Updated: 'How I Met Your Mother' Not Yet Renewed For A 9th Season

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December 21st, 2012

On a ratings basis, the renewal of How I Met Your Mother was never in doubt, but whether the cast wanted to come back wasn't as certain. Deadline's Nikki Finke reports deals have been closed with all the cast members and the series will be renewed for a 9th season. The series had been in the final year of its deal and the creators had been pushing for everything to get resolved by the end of December so they could do the necessary build-up to the series finale reveal this season if necessary.  Apparently all the cast were on-board to return except for Jason Segel: "But he just got turned around today at the last second. The show was literally dead,” according to Finke.

Updated: While the cast is now under contract for another season, the show has not been officially renewed.

  • TVWatcher

    It’s gonna be “How I Met Your Grandmother” before too long.

  • Potato

    I don’t understand why people are upset about not knowing who the mother is. The show is called “HOW I met your mother,” not “How I met your mother and what happened afterwards.” It had literally never occurred to me before I read fan reactions that he would meet the mother before the final episode. That said, as much as I love the show… his kids are at least fifteen in 2030 and we’re getting dangerously close to Ted having to knock up the mother on a first date. Not exactly the romantic climax they’ve been building to. So for the purpose of the story I hope that nine is the last season.

  • Pepper

    I wonder how much cash money they had to offer Segel to get him ‘turned around’ lol

  • Dan

    This is great news but now another 17 months until we find out who the mother is.

  • Christian

    @Mr Mumble HIMYM is owned by 20th Century Fox, not Warner Bros. But I imagine 2.5 Men will also be renewed for a final season.

  • Sunny


  • bluelp85

    :) This makes me happy after such a long day.

  • bluelp85

    The show is so much more than just finding out who the mother is. Great cast that has more or less some good stories and can be enjoyable.

  • Justin121

    It doesn’t say “9th and final” season.

    This could go on forever. Ugh.

    “It’s gonna be “How I Met Your Grandmother” before too long.”


  • lessaunce@yahoo.ca

    Final season.

  • Gloria


    I hope it’s not the last season :)

  • Hubert R. Wentland

    Noooo! Are they going to kill my favorite show with even more awful unfunny and soapy episodes? And I see they also wait for it to beat the season 1 series low in ratings, and I doubt it will be hard to do in some time.

    If we don’t meet mother this season, I leave the show. But if we do, then season 9 might not be bad after all.

  • Really?

    I love this show, but really? Those poor kids listening to Ted ramble on about 9-10 years of his life before he met their mother. Realistically speaking, he’s gonna have to meet her by the end of this year unless they have a pretty short period between meeting, courtship, marriage, and having a kid since the first kid is alive 3 years from the middle of last season, and they’ve established that they meet after Barney’s wedding which I assume is at the end of this year.

    I love watching the show, its fun, and I just got into it the last year or two. But like Scrubs before it, there comes a time to just let it end gracefully before you let the networks drag it out to a slow, painful death.

  • Cyrax86

    I’m a fan of the show so I’ll keep on watching but I was really hoping to see the conclusion this coming May…

  • Networkman

    CBS is starting to drag this show out. I agree that it is past its prime. Just because Everybody Loves Raymond and King of Queens ended with 9 seasons does not mean that How I Met Your Mother has to have similar results. 8 season was enough for this show. It’s ratings are slipping and I don’t feel it would do any better next year against The Voice. And then there is absolutely no reason to move the show behind an establish comedy such as The Big Bang Theory. The network is starting to hang on to shows for far to long. They have not created a new hit comedy this season. Why would they want HIMYM and Two & A Half Men to end in the same year. Let one go now. Jason was right to want to end it on a high note.

  • KevinY

    This isn’t good news for “The Goodwin Games.” Also from the creators of HIMYM. It wasn’t on the mid-season schedule for FOX, and apparently filming beyond the pilot hasn’t even started yet. Hope it doesn’t get the “Next Caller” treatment.

  • Networkman

    Now a show such as The Big Bang Theory which is a mega hit deserves 9 seasons. Next year will be its 7th and it is just starting to really get rolling on Thursday Night. Also Emmy voters are really taking notice. It would be too early to shut it down after 8 years. This show is doing great in syndication. So 9 shows seems reasonable. But for HIMYM, CBS should be greatful that it had a loyal audience and it skewed fairly young but it is now the lowest rated of the comedies that are currently airing on CBS. Let it end.

    Mike & Molly seems like a 6 season show. 2 Broke Girls has potential to really break out next year(3rd season) and should be able to maintain for 7 years.

  • kill00

    Great news. This is one of the best comedies on Tv

  • POI


  • DeanW

    Yes ! They show is THE best comedy on TV. I hope the 9th season won’t be the last. If next season, the show moves to Thursday it’ll be sure to get a 10th season. The only things I want now it’s CSI: NY, The Mentalist and Two and a Half Men Renewal :)

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