampire diaries at 8pm.great show keep up the success.keep it on following the vampire dairies!!!!

  • sarah

    I purposely didn’t watch The vampire diaries last week and the week before because I found that seeing Damon and Elena together was just way to nasty for me. I tuned in last night because spoilers said they’d break up. Happy they did because sharing chicks between brothers is as disgusting as it gets. Well plus I don’t like watch the Delena diaries.

  • Anonymous

    Firstly, I don’t really think the Vampire Diaries is heading in the wrong direction. It’s supposed to be a love triangle, and so far, it’s truly just been one-sided, Elena always choosing Stefan. It was getting tiring and depressing after a while. It was like watching the same exact episode over and over again. That’s why I was looking forward to her in a relationship with Damon. We are seeing a new side to both of them that we’ve never truly seen before. And Sarah, just because you don’t like where the show is headed doesn’t mean you should stop watching. There were times I wanted to punch my TV set because Elena kept putting Damon down, but I continued to watch, and now it’s paying off.

    Secondly, I was really excited on how Beauty and the Beast ended last night! It was always just a show I thought I should watch whenever I got the time, but now I’m officially hooked. I do miss the Secret Circle, but I really needed a TV series like this to come along again. There hasn’t been a re-run of a classic story in a while. I like all the twists and turns that they are putting into it. I’m also happy that they just didn’t throw them together in the beginning **he*hem** (Stelena) and rolling it out a bit. It just makes me want to watch them get together even more!

    GAH! I can’t wait for January! It won’t come soon enough!

  • Kris

    LOVED the mid-season finale of Beauty and the Beast! It was AMAZING!

  • sony

    Beauty and the Beast is dead, 0.6 in the first half of the first season I tried to watch, but I gave up, Kristin is boring and uninteresting.But I love Vampire Diaries!!!!!

  • John

    Beauty and the Beast deserves a higher rating than that. At this point it has become really exciting. TBH more exciting than TVD already.

    TVD’s becoming boring as of late.

  • Kat

    TVD is boring right now because it’s so freaking predictable and all the Delena fans are tired of having their hearts ripped out just about every single episode. At the same time, Stelena has been brain washed into thinking this triangle would never happen even though it was the whole premises of the show and now theyre having a freakout. The story lines are being constantly recycled as well and this cure stuff is lame!

  • teresa

    TVD has been fantastic! can’t wait for more Damon/elana. Stefan never suited her.
    I am also loving BATB more and more and I honestly didn’t think I would since I loved the original so much – but I gave it a chance and am so glad I did!

  • Mary

    So glad I watched the pilot of BATB because I am really enjoying it. I can identify with Kat, Vince is drool-worthy but also a good actor (Jay Ryan) and the chemistry between the two is wonderful: not gooey, not uber-intense, but light hearted with verbal sparring and a touch of romance. The supporting cast is much better than Arrow I’ve found as well.

  • Mary

    P.S. I’ve never even heard of the Secret Circle. Go home.

  • Dee

    The only reason I even know what’s going on in TVD right now is because I see the last two minutes of each episode before BaTB comes on. I’m seriously hooked to BaTB. I would love to see them gain a second season.

  • Crow

    Give BatB a real chance! Vote at peopleschoice!Watch CW …

  • Claudia

    BATB the best romance show the CW have had in the last year, TSC fans have given it a bad curse, but it will pick up soon, the thing is that media is too strong now these day but as they gave BATB a bad name, now with this mid season cliffhanger people will tune in to watch it, and it will pick up…Give big thumps up for BATB…

  • Martine

    Beauty & Beast is only going to do better and better. The repeat got 3.3 this week. Its doing really well lately. And it deserves it. Please stop the nonsense with TSC. They have absolutely nothing to do with each other. TCS wasn’t cancelled because of anything to do with B&TB. If you want to blame a show, then blame the shows it competed against.

  • Kate

    Look The Secret Circle fans, you shouldn’t be hating on Beauty and the Beast because they took your show spot or whatever. Did you even give it a chance before saying all this crap about it? Are you just going to be a little kid who’s going to pout for eternity because they no longer sell the toy you want? I don’t care if you want to save The Secret Circle, just don’t hate on Beauty and the Beast. For your information, Beauty and the Beast happens to be an amazing show if you gave it a chance. It’s a nice mixture or romance, action, and fantasy. So, take your hate crap and go somewhere else. Beauty and the Beast is awesome.

  • Wendy

    PLEASE RENEW Beauty and the Beast because the show is amazing the midseason finale was awesome and it can really grow into a fabulous show. The acting is fabulous and the chemistry with Vincent and Catherine are steamy and I loved the 80’s version so I so hope they go for a second Season if it does good on the People’s Choice Awards too maybe they will keep it. I’m pray for it! Jay and Kristin are so good together. GLad Vampire Diaries got another season which is a no-brainer. But I do agree not too excited about Damon and Elena sire bond thing right now and Stelena breaking up make me mighty mad cause they just got back together again. But I always tune in to see what is next in Mystic Falls even if I hate what is going on?

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