Updated: 'How I Met Your Mother' Not Yet Renewed For A 9th Season

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December 21st, 2012

On a ratings basis, the renewal of How I Met Your Mother was never in doubt, but whether the cast wanted to come back wasn't as certain. Deadline's Nikki Finke reports deals have been closed with all the cast members and the series will be renewed for a 9th season. The series had been in the final year of its deal and the creators had been pushing for everything to get resolved by the end of December so they could do the necessary build-up to the series finale reveal this season if necessary.  Apparently all the cast were on-board to return except for Jason Segel: "But he just got turned around today at the last second. The show was literally dead,” according to Finke.

Updated: While the cast is now under contract for another season, the show has not been officially renewed.

  • Anthony

    Disappointing. As much as I love this show, it’s been ever more apparent that in the previous and current season that the quality of the stories have dropped. It really seems like they were trying to wrap things up with the Christmas episode, and building up to Ted finally meeting the mother. The point to this show is the journey and not the destination but the journey hasn’t been all that interesting for the last couple years. It’s been repetitive and boring. I’ll stop watching after season 8 and tune in a year and a half from now with the Series Finale.

  • Ashley

    I’ve watched this show many times and I just don’t get how it’s popular. Not trying to knock it down but just can’t understand why people like it so much. To me, it’s beyond corny and not funny. Maybe someone can explain why it’s so good to me.

  • Bill

    Like this show. As long as 9 is the last it should be good. I mean the children s ages wouldn’t make sense if the show dragged on to a 10th. 9 has to be it.

  • SJ

    I am genuinely shocked. I thought the show was totally dead based on what I’d read the past few weeks. On one hand, I’m happy it gets to continue for one more (very likely final) year, but on the other hand, this season has been a clunker, with only 3 or so episodes I really liked…

  • Breathofsomething

    @Ashley, agreed. Never understood the appeal of this show, it’s the polar opposite of funny.

  • Cyrax86

    @jake3988, Don’t forget that 2 Broke Girls was also a new comedy last year and CBS renewed it. But I do think with this news, they will finally let go of Rules of Engagement this coming May.

  • American

    Hooray! Yes!

  • OMG

    Wait… Those poor kids still don’t know who their mother is???? They’re really milking this out don’t they.

    9 seasons damn..

  • Potato


    It’s not something you’re missing, it’s just how it is. Humor is very subjective and what a lot of people find funny, others won’t and vice versa. This comes up a lot on this site with people usually reverting to calling eachother stupid for liking a show or stupid for “not getting it” but that’s what it comes down to– different personalities.

  • Dan

    @OMG – The Kids obviously know who their mother is they just don’t know How Ted met her. However Ted probably just could have told them the story in what will be the final episode to save 9 years of time.

    @Cyrax – With Big Bang and HIMYM renewed and TAAHM, 2 Broke Girls, and Mike & Molly essentially a lock for 2013-2014, it seems Rules is in danger unless CBS wants to renew it for midseason again. It seems that the show is now in syndication and has exactly 100 episodes, they don’t have a reason to renew it for an 8th season. Thus Rules is probably dead.

    @Robert – Is it known how many episodes the 9th season will have? 22 eps from Sept-May seems most likely but its always possible that it could be for 13 to accommodate Jason Segal’s movie schedule or some other factors.

  • Dan

    @Jake8988 –
    A) Actually in recent weeks Mike & Molly has built on 2BG so technically HIMYM is the lowest rated comedy but HIMYM has a story to wrap up and it is a veteran. Even if you are right about Mike & Molly, CBS isn’t cancelling that one anytime soon. It has syndication value and its not even the lowest rated by a wide margin unlike Partners. All 3 monday comedies are close in numbers but all still highly rated and obviously both Thursday comedies are the highest. 2BG and M&M will still be around years from now along with Big Bang.

    B) CBS axed HTBAG and Rob but maybe couldve held on to ROB if they had room. This season they have no room with 5 fall comedies all a lock to return in 2013-2014 plus Rules of Engagement still yet to air. Partners is the HTBAG of this season while Friend Me is the ROB. With a crowded schedule and no place for Friend Me, I expect a summer burn off along with the remaining episodes of Partners.

    Their schedule will be a little less crowded after the 2013-2014 season due to both HIMYM and Two and a Half Men (likely) ending that season.

    @Survivor Fan – Ted won’t actually meet the mother until the 9th season finale also the series finale because the point of the show is the story of the events leading up to him meeting her not after they met.

    @Kissan – It’s unknown why they aren’t calling it the final season when it is most definitely the final year. The show cant drag on the story any longer (most viewers believe this season would make a good final year) and Jason Segal barely wanted to do this year (they cant continue the show without all 5 leads). Season 9 will be the end.

  • Philip2

    I wouldn’t be surprised either if Jason Segel got the Kevin James treatment to return. James was on the verge of becoming a movie star in 2006 and still agreed to do a final season of KoQ for $500,000 per episode.

    I’m happy for HIMYM’s fans. Segel and Neil Patrick Harris could have easily called it quits since they don’t need the show anymore.

  • chicago_animal

    This season has sucked. Top of my head I can’t remember exactly but I remember saying that a few episodes had plots taken from other shows: Friends mostly.

  • JNewt

    HIMYM ending next season would be perfect as it can go out on top like King of Queens did instead of like some sitcoms that start to die before their final death.

    CBS didn’t really have any comedies to replace it with since their new ones are never given a chance to grow like Partners.

  • Networkman

    At the end of this season, HIMYM would have completed 184 episodes. I would bring it back for 16 episode final season. But if CBS has it on the Fall schedule and orders a full 22 episodes, I would think that the network is planning on having two full hours of comedy on both Monday and Thursday night. With 5 comedies returning there is no way they are only planning on picking up 1 new comedy.

    8pm How I Met Your Mother
    8:30pm New Comedy
    9pm Two & A Half Men
    9:30 Mike & Molly

    8pm Big Bang Theory
    8:30 New Comedy
    9pm 2 Broke Girls
    9:30 New Comedy

  • Ian

    Made my day!!!!!!!

  • John K.

    Why would they switch TAAHM & 2BG days? Keep them on their current days, maybe move Two and Half to 9pm Thursday if they are going with a 2 hour Comedy block.

  • Michael

    @John K. I think it’s a wise choice considering that with a tbbt repeat 2bg reached a 4, which is what taahm usually gets after a new episode. So it makes you wonder what will happen if 2bg follow a new tbbt!

  • ILoveSitcoms

    Another once great sitcom carries on long past its time.

  • Hello

    This show is nothing but a “Friends” rip-off. Having 10 potential seasons of it like “Friends” is hilarious. Sadly, this show is not.

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