Preempted 'Family Guy' Episode Rescheduled for This Sunday

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December 18th, 2012

The preempted Family Guy episode that was pulled due to the school violence last week has been rescheduled for this Sunday. American Dad has yet to be re-scheduled, but that could be due to the presence of reportedly stronger content including gun violence.

  • Dan

    Fox should just air both and get it over with. I guess We won’t be seeing the American Dad ep until next season.

  • chicago_animal

    What about Bob’s Burgers, that got pre-empted for the President?

  • SomeGuy32 shows both Family Guy and American Dad will be new Sunday (American dad will be a different new episode) – also re-airing Sunday’s Simpsons – as it did not air at least in the Northeast – local Fox in NY and Boston (and I assume others regionally) showed the entire memorial service, then showed Bob’s Burgers in its entirety on delay (they only showed the first 10 minutes or The Cleveland Show as well)

  • Dan

    Actually the American Dad episode airing next December may not be bad only because the show doesn’t have a Xmas themed episode for next season so they can use Minstrel Krampus.

    The Haven episode that was preempted as well as the season finale will air back to back on January 17.

  • Carmen

    I will be curious to see what the content of Family Guy could be that is so offensive it can’t be shown last week, but can be shown only one week later.

    That seems a very small – and must be very subjective – difference.

  • chicago_animal

    What about Toon Network showing the American Dad episode? They air the new episode a week later. Think they will show it or does FOX have the right to air it first?

  • joel

    There isn’t a difference. This is FOX admitting that they overreacted.

    My program guide is showing the Bob’s Burgers episode will be rerun December 30.

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