Predict the Ratings for the 'Dexter' and 'Homeland' Finales

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December 16th, 2012

Both Dexter and Homeland's season finales air tonight.The ratings for both shows have been strong all season, The question is how big will the ratings for the finales be? Last week, Dexter garnered a 1.3 adults 18-49 rating while  Homeland earned a 1.0. Make your predictions below.


  • Dan S

    I feel comfortable in saying both shows will set a record. I rarely watch these 2 shows live but will tonight since there are big revelations promised. I’m particularly intrigued by Homelands promise saying we’ll see something never seen before on TV. For subscribers like myself to Showtime there is nothing else on tonight.

  • forg_is_gay@abc

    1.4 for Dexter and 1.2 for Homeland…
    It could be higher. I love me some Dexter!

  • richard

    but does the 18-49 demo even matter for premium shows? shouldnt we be predictiong overall viewers?

  • Survivor Fan

    Tonight, I am busy with the Survivor finale (and with writing a midterm paper for tomorrow), but I look forward to catching the Homeland finale OnDemand when I have time.

  • Lamdog

    The sad part about Dexter, the best of the season was earlier and nothing lends to the season finale being special. This was a very season for the most part sad to realize this is the next to last year of a very good show.


    Homeland is the best show on TV! Every episode has been great, can’t wait for the finale!!!

  • John A

    Anyone else feel like Homeland is overated? I watch and enjoy it but id never watch it again.

  • Enri

    I love Homeland!

  • Oliver

    I think Homeland will get 1.2+. I expect a lot of people who normally DVR the show will watch the season finale live.

    Showtime must be absolutely delighted with the success of Homeland. It’s not far off Dexter in total viewers, which is easily their most successful show of all time. Even better, it seems to attracts a different, slightly older, audience to Dexter, which is fantastic news for their subscriber numbers.

  • Joe

    1.1 for homeland and 1.3 for dexter. I just don’t see them jumping very much.

    More excited for the homeland finale though, because they really need a game-changing finale and I trust it will be delivered.

  • Mark

    Dexter – 1.5
    Homeland – 1.2

  • Nick

    AFHV (R): 1.0
    Wipeout (R): 1.1
    The Bachelorette Wedding Special: 2.0

    NFL Football: 7.5
    60 Minutes: 3.2
    Survivor: 3.6
    Survivor Reunion Show: 2.0

    The Cleveland Show (R): 1.4
    The Cleveland Show: 1.7
    The Simpsons: 2.3
    Bob’s Burgers: 1.7
    Family Guy (R): 1.6
    American Dad (R): 1.3

    Football Night in America part1: 1.5
    Football Night in America part2: 4.0
    Football Night in America part3: 6.0
    Sunday Night Football: 8.0

    Dexter: 1.4
    Homeland: 1.2

    Both will see highs.

  • Joseph

    My votes (under 1.0 for the “Dexter” finale and 1.0 for the “Homeland” finale) are based only on the Sunday-night initial broadcasts, when they will face a very appealing NFL game (San Francisco at New England).

    However, by adding repeat showings and DVR viewing later in the week, the numbers may be well over 1.7 for each show. Many who watch these shows won’t be doing so tonight (December 16th)!

  • DeanW

    7.0 for Dexter and 5.5 for Homeland ! New cable Record !

  • Melissa


    7.0 for Dexter and 5.5 for Homeland ! New cable Record !

    Lol, don’t think Showtime even has enough subscribers to pull that off ;-)

  • Nick

    Are you supposed to be able to answer more than 1 category?

  • cimmer

    I think that they’re going to be on the lower side this time. I think maybe they’ll be more dvr’ing of the eps for watching later. – maybe, just a feeling; not very scientific I know.

  • Melissa


    Are you supposed to be able to answer more than 1 category?

    I’ve noticed all of the polls have been like that recently – I don’t know why…

  • John A

    How many Subscribers do Showtime and AMC have?

  • Bill Gorman

    “How many Subscribers do Showtime and AMC have?”

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