Monday Final Ratings: 'The Voice' Adjusted Up; '1600 Penn' Adjusted Down + No Adjustments for 'Gossip Girl' Finale

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December 18th, 2012


The Voice was adjusted up a tenth, while 1600 Penn  was adjusted down a tenth  among adults 18-49 versus Monday's preliminary ratings.

Final Monday broadcast primetime ratings for Monday, December 17, 2012

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM NBC The Voice (8-9:30PM) 4.2 11 13.37
CBS How I Met Your Mother (8-9PM) 3.4 9 8.70
FOX Dreamworks Dragons: Gift of the Night Fury 1.5 4 3.89
ABC Extreme Makeover: Home Edition 1.0 3 4.19
CW Gossip Girl Special 0.6 2 1.28
8:30 PM FOX Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas -R 1.5 4 3.95
9:00PM CBS 2 Broke Girls 3.5 9 10.22
ABC Extreme Makeover: Home Edition 1.2 3 4.69
FOX Happiness is a Warm Blanket Charlie Brown -R 0.9 2 2.63
CW Gossip Girl 0.8 2 1.55
9:30PM CBS Mike & Molly 3.3 8 10.79
NBC 1600 Penn -P 2.2 6 6.88
10:00PM CBS Hawaii Five-O 2.4 6 10.54
NBC Take it All 1.5 4 4.53
ABC Castle -R 1.1 3 5.16

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  • MarcJames87

    Great ending for GG. UK fan

  • s0303

    i don’t watch gg…but it sounds like the majority of the fans were happy with the way it ended, which is the important thing…i hate when a show i have watched for years has a crap ending…and 0.8 is very good for a cw show on top of that.

  • Jon

    1600 Penn was hilarious, surprised the ratings weren’t better

  • BJH

    I truly enjoyed the ending of GG. I liked the retrospective – though I wished there were more outtakes. The final episode – and its “big” reveal – was worth the wait. I was thrilled to see everyone back. GG was the invisible hit because its target audience was the online generation. This generation can’t be tracked by Nielsen. Anyone else notice that GG and the cast were still nominated for People’s Choice Awards, MTV Awards, & countless others? I think GG’s influence and range was far larger than any Nielsen number could gauge. I’ll miss the show, but I’m glad it’s done.

  • ChannelDante


    since when is 3.5 “not so hot”?

  • alexjones

    thank god gossip girl is finally over, I won’t have to put up with hearing about this stupid show ever again.

  • jel


  • Rodri

    The thing with GG is that the show has a lot of fans worldwide! yesterday twitter exploded with worldwide trending topics for hours! and one of them was even the number 1 trending topic for half an hour. It has 12.600.000 fans on facebook and millions of online viewers! GG was cancelled from many channels because fans didn’t want to wait for the episodes to aur on their tv and watched episodes online! So, whoever wants to say something bad about GG, save it, because you now it’s one of the most influential and popular show worldwide. Good Bye GG, you know we love you, xoxo GG Fans.
    (Sorry for my english)

  • Jason

    I’ll miss GOSSIP GIRL. it was part of my life for the last six years and I don’t know what do… A TV show about rich teens in New York City. It’s perfect! You will be miss, Gossip Girl.

  • poweranimals

    I thought the Gossip Girl finale was a 2 hour event instead of two seperate hours.

  • David Howell

    Those numbers for the GG series finale are good news for 90210 fans wanting the now-traditional CW “farewell 13″.

    I thought that 1600 Penn was only held for midseason because NBC didn’t want to invite (even more) conservative opprobrium airing it during election season. Looks like it just plain didn’t warrant a fall spot. Mind you, this implies Animal Practice did?!?

    Take It All did better than I thought, but I’d be surprised if it comes back. Even the game show fandom are turning on it, and they’ve seen the same endgame on British shows for years.

  • Alexis

    I don’t hate on GG (or any show, ever) because of its ratings, I hate on it because it was a misogynistic piece of crap that centered around how many different people each character can sleep with, and glorified abusive relationships (OMG, Chuck and Blair for EVAH! Never mind that he almost beat her, and tried to rape a bunch of other girls!). Good riddance.

    If the American public had any taste in television, this trash would have never made it to 6 seasons.

  • Mate

    Thank God Gossip Girl is over!!! At least it didnt beat One Tree Hill’s series finale!

  • AA

    Gossip Girl goes out with a big BANG! Very happy.

    Now it will be an iconic drama forever and will have many syndication.

    Yes, iconic. I mean the show is huge internationally lol.

  • Bob

    I hated every minute of 1600 Penn. I was hoping for a really good show and got crap. I watch the whole thing and thought i was in Hell.

  • bluejays

    @Mike. You’re wrong about Mike and Molly. I’m not a fan of the show and don’t watch it. I do occasionally watch 2BG’s and used to watch HIMYM. M&M may not have had competition last night but it regularly faces the stiffest period of competition from The Voice and really holds its own.

    I think the 2010 season Mike and Molly could be weak at times, when Men went off air Mike and Molly was regularly beaten by HFO in demo and overall viewers, not good being beaten by a ten pm show and that showed some weakness. However this season it’s done very well against lots of competition every week. I’d argue its way stronger right now than HIMYM.

  • Bitter Ringer Fan

    Sad to see 1600penn’s numbers so low!! :( GG had a season high for the final episode, not bad. HIMYM was amazing, especially the second part.

  • Hubert R. Wentland

    Does anybody know the HIMYM halves?

  • Oliver

    Does anyone have the 15 minute breakdown for 1600 Penn? Or has it been posted and I missed it?

  • Baaa!

    CBS done well with their post Thanksgiving scheduling, regular scheduling with little in way of repeats/hiatus/filler fluff and taken advantage of less competition in many slots. Unless some new show surprises/ or competition tanks, I would expect them to drop back to the levels before Thanksgiving when full competition returns.1600 Penn has shown that just following shows like The Voice is not a guarantee of good ratings. So Revolution has more than just following a good lead-in going for it.

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