Will 'The X Factor' Get a Boost for Its Finale Tonight? (Poll)

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December 20th, 2012

Last night's X Factor performance finale didn't get the expected bump in the ratings that The Voice did for its final performance show earlier this week. Can The X Factor get a much-needed results finale boost tonight, or do you expect it to stay stagnant? Will anyone even watch, considering the world is "ending" tomorrow? Cast your vote and tell us why in the comments!


Handicapping info: Last week's X Factor results show earned a 2.4 adults 18-49 rating. Last year's finale earned a 3.8.


  • Parker

    @Holly, I appreciate your emphasis on facts but @zth backed up his comment with Simon’s actual estimate. I think it’s safe to assume that long-running scripted shows like Bones and The Simpsons have MANY more sources of post-airing income (Blu-ray disks, reruns, syndication, overseas sales, etc.) X-Factor US isn’t going to have those same revenue streams, IMO. And given how much was spent on Britney/Mario/Khloe it’s safe to say the production costs haven’t gone down since last season.

    BTW, it’s funny to see all the Britney fans on here complaining that the XF’s flat ratings were inaccurate. I’m sure if the XF were a huge hit they would be citing those same Nielsen ratings as proof that the show was a success…

  • tv_viewer

    Last year’s X Factor finale exceeded all December episodes but didn’t better all November episodes. If season 2 repeats this pattern, I’m predicting the season 2 finale of The X Factor to have a 2.85 rating. However for the purpose of this poll, I’m rounding my prediction to 2.9.

  • Honey Badger

    Why didn’t CBS put on a new The Big Bang Theory and a new Two and a Half Men and other new shows against The X Factor finale and wipe out Fox 2nd best show next to American Idol in the ratings?

    It will be fun to see how the CBS repeat shows do against the The X Factor finale on Fox. If they are even close Fox is in big trouble.

    I think they will be close.

  • Jeff R.

    We should be voting on the horse-race between an Elementary Repeat and a new Rock Center instead…

  • Kaylie

    Hopefully Fifth Harmony wins!!!

  • Nick

    The Big Bang Theory (R): 3.7
    Two and a Half Men (R): 2.9
    Person of Interest (R): 1.6
    Elementary (R): 1.1

    The Vampire Diaries (R): 0.4
    Beauty & the Beast (R): 0.2

    The X Factor: 3.1

    The Office (R): 1.0
    Parks & Recreation (R): 0.9
    Rock Center with Brian Williams: 0.8

    The TBBT repeat will wipe out everything else, TXF included.

  • Scandalfan

    I think the show will get a 2.7 at best. I hope both Britney and Demie are out next season and they can take Chloe with them.

  • Paul

    I didn’t have to watch tonight’s broadcast after hearing chunky, country crooner Tate Steven’s won Thursday night telecast. I couldn’t bare to watch little Carly lose to that duller then dirt singer. There are singers in country music a dime a dozen already singing music he sings. It’s sort of like he won the lottery. He best save the cash because his music career will be VERY short lived. It’s just as well sweet, cute and talented Carly didn’t win as she can go on to work with independent record producers not connected to the X-Factor or the God awful Simon.

  • Mike


    Get a life

  • snoot

    TBBT repeat will beat the x factor!

  • Mayans

    @ Paul, Cowell can sign every act that has been a candidate on the show. That’s how 1 Direction got signed as well.

    The conspiracy theorist in me thinks Simon let Tate win so that he can sign Carly on a cheaper contract. Considering her age she should have more longevity so he’ll be making more money on her. Another rumour floating around is that Carly had signed for Disney prior to X-Factor and they’ve used the show to give her more exposure. Last years X-Factor had another young girl who “ended up” on a Disney show.

  • Samuel

    @Mayans, as of right now, Simon has signed Tate and Fifth Harmony. No word on Carly Rose yet.

  • CenterGravity

    @Parker “I appreciate your emphasis on facts but zth backed up his comment with Simon’s actual estimate. I think it’s safe to assume that long-running scripted shows like Bones and The Simpsons have MANY more sources of post-airing income.”

    I *think* Holly was talking just about production costs per episode, not potential revenue streams down the road in addition to advertising.

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