'Dexter' and 'Homeland' Season Finales Deliver Both Series' Highest-Rated Nights Ever

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December 17th, 2012

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The DEXTER Season 7 Finale Now Ranks As The Top Rated
SHOWTIME® Original Series In Network History
The season finales of DEXTER and HOMELAND last night outperformed their record breaking ratings from last week, to deliver both series' highest-rated nights ever.
Breaking last week’s record, the DEXTER season seven finale now ranks as the highest-rated episode ever for a SHOWTIME original series. DEXTER delivered 2.75 million viewers at 9 p.m., and garnered the best total night delivery ever for a SHOWTIME series with 3.43 million total viewers for the night. Sunday’s finale was up 14 percent from the season seven premiere (vs. 2.4 million) and up 23 percent versus the season 6 finale (vs. 2.2 million, 12/18/11). For the night, the finale was up 26 percent from the season six finale (vs. 2.7 million).  Season-to-date, the seventh season of DEXTER is averaging 6.1 million total weekly viewers across platforms, its highest rated season ever, and up 12 percent above its prior season through the same time frame.
With its highest-rated night ever, HOMELAND’s season two finale delivered 2.7 million viewers for the night, surpassing last week’s total (2.6 million) as the best total night delivery ever for the series and up 31 percent from its season 2 premiere night (vs. 2.1 million). At 10 p.m. the finale garnered 2.3 million viewers, up 32 percent versus the season two premiere (vs. 1.7 million). Season-to-date, the second season of HOMELAND is averaging 5.9 million total weekly viewers across platforms, up 37 percent above its freshman season and now ranks as the network’s second highest rated series.
  • Rooks

    Dexter was great this season…IMO it managed to do the impossible and redeemed itself after the horrific mess that was season 6.

  • Rooks

    If you worry about spoilers, you need to stay away from TV related sites until you see the episode. I can never watch Dexter until Monday, for example, so I have to avoid this and other forums I visit on Sundays. People will post everything about an episode once it airs, so its up to you to stay away from where people are talking about it.

  • George

    Dexter is pretty awesome. Homeland is good also, but with so many holes. I like the show but its hard to watch with so many things that cant be real. Carrie is so smart, but then so stupid. The things that she does are like “Really”…I mean are people in the CIA that stupid that they would hire a loose cannon like her. Its like 3-4 plots that just wouldnt ever happen.Let me name a few. Carrie falling in love with Brody ..The guy is a Terrorist, Carrie never following orders. Brodys wife screwing that guy all night while kids are in the next room. That guy that was hired to kill Brody and never went thru with it. These seasoned CIA agents follow orders without even thinking. And then he threatens david the deputy chief. I mean in real life Brody would of been in Gitmo or killed already. Its just to stupid. But i guess it is an intense show.


    Homeland was so good!!!! I’m mad I have to wait another year…. Oh we’ll, I’d rather have 12 good episodes than 24 episodes with only few decent ones….

  • silvit

    Is anyone surprised? Despite the absurdity of it all like George pointed out – and in Dexter it can be said the same- it’s HOW they do things. And in both shows the execution is miles better than the broadcast tv shows. And you know, the emotions of the character are more real -or dare I say, they have emotions and act according to them- . Noreover, they are three dimensional characters, unlike the cardboard of network tv where the actors only play a role, not a character.

    It just gives them a sense of coolness because they just go there, unlike the middle of the road stuff.

  • Hello

    Dexter season finale looked more like a series finale. Him getting arrested, him killing the man who killed his mother and started it all. The only thing missing was Deb shooting Dexter instead of LaGuerta.

  • Matik

    “Dexter was great this season…IMO it managed to do the impossible and redeemed itself after the horrific mess that was season 6.”

    Indeed, season 6 was a complete mess from start to finish (with the exception of the 5 seconds in the season finale). I honestly thought the writers lost it, but this season was one of the most exciting ever. Possibly better than Season 1 and 4

  • xxx

    It’s not nice to add a spoilerish picture to the article. Not everyone has seen the finale, you know.

  • Lamdog

    Sorry Chad the picture is being used as a promo. Now the epic fail goes to SarahL for one of the most blatant spoiler alert ever.

    A spoiled child is SarahL. Lucky this site does not allow for flames.

  • Chris Parker

    both finales were amazing!

  • MikeM

    I hate that people are using the word ‘spoiler’ in relation to something that has already aired. The Entertainment Weekly site has taken to doing that, and now if I have watched an episode of a show and I see EW.com say ‘spoiler alert’, I can’t always tell from the context if they mean
    a) it’s something that was shown last night, don’t read until you’ve watched it
    b) this will show up in a future episode.

    In that situation, I am fine with reading a), but not b).

    We need a new phrase to represent a). Like ‘retrospoiler alert’. Or something better. :)

  • Spartacus 666

    Three jaw dropping endings amongst Dexter and Homeland. Two of the best shows on tv. After Spartacus and Walking Dead if course.

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