'The LA Complex' Canceled Stateside

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December 21st, 2012

After the Canadian import was canceled in its native country, some speculation arose that the series would be resurrected by The CW. However, The CW has declined to continue producing the series, effectively canceling it everywhere.

  • Brad


  • dantas

    Sad but not unexpected. As opposite of its storylines, the numbers sucked big time.

  • Tommy

    It was a fun little show while it lasted but the writing was on the wall. I can actually say that I will miss this one though; I wish there had been a finite finale.

  • Observer

    Not unexpected.
    MG pffft

  • Dan

    One of the best dramas on TV! Shame that nobody watched. Really hope they release on DVD!!!

  • a p garcia

    sadto see it go


    And there you have it! The LAC is outta here…

    BOOM! A long drive ball over the left field bleachers! Going, Going, GONE!

  • Tom

    What a marvelous Xmas present!!! The LAC was hideous. It should never have been produced much less aired.

  • Dan

    This is the second least shocking news stories today, second to the fourth season renewal of The Walking Dead. Another low rated series that CW doesn’t have to burn through over the summer. I’m surprised CW aired all 19 eps but at least they can put this low rated series behind them.

  • david

    I am not to surprised about this news because it looks like the CW is geting alot of reality shows for the summer instead. I thought the show was ok and i did watch it online.

  • Will

    Obviously the people making smart comments have no idea about the show and really shouldn’t be voicing their opinion.

    This was probably the most overlooked well-written show I ever watch. This show is probably the best thing and most original show that ever aired on The CW.

    I think the show was ahead of its time honestly.

  • Tom

    @ Will I believe you should stop being condescending to those who don’t share your taste in programming. The LAC was hardly epic television. It was a little more than a poorly conceived soaper with a simplistic and poorly executed plot. In other words, there wasn’t much there to figure out. You know as well as anyone that every show has its fans. So, it’s to be expected that some of them will submit posts in praise of their favorites. However, most of them don’t have the arrogance to suggest that critics of the LAC or any other show are ignorant. It’s beyond dispute that the LAC was a resounding ratings flop in two countries. I prefer to chalk that up to good taste rather than ignorance. So, in future, please think twice before you submit another post as ill advised as your last one.

  • Lisa

    Calling the show “ahead of its time” is a real stretch. It was like a poor imitation of the original Melrose Place. When I first heard about it, I though I might really like it. Then I watched it. It was awful! Maybe the CW will pick up another cheap, super-crappy Canadian import to air in its place next summer.

  • Young

    Only watched for Joe Dinicol…. maybe he’ll join My Babysitter’s a Vampire now.

  • getmilk


    The Mayans were right. Today is the end of the world. Curse you TV watchers for not tuning into this awesome show!!!

  • Networkman

    I understand that the CW is excited about having ANTM as a part of their Summer lineup. And they love the game show Oh Sit! But they should still have one original scripted drama series on during the Summer. And I feel LA Complex would of been a decent performer. A show being able to garner .3 or .4 during the Summer for CW is good. I would of placed it after ANTM. It may have been able to gain more eyeballs.

    CW should also test out some new comedies during the Summer and see if audiences will respond so that eventually comedies will become apart of their Fall lineup.

  • thesnowleopard

    The show’s ratings were horrible, even for summer or Canadian imports. Pointing that out doesn’t make someone a hater. It could be the best show ever, but it still wouldn’t survive with those ratings.


    @ Will

    Try “The Good Wife” for a well-written, original show. Honestly.

  • ToXiX

    LA Complex could have pulled 0.7’s If renewed and aired in fall.

  • Tom

    ToXiX: Could you have made an even more obvious effort at trolling?

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