Will 'The X Factor' Get a Boost for Its Finale Tonight? (Poll)

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December 20th, 2012

Last night's X Factor performance finale didn't get the expected bump in the ratings that The Voice did for its final performance show earlier this week. Can The X Factor get a much-needed results finale boost tonight, or do you expect it to stay stagnant? Will anyone even watch, considering the world is "ending" tomorrow? Cast your vote and tell us why in the comments!


Handicapping info: Last week's X Factor results show earned a 2.4 adults 18-49 rating. Last year's finale earned a 3.8.


  • Glue

    I don’t think it would reach above 3.0 (Maybe not even reach a 3.0) But i say between 2.4-3.0

    This show is really good. Deserves higher ratings :P

    I have a question, Do Channels care about ratings that aren’t Nielsen? Like other boxes that aren’t Nielsen boxes.

  • msupdate

    I think that X Factor is incredible. So much better than The Voice IMO and that’s my truly honest opinion as I watch them both. I don’t understand why it’s struggling. Didn’t really like Britney’s job as a judge but I think this season was really good.

  • Raykov

    I think it could go up to 3.1 but I doubt it goes higher… I want Demi back as a judge/mentor next year :)

  • CenterGravity

    Right around 3.0.

  • A2V

    2.8 The performers (1D and Pitbull) suck and the whole finale screams filler.

  • Guest

    I believe the XFactor deserves better ratings, not everyone who watches XFactor ows a Nielsen box. So the ratings are inaccurate and in reality more people are watching! My guess it will pull a 3.0 for the finale.

  • Samuel

    This show really does have far better talent than The Voice, but nobody gives it a shot because Simon wraps it all up in a giant ball of over-the-top ridiculousness. Maybe next season it’ll finally become a hit, but that is absolutely it’s last chance.

  • Dillan

    I think 3.0. The season has been great, much better than last year. Demi was the best addition to the season!

  • Raul

    It is better than the voice, TRUST !!! I know more people are watching than what is reported . Love the stage,lighting and talent . No one else comes close .

  • Patrick Ausgewahlt

    It will only get a boost because it won’t have much competition.

  • Leondre

    I don’t think this show appeals to males and adults 35-49 as much as the Voice and that’s why it didn’t take off. I’ve watched this show before and it was just too much for my taste.

  • Michael

    i hope not.. its already past its prime before it started… Its time for fox to to end American idol and X-Factor.. i hope idol gets simular ratings to this seasons x-factor.. theyll both be gone within 2 years at best…. Im glad fox is failing this year as i susspeted back in may it would

  • Honey Badger

    I am predicting ‘The X Factor’ Finale will get Fox a 5.1 rating and have 16 million viewers.
    I am saying this because Simon Cowell said it will do better than The Voice did on NBC.

    I think tonight’s show will tell if Fox needs to do with ‘The X Factor’ and their other shows. CBS has been running Survivor against it, and Survivor has been beating it the last few weeks.

    I also agree with Patrick Ausgewahlt
    Posted December 20, 2012 at 12:20 PM
    It will only get a boost because it won’t have much competition.

    Since Last year’s finale earned a 3.8. and Simon Cowell says he is going to pull out all the tricks to get ratings, if ‘The X Factor’ Finale does not get at least a 4.0 Fox has a lot of thinking to do. There highest rated shows American Idol and ‘The X Factor’ having sinking ratings is not good.

  • SJ

    Around 2.3-2.4. Weak.

  • Honey Badger

    was Leann Rimes drunk on The X Factor last night?
    why did Fox let her go on !

    I also agree with Mayans

    Posted December 20, 2012 at 12:12 PM
    “Carly Rose is the best pop singer I have seen since these shows have started.”

    OMG.. overrating much? Her duet with Leann Rimes was one of the worst performances I have seen since these shows started.

    She has nothing on someone like Kelly Clarkson.

  • RG-X

    AI is NOT going anywhere – even with it’s slipping ratings it’s STILL Fox’s number show on their network.

    X-Factor has been renewed for next year – but I don’t know what Simon can do to get better ratings. the season it is in, is tough. Sept-Dec:
    Baseball and Holidays – (like baseball pre-empting it & Thanksgiving night!

    People can’t stick with it. And it’s over the top production and lame judging = Miss Spears! bad hosts and voice over guy makes it worse.

  • RG-X

    I think more people watch than neilson numbers show.
    So with that – tonite will be a:

    2.9 demo and 9.4-10.1 total.

  • JT

    I don’t expect XFactor to get much of a ratings bump if any. There just isn’t that much excitement surrounding the final 3. Carly and Tate have been the top 2 since the first live show so there’s not much of a surprise considering we’ve known that all season long. The best surprise would be if Fifth Harmony takes it all!

  • zth

    It’s so funny how many XFactor fans use the excuse that more people watch than the Nielsen ratings suggest. Dumb excuse.

  • Mayans

    ABC and CBS are airing repeats so I’m inclined to say that they will. I think they will crack a 3.1

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