Updated: 'How I Met Your Mother' Not Yet Renewed For A 9th Season

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December 21st, 2012

On a ratings basis, the renewal of How I Met Your Mother was never in doubt, but whether the cast wanted to come back wasn't as certain. Deadline's Nikki Finke reports deals have been closed with all the cast members and the series will be renewed for a 9th season. The series had been in the final year of its deal and the creators had been pushing for everything to get resolved by the end of December so they could do the necessary build-up to the series finale reveal this season if necessary.  Apparently all the cast were on-board to return except for Jason Segel: "But he just got turned around today at the last second. The show was literally dead,” according to Finke.

Updated: While the cast is now under contract for another season, the show has not been officially renewed.

  • Michael

    @Hello Being a huge fan of both friends and himym I can asure you that himym is not a rip-off. Yes both are based on friendships but the stories are different and so is the hummor. There is not a sigle episode of himym that reminded me of friends!
    P.S I forgot to mention how happy I am about the renewal!:)

  • Hello

    @Michael In episode 5 of this season: Didn’t Victoria say to Ted not to see Robin anymore if he wants to be with her? That sounded a lot like “Friends” when Emily told Ross not to see Rachel anymore.

  • bsp

    The biggest joke on HIMYM is that two teenage kids would sit still long enough for their dad to tell them this never-ending story!

    The worst possible joke would be if, in the finale, we get to see HOW Ted meets the mother, but never actually get to see her face… maybe a shot from behind her, with that darn yellow umbrella!

  • Michael

    @Hello yes thats similar but not a rip – off! And after all Victoria’s request came as a natural reaction to her fear of losing Ted! It wasn’t irrational nor a stolen idea! Sure the writers could have came up with something else but it wasn’t a big deal! That’s my opinion! :)

  • mike

    The last few episodes of HIMYM have been outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is still a great show, and i hope it goes on for 10 seasons!!!!!!!!!

  • Jake

    CBS should have cancelled How I Met Your Mother. It’s run it’s course.

  • Honey Badger

    @Hello You are correct much of “ How I Met Your Mother “ on CBS, was ripped off of “ Friends “ on NBC.

    There are many reasons why and the proff on this website. http://www.buzzfeed.com/mattcherette/friends-vs-how-i-met-your-mother

    I put some other reasons from another web site below.
    But there are many more web sites that prove that “ How I Met Your Mother “ on CBS, totally ripped off, stolen, copied, of “ Friends “ on NBC.

    Friends was an epic sitcom in the 90?s and early 2000?s. It was itself accused of being a ripoff of Seinfeld, the best TV show ever made. In 2005 came a new sitcom called How I Met Your Mother and lots of Friends loyalists and sharp eyed viewers (and jobless people like me) have observed a number of similarities between Friends and How I Met Your Mother (or HIMYM, as I shall call it now).

    13 ways how How I Met Your Mother is similar to FRIENDS.
    1. Funny guy mostly in suits.
    Chandler Bing, or Ms.Chenandler Bong.
    Barnabus Stinson, AKA What Every Guy Wants To Be.
    Chandler’s style of funny is different from Barneys. Barneys is mostly hyperbole and exaggerated humor, while Chandlers is more situational and sarcastic.
    Whatever, they’re equally funny.

    2. Other ensemble characters have no clue what the Funny Suited Guy does.
    Barnabus Stinson
    Chandler Bing

    3. A guy great with women.
    Barnabus Stinson
    Joey is so phenomenal with women that he’s never been stood-up for a date or turned down. He can also remove bras by looking at them, as he did to Monica’s once.
    Barney Stinson is just awesome. End of story.

    4. A hot tempered, boring nerd guy.
    SARCASTIC RAGE – Ross Geller
    PURE RAGE – Ted Mosby

    They have boring jobs too : Ross is a paleontologist while Ted is an architect. They’re also extremely boring and go into details most people don’t even care about, when they are in conversation.

    They also don’t settle down until late in life : Ross gets divorced 3 times and finally settles down with Rachel (or so it is implied) after the final episode of Friends ends. Ted keeps searching for his ideal woman and refuses to settle down until he does.

    5. A will they – wont they relationship.

    Ross and Rachel – the most annoying relationship ever.

    Ted and Robin or Barney and Robin

    6. A hang out place.

    Central Perk Coffee House
    McLarens Pub

    7. Set in NYC.
    Monicas Apartment, where most of the show takes place.
    Ted Mosby’s more accurate rendition of an NYC apartment.

    8. Both are accused of being ripoffs. Yes stupid point, but still a point.

    Friends is accused of copying Seinfeld, atleast mostly for the first two seasons(my personal feeling), and HIMYM is accused of ripping off Friends totally.

    9. Exceedingly hot woman who is awesome with guys.
    Rachel Green – never been rejected and always got called back.
    Robin Scherbatsky – just look at her.

    10. Guys terrible with women marry someone hot.
    Chandler marries Monica.
    Marshall marries Lily.

    11. Guys in suits are rich as hell.
    In more than one episode in Friends, it is subtly stated that Chandler is pretty rich. Infact, when Monica realizes her parents have spent all her marriage money on a beachhouse, Chandler offers to bear the entire cost of their wedding, which amounts to around $10K.

    It is more than clear in the above video (if you watched it on Youtube), that Barney is rich. He has a huge collection of classy suits, and has a huge flatscreen TV occupying the entire wall in his bedroom.

    12. Guys in suits come from broken homes.
    Chandler comes from a home where his father becomes gay and divorces his mother on Thanksgiving, leaving Chandler to forever crack sarcastic jokes whenever he gets uncomfortable.
    Barney comes from a single-mom household and has a black brother, making me infer that he was probably adopted.

    13. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
    Monica’s OCD is well known : she has to keep everything neat and in order.

    Lily’s OCD is well known too : She keeps spending money from her credit card which almost led to her and Marshall not being able to afford their dream home.

  • Honey Badger

    more proof of “ How I Met Your Mother “ on CBS, was ripped off of “ Friends “ on NBC.

    on this website

  • Honey Badger

    How I Met Your Mother “ on CBS, was ripped off of “ Friends “ on NBC.

    The On-Again-Off-Again Relationship. Plus a third friend who got involved.

    In Friends it’s between Ross and Rachel. They get together and then they fight, got together again and broke up. It’s happened so many times I just can’t count how many times they became an item and how many times they broke up. There was also an instance when Joey got involved with Rachel. But that didn’t work out. In the end, Rachel ends up with Ross.

    In How I Met Your Mother, the on-again-off-again relationship is between Ted and Robin. Ted is pretty hung up with Robin but he has to admit that it’s not meant to be. It has also been known from the first episode when Ted is narrating to his kids that she will one day just end up as “Aunt Robin”.

    Barney got involved with Robin in some episodes in season 4.

    What’s his job?

    Nobody knows what Barney’s job is even though there are lots of scenes of him in his office. If asked, he shrugs and doesn’t answer.

    For a time in the earlier episode of Friends nobody knew Chandler’s job. There was even a question in a trivia game between Monica/Rachael and Joey/Chandler; Rachael answered “transponster” to the question “What is Chandler’s job” which made them lose the game because as Monica said “transponster is not even a word!” It was later revealed that it was “Statistical analysis and data reconfiguration” before he quit and pursued a career in advertising.

    Professor and Traits.

    Ted and Ross are professors even though they had different career paths in the beginning of the shows. Ted is an architect while Ross is a palaeontologist working at a museum. They later became professors teaching in their own chosen field.

    Both Ted and Ross are highly intellectual and have annoying habits of correcting people’s grammar. They’ve also been known to bore anyone when they give their “lectures” on Architecture and Paleonthology respectively. Their friends have always joked about falling asleep or making funny noises whenever they ever mention anything remotely “intellectual.”

    Difficulty getting Pregnant.

    Married couples Monica and Chandler of “Friends” and Marshall and Lily of “How I Met Your Mother” are trying to get pregnant. But in some episodes they have trouble and seek out professional help. Monica and Chandler soon found out that that they can’t bear a child. They finally decided to adopt and by the end of the series they have themselves twins.

    Marshall and Lily soon got pregnant in the latest season, season 7.

    Womanizer has childish qualities.

    Barney for “How I Met Your Mother” and Joey for “Friends” are known to be womanizers who can get any woman they want. What’s weird is, they both have childish qualities that’s weird for any “macho” guy. Not only their selfishness in sharing food, but Barney’s love for laser tag and high-fives and Joey’s pet duck and chick would sometimes make you wonder if they’ve got issues that made them who they are.

    The Head Scratcher.

    When Phoebe talks about his past when her mother committed suicide or when she was still living in the streets, the group is either appalled or doesn’t know what to make of the information. The same way with Robin. When she talks about her childhood, acts according to her accustomed life or mentions anything Canadian, her friends would find it unusual. They even make fun of her because of it. Among the groups, it is Phoebe and Robin who are often misunderstood.

  • Bart

    Never watched it – probably has been on 3 years too long – let it die.

  • Honey Badger

    More Similarities between How I Met Your Mother and Friends !

    Here is a bunch of similarities that i noticed while watching HIMYM:-

    1) Characterization :- Ted(HIMYM) is a lot like Ross(F), both are hopelessly romantic. Barney(HIMYM) is the womanizer and a master of sarcastic one liners just like Joey and Chandler respectively. Lily(HIMYM) is a lot like Monica(F) and Robin(HIMYM) is a lot like Rachel(F).

    2) Ted(HIMYM) has a spoiled sis(or at-least he thinks she is spoiled), same with Rachel(F).

    3)Robin(HIMYM) gets a lucrative job offer but has to move to Japan , Rachel(F) gets a lucrative job offer in the end but has to move to Paris.

    4)Couple dating:- Joey and his Australian girlfriend find Chandler and Monica too annoying, same happens between Barney-Robin and Marshall-Lily in season 5.

    5)Both shows are primarily about a group of friends living in Manhattan,New York.

    6)Robin`s rebound boyfriend Guyel(played by Enrique) is similar to Rachel`s Italian boyfriend.

    7)Emily did`nt want Rachel to be around Ross , same way as Stella did`nt want Robin to be around Ted in the wedding.

    8)Joey(when Chandler and Monica hook up) and Marshall(when Barney and Robin hook up) don`t want to hear any more secrets.

    9)Janice ends up with a deaf husband. So does Ted`s annoying talkative ex girlfriend.

    10)Both Ross and Ted buy a new car and show off.

    11)Barney`s job is mysterious and unknown while Chandler`s job is forgettable too.

    12)The Coffee show is to friends what the bar house is to HIMYM.

    13)The episode where Ted moves out of he apartment is a rip-off of the episode where Rachel moves out of the apartment.

    14) There is a similar episode in both the shows where each of them points out the others` faults and criticize each other.

    15)Robin and Ted go on and off….just like Ross and Rachel.

    16)Both Barney and Phoebe don`t know who their dad is. Both have been lied by their mother and grandmother respectively that some guy from TV is their dad.

    17)The loving your best friend`s ex connection :- In HIMYM barney falls for Robin while in Friends Joey falls for Rachel.

    18)Both Ross and Ted end up becoming professors and that`s not all…both end up dating one of their students(the latter ends up marrying his student)

  • CrimTV

    Oh my lord quit it with the comparisons between Friends and How I Met Your Mother!

  • ToXiX

    If you didn’t say it. I would have. Props.
    How I Met Your Mother should end this season but oh well

  • Bitter Ringer Fan

    I’m a fan of both shows, although up until this day Friends is still my favorite tv show ever!
    Yes, i also noticed a lot of similarities in both shows, but at the end of the day they both make me have a good time so who cares. also in Friends even though The Ross and Rachel relationship was very important, the show was about all of them, not leads. In HIMYM however, is mostly focused on Ted, him being the lead.

  • Hello

    @Honey Badger: Thank you for proving my point!

  • Justin121

    Since the very first episode of How I Met Your Mother I immediately recognized it as a Friends rip-off.

    You would think the writers would only take the concept and run with it (Friends in New York – which was the only similarity between Friends and Seinfeld).

    But no, they shamelessly ripped off the womanizer friend (Joey) with a mysterious, well-paying job (Chandler), the boring, philosophical, romantic “lead” (Ross), the epic will they/won’t they relationship, and numerous plot points.

  • Dan

    The only difference between HIMYM and FRiends is that Mother has an end and a story, its about a man finding his wife and that keeps people watching because we are all waiting to find out who the mother is. Friends just had random stories, not bad but no large story arc so it wasn’t trying to tell a larger story.

  • Justin121

    “The only difference…”

    More like, the only disguise they hide that blatant rip-off behind.

  • Dan

    Every show is a rip off of every show. Of course every relationship show is going to be similar to the ones is was ripped from.

    I doubt there is one original show that wasn’t created off of another idea, or show, or book or TV show.

  • Michael

    I agree with @Dan. I don’t know! I quess this kind of details never bugged me! I like to see each show individually, otherwise we can argue how every show out there is similar to another! Im just happy there is one on tv that makes me feel the way friends did! :)

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