'Welcome to Myrtle Manor' to Premiere on TLC in Early 2013

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December 14th, 2012

via press release:


(Los Angeles, Ca.) TLC announced today that it recently completed production on WELCOME TO MYRTLE MANOR, a new ten part series that provides viewers a window into a trailer park in Myrtle Beach. Each sixty-minute episode follows the daily drama of these quirky Southern residents with wildly different personalities as their lives collide in this proud, tight knit community.


WELCOME TO MYRTLE MANOR is produced by The Weinstein Company and Jupiter Entertainment for TLC and will premiere in early 2013.

  • bandit

    this is the best show ever on this season

  • CCU Student

    none of them live in trailers…. I have been to Taylor J Burt’s (main star of the upcoming show) house. this show is going to be the next Jersey Shore and make this wonderful, beautiful, town look like a nasty trailer trash place. this is an awful show and I hope it gets negative reviews

  • @ccu

    Idk where ur gettin ur info frum but u wacked out, taylor aint the main star. Im IN this series, i know. Quit complaining

  • CCU Alma

    @cccu, some friend of Taylor J Burt you are, all trashing his first ever debuting show. Sorry to disappoint you ccu but the preliminary reviews by the “experts” are at the least very promising and at the most convincingly optimistic; so now, go crawl back into your hole and under that rock you came from under, lol !!!!!

  • alice

    dear ccu some do live in trailers this is a real show and y hate …i think it will be fun to watch…

  • CCU Student2

    Hung out with Taylor Burt plenty of times, worked for him for DAYGLOW, looking forward to seeing how this is.

  • mista

    why build a fake sign,, change the name of the trailer park… i used to live in a house next to patricks trailer home park on horne st. i know they jus gonna make that neighborhood look like trash and why build a “salon” just for the show? why cant the show be “real” it is supppose to reality right.

  • realitybeeooch

    I have been hearing about this show for months now, so when is it finally gonna air?

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