'Lou Dobbs Tonight' Grows Year Over Year While 'The Kudlow Report' Declines

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December 19th, 2012


Fox Business Channel's Lou Dobbs Tonight has seen astronomical growth both in total viewers and in the 25-54 demo this year compared to 2011, while The Kudlow Report on CNBC is down slightly in both categories.

Dobbs: up 28% in total viewers and up 65% in the demo

2012: 137,000 P2+ / 38,000 demo

2011: 107,000 P2+ / 23,000 demo

The Kudlow Report (7-8p): down 4% in total viewers and down 15% in the demo

2012: 165,000 P2+ / 40,000 demo

2011: 171,000 P2+ /  47,000 demo

  • Hillbilly

    Lou is on fire. ;)

  • Mikey O

    Also his chalk board is on fire :)

  • City Kitty

    Lou’s program is always interesting and so much better than Shep. Who on earth is ‘Kudlow’?

  • captover

    King Louie

  • george

    As much I despise and hate MSNBC…I do like Kudlow and Lou. Even though Lou’s ratings are up – Kudlow has bigger numbers than Lou.
    That’s like saying Scumbag Ed ratings are up against OReilly. There is an element of truth to it but OReilly viewers triple ‘diarrhea of the mouth’ Ed show.

  • doomsayer2012

    When CNN axed lou that’s when they started to tank & Jake Tapper has just made the biggest mistake of his life.

  • behonest

    I enjoy his show, he always has something different and interesting. Mr. Dobbs doesn’t follow the script like everyone else.

  • Dr. Price

    the only shows worth watching – meaningful, sharp and independent in thinking. Bravo!

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