'Leverage' Canceled by TNT After 5th Season

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December 21st, 2012

A sad lump of coal in the stockings of Leverage fans, TNT has cancelled the series after five seasons. But there will be one final present under the tree in the form of one more new episode of Leverage on Christmas (Tuesday) night at 9pm.  Previously series creator and executive producer Dean Devlin had written that they'd prepared the fifth season finale as a series finale just in case in case it wasn't renewed. So it sounds like fans will at least get the closure they want.

TNT’s Leverage has thrilled audiences with its delightfully intricate plots, its “stand up for the little guy” attitude and its terrific performances from stars Timothy Hutton, Gina Bellman, Christian Kane, Beth Riesgraf and Aldis Hodge. But after five wonderful years, it’s time to say goodbye. Leverage will come to a close on Christmas, Tuesday, Dec. 25, at 9 p.m., with a series finale that stands as one of the show’s best episodes.

We are honored to have worked with executive producer Dean Devlin, Electric Entertainment, creators John Rogers and Chris Downey, and all the cast and production crew on Leverage. We look forward to exploring new opportunities to work with them again in the future. We also want to thank the

Devlin penned a letter thanking TNT, the cast and crew and of course, the fans of the series.

  • Joseph

    Dear TV By the Numbers gods – please explain this decision for me. I had read that Leverage’s show average has gone UP every season, something quite unusual for television shows. Did it tank this season, or is there some other explanation?

  • thesnowleopard

    Awwww, my mom likes that show, too.

  • Ken Byrd

    My boys and I love Leverage and will hate to see it go. But I am at least glad to hear they have a chance to make a finale episode- I hate that lack of closure from mid season cancellation

  • silvit


    Your reports are incorrect. It did its best in its first season, just to decline as the seasons went by.

  • Melly

    I think the 5 year mark is a good time to end a series but I really wish the networks wouldn’t announce it at the very last minute. Same with Merlin here in the UK.

  • Shabbir

    Good decision. As a big Leverage fan since its pilot, the quality of teh scripts has gone worse. Last weeks episodes of stealing christmas and the toy was just fantasy.

    Im glad The Finale will be a good send off to the series. Thanks for the memories Leverage.

  • silvit

    TNT strikes again. What a joke of a network. They could have given them a 6 episodes season finale like they did with The Closer, instead they dumped it unceremoniously. I don’t watch the show, too paint-by-the-numbers and fluff, but it should have been treated better.

    The one that should be canceled is TNT.

  • Bob

    This is the correct time to cancel it. Dean Devlin and John Rogers have both said that this weeks episode is the episode that they always saw as the final story in the tale. It hasn’t been pulled mid-story – it’s been given five full seasons and wrapped up exactly as the creators intended.

  • OMG

    I do not get the hatred, especially since the last episode is created to function as a proper series finale. 5 years is long for a current television show.

    Then instead of being happy about a network that is willing to take a chance and pick up the show, continue it with 4 seasons, people started cursing the network once the show ends. I understand the grief of losing a show, but it should not be taken with such a heavy heart.

    It sounds like those extremist Fringe fans that wished that Fringe would have gone on for more than 5 seasons, even though it is losing money and Fox is kind enough to give a final season. Or those Treme fans that are not grateful that HBO even gave it a last season to give closure. Or the Last Resort or 666 Park Avenue fans simply lamenting that ABC is not “giving them a chance” even when ratings have dropped to half that of their already shaky premieres, and clearly losing money, even when ABC gave the writers time to wrap up.

  • dazza

    this sucks there is alot of crap tv shows on at the moment that need to be canceled but a great show like leverage does but im glad they can end it right so the fans aint left with a cliffhanger

  • Tina

    Yes, again. Another show that I love and it’s going off the air. What will replace it? Another reality show that takes no talent at all. I am sooooo bummed!

  • Brad


    What reality shows does TNT air?


    It’s not right that they waited until Christmas to announce this & airing the finale on Christmas night is just wrong. At least the fans have their closure.

    It had a nice run.

    @ Brad

    None that I can think of.

  • silvit


    It had The Great Escape which they canceled and they have two more for next year.

  • Dude

    There will never be a show like Leverage. This sucks. I hope some other tv network picks it up cause that would be awesome.

  • Azzman

    I think it was called The Great Escape or something, that was on back in the summer??

  • Scifibookguy

    bsp said: “Maybe the team’s final play should be to STEAL A NETWORK…”

    Hehe, good idea :)

    I’m going to miss Leverage.

  • mike

    the canceeled leverage but himym and its always sunny in philadelphia still on wtf

  • Andy

    At least the writers said about a month ago that if the show does end then this last episode is a good way to end it and wrap it all up so it’s not all so bad.

  • tj

    I still love the characters but the writing got really bad. I feel the writers gave up a long time ago. Though the episode with Elliots military friend was the best the show had offered in some time. I wish another network would pick it up and give it a try, like TNT did with Southland. Then get a fresh writing team. More Elliot and Hardison and minus the coupling of Hardison and Parker.

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