Updated: 'How I Met Your Mother' Not Yet Renewed For A 9th Season

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December 21st, 2012

On a ratings basis, the renewal of How I Met Your Mother was never in doubt, but whether the cast wanted to come back wasn't as certain. Deadline's Nikki Finke reports deals have been closed with all the cast members and the series will be renewed for a 9th season. The series had been in the final year of its deal and the creators had been pushing for everything to get resolved by the end of December so they could do the necessary build-up to the series finale reveal this season if necessary.  Apparently all the cast were on-board to return except for Jason Segel: "But he just got turned around today at the last second. The show was literally dead,” according to Finke.

Updated: While the cast is now under contract for another season, the show has not been officially renewed.

  • Tom


  • Pat


  • Bran

    BEst show hope the next season is as good as the past episodes

  • matthew

    F*** Yeah!

  • SVU: Fringe Division

    Um, no. I just started back watching HIMYM after not watching it the past 2 seasons and there have only been about 5 episodes I’ve REALLY liked this season. I really hope they reveal who the mother is SOON.

  • Michael

    I hope next season they end

    Two and a half men
    How i met your mother

    their past their prime creative wise

  • Honey Badger

    CBS should have let “How I Met Your Mother “ end this year when it is still doing well. It is too late for it to go out on top, but renewing it for a 9th season while the show is dropping in quality and ratings is cruel. It is just hurting the reputation of the show and its stars. The show now is a shell of its former self.

    They should have let Jason Segel do what he wanted and end the show.
    I used to be a big How I Met Your Mother fan, but this show jumped the shark long ago, the year of the Zoey storyline killed it and made Ted look like a total ass, his character is not likeable anymore, I feel sorry for the mother.
    , it proved the writers could not come up with any more good ideas. It just the same thing over and over, like Barney and Robin.

    Just let it end already before we learn to hate it.

  • Jon

    I hope it’s the last season as I don’t think they can drag it out any longer, I wonder if it’ll be a full 22-24 episodes or a half season of 17-18 episodes? After this season, they’ll be on 185 episodes so they only need 15 episodes to hit 200.

  • Mr Mumble

    Since Warner and CBS made this happen it’s a near certainty that TaaHM will get renewed. A far smaller key cast of characters who are fungible (especially the ‘kid’) compared to Segel & co.

    PS. I don’t understand why fans set themselves up for such a fall when it comes to ‘big’ reveals (like who is the mother in HIMYM or the answers in the Lost finale). The reality of what the scriptwriter comes up with will never meet the hopes, imagination and want of individual, differing, viewers.

  • Freddy Arrow

    “PS. I don’t understand why fans set themselves up for such a fall when it comes to ‘big’ reveals (like who is the mother in HIMYM or the answers in the Lost finale). The reality of what the scriptwriter comes up with will never meet the hopes, imagination and want of individual, differing, viewers.”

    I especially don’t get when people get all worked up about this stuff in a sitcom. Just enjoy the ride. The ongoing story is not meant to be taken that seriously.

  • Tommy

    As a fan I was okay with it ending this year, I just hope the entire ninth and final season involves Ted and the already revealed moms courtship.

  • bsp

    Given that this season has had virtually nothing to do with the “mother,” I hope they give us a story arc in season 9 that will be worthy of our patience. She’d better be one fine mother!

  • richard

    I thought season 6 was better than season 5. I liked season 6, some of it I really liked, in fact I love some of season 6. But then season 7 was just terrible. Season 8 was pretty bad, but it sort of turned around in the last few episodes. The most recent episode was very good. But now, I just don’t know how much longer they can drag this out. I know the mystery of “who the mother is” isn’t as important, but even the writing to the episodes just isn’t as sharp as they used to be. Season 7 was just unbelievably bad. Anyway, I am glad for the people involved, especially the people who might actually need this show to be on the air for their livelyhood, I know the stars and writers make plenty of money, but I am glad for them too still. I have faith that they can end this show well.

  • tv#1

    Fantastic news! I love this show.

  • Mike K

    That’s all I wanted for Christmas….

  • Josh

    I seem to recall the creators saying they always had 10 seasons in mind when they were formulating the story arcs of the show. They were prepared to do less, but that was their ideal. However, with Segal so reluctant to do more, that probably won’t happen.

  • Kissan

    So does that mean season 9 is the final season?

  • herpderp

    So no Cobie Smulders for S.H.E.L.I.D.? Dissapointing.

  • Dan

    Yes, Season 9 is the final year and the show will finally wrap up.

  • Bitter Ringer Fan

    OH MY GOD you have no idea how excited and happy i am right now! i’m almost teary, i mean it was taking so long that i was starting to get to the idea that this was going to be the final season (because of Jason Segel of course). I was also worried because 12 episodes have aired so far so if this was the final season they only would have had 10 more episodes to wrap things up which i think is not enough time (and not even 10 since they probably already shot like 3 or 4 more). But they should also announce it as the 9th and final season because i really doubt Segel will want to come back for a 10th season, although it would be so nice to end with 10 seasons like Friends did, a whole decade, but probably won’t happen.

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