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December 19th, 2012

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At the mid-season mark, CBS is on its way to remaining America's most-watched network for the tenth time in 11 seasons, holding a commanding +3 million viewer lead over second-place NBC.  The Network is also first in adults 25-54 and is now in its closest competitive position of the season in adults 18-49 (-0.2).


CBS is closing the first half of the season strong, winning three of the last five weeks in viewers and key demographics, including two consecutive Monday victories and continued significant growth on Thursday.



#1 Network in viewers 11.83m, +3m over second-place NBC
#1 Network among A25-54 3.8/9
#1 Overall program in viewers NCIS
#1 Entertainment show in A18-49 The Big Bang Theory
#1 Drama NCIS
#1 Comedy in viewers The Big Bang Theory
#1 Comedy in A18-49 The Big Bang Theory
#1 New series Elementary
#1 News program 60 Minutes
#1 Network in L+7 DVR lift Viewers, A18-49 and A25-54
#1 Fastest-growing network primetime program Person of Interest
#1 Fastest-growing daytime program The Talk
2% Year-to-year time period growth in A25-54 Elementary
3% Year-to-year time period growth in A18-49 Elementary
4 Of the Top 5 comedies in viewers The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, 2 Broke Girls, Mike & Molly
4 Of the Top 5 comedies in A18-49 The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, 2 Broke Girls, How I Met Your Mother
6 Of the Top 10 programs in viewers NCIS, The Big Bang Theory, NCIS: Los Angeles, Person of Interest, Two and a Half Men, Criminal Minds
8 Of the Top 8 dramas in viewers NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, Person of Interest, Criminal Minds, Elementary, Vegas,  Blue Bloods, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
8 Of the Top 20 shows in A18-49 More than any other network
11% Year-to-year growth in viewers CBS Thursday
14% Year-to-year growth in A18-49 CBS Thursday
18% Year-to-year growth in A18-49 The Big Bang Theory
19% Year-to-year growth in A18-49 Person of Interest
20% Year-to-year growth  in viewers The Big Bang Theory
24 Years as the #1 daytime program The Young and the Restless
25% Year-to-year growth viewers Person of Interest
26 Years as #1 in daytime CBS
30% Year-to-year time period improvement  in A25-54 Two and a Half Men
35% Year-to-year time period improvement in A18-49 Two and a Half Men
40% Year-to-year time period improvement in viewers Two and a Half Men



Source:  The Nielsen Company, 9/24/12-12/16/12, 9/19/11-12/18/11, most current

  • Kyle7

    “How can either network sue the other if they don’t own the character? Besides SH was around a good 50+ years before either network.”

    Original elements of a derivative work can be copyrighted, even if the original work is in the public domain. The characters and setting of The Wizard of Oz are public domain, but Disney owns the copyright to all of the original ideas in the upcoming Oz: The Great and Powerful. I could legally use Baum’s descriptions of the original characters for my own adaptation, but not Sam Raimi’s take on the pre-existing characters nor any new characters.

    I don’t think there’s a solid case in the Sherlock/Elementary feud, as “Sherlock Holmes in the 21st century” doesn’t sound specific enough to be a copyrightable thing. Many of the early Holmes adaptations set him in the then-present day; we just don’t see much difference between Victorian times and the 1920s/1930s. But I’m not a lawyer.

  • lll

    WOW CBS!
    There’s a reason why you all are america’s number one network.

  • tjw

    “2% Year-to-year time period growth in A25-54 Elementary
    3% Year-to-year time period growth in A18-49 Elementary”

    This should make all the “The Mentalist” conspiracy theorists go crazy.


    @ Bill G

    Haven’t touched a drop all day, but about last night…

    The AFC Championship game should do it for them.

  • jake3988

    It’s pretty pathetic when the best time period improvement is Elementary at a whopping 3%.

  • Herb Finn

    In what universe does VEGAS and BLUE BLOODS have more overall viewers on average than CSI? Are they that close?

  • Keyser

    Shut up TV Log. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Elementary, while shot in the modern day as well, is nothing like the BBC series Sherlock in tone or how things play out. The character of Holmes and Watson are basically the way they are in the Conan Doyle canon but with little tweaks here and there to modernize them and they way they are played is different. The only similarity is that both Holmes actors can spout a lot of dialogue rather fast.

    Having watched both and being a Holmes fan, they are not the same show and the article you pulled your lame diatribe from is from this PAST January when the show Elementary was announced to start production. It’s an old news source. The BBC wanted to see the pilot show of Elementary once it was made to make sure the US version wasn’t infringing them in any way and nothing has come of it since it is a different show.

    The bonus for Holmes fans is that we get a good show week to week while we only got six 90-minute movies from the BBC series so far. Plus, I’m not expecting to see a third series till late next year since Moffat is tied up with Doctor Who and Cumberbatch and Freeman are hot properties now with busy schedules, so Elementary is a great fit for fans who need a Holmes fix. Unless Downey, Jr. makes a third film…

  • Herb Finn

    There is a difference between ELEMENTARY and SHERLOCK

    SHERLOCK is an UPDATING set in present day, much like the 1940’s set Basil Rathbone SH films,without any changes other than set in present day and technology.

    ELEMENTARTY is an ADAPTION set in present day BASED on the original characters,but noticably adapted with changes to the characters and setting.

    Miller’s Sherlock is a Modern,Realistic Sherlock with a slighty different background and setting, While Cumberbatch is Sherlock as Created by Conan-Doyle Updated in a Modern Setting but in that setting and the people around him are the same ones as in the original stories.

  • psychic

    Elementary is a decent show, better than I thought it would be.

  • Greg

    The bigger story this year has been the slow climb of NBC back to relevancy. Passing ABC and Fox.

  • June

    Not a word about , TGW, The Mentalist, CSI NY and Hawaii 50. Guess nothing nice to say about those.

  • cas127


    #1 in structuring data so as to put the best possible spin on *everything*…

  • Hubert R. Wentland

    I’ve seen Elementary last time it aired for the first time, and was very surprised how interesting the case was. I expected it to be more like boring Criminal Minds, NCIS or even PoI (very well made, but the few episodes I’ve seen last season were so naive, unsurprising, boring and ununique).

    Well, my opinion might not be important since I don’t like procedurals, the only two interesting for me are Hawaii 5-O and Castle (Elementary might join them in a while, I will defenitely catch up the post-SB episode ;) )

  • sadgirl

    And, of course, H5O is not there…but if there was an award for bad acting…it would top the list….can’t understand why CBS keeps this show…what a loser

  • Hawaii Five-0 Rocks

    No wonder your sadgirl. You need to start watching H50 if for no other reason then because of the breath taking view, you’ll be a happygirl is no time.

  • Hawaii Five-0 Rocks


    Revolution wins the demo race for #1 New Show but Elementary wins the
    #1 New Show for Total Viewers. Revolution has less viewers than H50.
    It’s all in how you spin it.

  • Cat

    Sadgirl, if I were u, I would not follow H50 Rocks advice and watch a show just because of a breath taking view. That would turn you into Lamegirl, or Dumbgirl, and you don’t want that. Better sad than lame, as H50 :)

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