'One Life to Live' and 'All My Children' Back on Track for Online Revival in 2013

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December 17th, 2012

After negotiations reportedly broke down, it looks like Prospect Park's original plan to bring One Life to Live and All My Children online in 2013 has been revived, according to Deadline. Production is rumored to begin early next year, and discussions with possible cast members are ongoing.

  • ebarryhill

    I’ll believe it when I see it. :-/

  • animal

    i’m a huge fan of these show but I think its best to just let it go, the shows ended already, time to move on. Im just supporting GH!

  • bloodboxing

    This is really interesting though I was hearing little subtle hints ever since GH moved into the new timeslot that ABC’s media partners were actually shocked at how well GH was doing so there might be more to this story right now.

    What’s going to be interesting is this contract situation with PP when it expires. I’m starting to wonder if ABC will keep the revival of AMC and OLTL for themselves. There’s a real possibility that ABC/Disney will syndicate these two shows like they did with Katie. This is of course if they don’t go exclusively to the web.

  • kkdancing

    Don’t care what it takes…make it so and the loyal fans will bring you success. You have what we want. I KNOW it can and WILL BE successful with the right programming model. A new beginning for a timeless media – great storytelling! BRING IT!

  • Zach

    Inside reports say PP has gotten “fi-core” writers and ABC is really trying to find a way to revive the shows in some fashion. Plus (and I wish I could find a better source) I came across somewhere PP has confirmed OLTL/PP reboot

  • bloodboxing

    I think they are going to return to television in some capacity and they should return as 30 minute soaps this time around. What ABC should do is move The Chew and turn it into a syndication show like Katie or even replace Katie with it but I know they won’t do that and use AMC’s old hour for those soaps as 30 minuters.

    On the filming locations I’m still wondering if they’ll filmed in New York or LA but they should go an even cheaper route and use either Atlanta or go back to the Canada idea and tape them in Toronto or Vancouver.

    If Ken Courday is going to keep slicing the budgets every year just to keep the soap on television then he should really look at relocating the show to a cheaper city.

  • Kelby

    I loved AMC in its day, but from about ’05 on, I was not very impressed. The series finale was pitiful. That really p…ed me off. I would not mind seeing a reunion movie/miniseries or something to give a proper ending to it, but that is about it. I think they should move on in my opinion. I would never want to watch something online personally. I simply prefer the television. And plus, at least in AMCs case, that show drug on for too long in the wrong direction. Too much bad writing tainted that show for me. I think if you did a small reunion movie/miniseries and got some decent writers that were familiar with the great history of the show, you could do a real kicka.s ending and make fans feel way better about the finality of it all. ABCs ending was pure bulls..t! The head honchos of that show on ABC stopped caring about that show long ago.

  • Marie

    OMG yes, please bring back AMC crossing my fingers..

  • Mike

    I wonder what the Prospect Park deal will do the actors/characters from OLTL that are on General Hospital. Prospect Park has only been allowing GH to use the characters but they have the rights to them. But the actors have signed a new contract with ABC now.

    If they strike up the deal and it is a go, who will get to use the characters and what happens to the actors.

  • Chris

    Here’s my problem, I’ve already become attached to General Hospital as I started watching due to OLTL characters moving over. I don’t see any way OLTL could come back in a way that would make me care more about it now than I do GH, especially since GH has Todd.

  • Jack

    Great! I’ll take whatever it is. I truly miss OLTL and even if it’s only half of what it was, anything is better than nothing for however long it lasts.

  • joshua

    Then bring back GL and ATWT

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