'American Guns' Canceled by Discovery

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December 17th, 2012

Discovery has pulled the plug on American Guns after two seasons. No official reason has been given, but some are speculating that the series' cancellation has something to do with the recent shooting in Connecticut. However, other sources are saying that this decision was made some time ago, long before last week's violence. We'll probably never know for sure, but feel free to sound off in the comments.

  • DonMedia

    Looking at the stellar ratings it was bringing in, I’d say it was done a long time ago. The most effect last weeks tragedy may have had is to remove any doubt about cancelling it.

  • James C.

    It had better ratings than Dirty Jobs, so I’m guessing the numbers weren’t the only factor.

  • Douglas from Brazil

    Of course is because of last friday shootings at the school.America is hurt right now and would make sense Discovery cancel the series before some activists claims to nixe the show.Now that the Democrats will try to change laws about guns control,people will be more concern about violence on TV,too.

  • One

    It’s all OWN’s fault. Discovery’s colossal error claims another series. And you don’t hear about new shows being picked up to replace the cancellations, either…

  • Anthony

    They still have another gun reality show, Sons of Guns. Yep, two gun shows on Discovery and was there any difference between the two? No idea.

  • Rich

    This was due to the shooting in Ct, rating were good. Popular show. Now Discovery need to pull the plug on Son’s Of Guns. Bring back swamp loggers

  • Chris

    Sick of these blue collar on the job shows. One down…

  • Carl

    I don’t believe the shootings are the only reason for cancellation. If I were in charge at Discovery and this show was a big success and everything else was fine with it then I’d pull it from the schedule and sit on it until summer when the shooting isn’t fresh in people’s minds anymore. I think they were unhappy with it already, or at least on the fence with it, and the shooting was the tipping point.

  • DenverDean

    Probably ratings, but let’s see if the hypocrites in Hollywood make changes to movies or, even more on point, video games. Yeah, right.

  • Connman

    The NRA must not be very happy…

  • DW

    didnt know this show was on. i heard of sons of guns , but not this one.

  • Harma

    Doubt it was ct, why cancel one if not all. I’ve never heard of this show, but given Discovery’s track record, it was probably earning enough.

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