GSN's 'Match Game' Marathon airs December 25th with Two Never Before Seen Episodes

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December 18th, 2012

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This Christmas, GSN will honor the 50th anniversary of one of the most enduring and memorable classic shows, MATCH GAME, by airing a marathon on Tuesday, December 25th from 8:00am ET to 5:00pm ET that includes two episodes that have never been seen on television.


GSN will kick off the marathon with two MATCH GAME episodes that have never aired on television until now – beginning at 8:00am ET with the oldest MATCH GAME episode ever: the pilot of the original NBC series hosted by Gene Rayburn and featuring celebrity guests Peggy Cass and Peter Lind Hayes.  Then at 9:00am ET, GSN will air the CBS pilot for the daytime series, hosted by Rayburn and featuring celebrity panelists Betty White, Richard Dawson, Bert Convy, Arlene Francis, Jack Klugman, and JoAnn Pflug.


The MATCH GAME marathon will feature classic celebrity panelists who remain beloved icons to game show fans everywhere including: Charles Nelson Reilly, Vicki Lawrence, Jaye P. Morgan, Brett Somers, Fannie Flagg, Lee Meriwether and Marcia Wallace.   The marathon also features an episode with the first non-human panelists in the show’s history – Kukla and Ollie!


GSN’s MATCH GAME marathon includes episodes from several versions of the show and will feature two different formats. In the original 1960’s version of MATCH GAME, two teams, each composed of a celebrity guest and two contestants, compete to match answers to questions. When the show was revived in 1973, it consisted of two contestants and a panel of six celebrities.  Each contestant attempts to fill in the blank and match their responses to as many of the six celebrities as possible.

  • TimsDale4ever

    Truly one of the best, if not the best, gameshows of all time…

  • JR35

    One of my favorites. I haven’t watched lately, but I’d like to get back into it.

  • ChuckieChk

    my family use to watch it during dinner and it was fun to see how out answers compared and who had the dirty mind

  • Brett Heitkam

    Now if GSN would bring back To Tell The Truth and The Gong Show, we would have the three most entertaining shows that channel has ever aired!

  • brutony

    The New Match Game was best early on, when Richard Dawson was engaging and funny. About the time he was in talks to host his own, Family Feud, he became detached and disinterested-watch them, and see for yourself.

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