More Details About Possible On-Line Revival of 'All My Children' and 'One Life to Live'

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December 24th, 2012

The internet is buzzing with more details about the possible on-line revival of All My Children and One Life To Live by production company Prospect Park.

Some great investigative reporting by Daytime Confidential and Soaps Uncensored has uncovered the following details:

The current plans are for each show to produce four half-hour episodes a week with a recap show streaming on Fridays. This is scaled back from last year's goal of daily hour long episodes. There will be episodes produced 42 weeks a year.

The shows would tape in Stamford, Connecticut in the same production facility as Maury. Tax incentives make Connecticut a more affordable filming location than New York City or Los Angeles. Since the original sets for the shows have been dismantled, new sets are being designed.

Though Prospect Park has signed deals with the DGA (the union that represents directors) and SAG/Aftra( the actors union), it plans to circumvent the Writer's Guild by using daytime writers who took financial core status during the last strike. (Deadline's article wrongly singles out the writers of The Young & the Restless. There were some writers on each soap who opted to go financial core, while other writers chose to remain full union members.)

There is no word yet on whether the deals with 15 One Life to Live actors and two All My Children actors that were signed in 2011 are still binding. Complicating matters are the three One Life to Live characters who joined General Hospital. If Prospect Park wants to use them in the on-line version, GH may have to write them off, regardless of whether the actors who play them sign on to the on-line show.

Ginger Smith, a longtime AMC producer, has been tapped as the Executive Producer for the on-line AMC. There is no word on who will shepherd OLTL now that the former executive producer of the soap have moved onto General Hospital.


  • James

    Love everything about this EXCEPT PP may force Todd, McBain, and Starr off GH. I think that would be sour grapes by them. As long as Frank and Ron stay on as EP and HW (former OLTL showrunners), then I think GH will be fine.

  • Andy

    I would that the three actors from GH could stay put. They work very well there. And after all this time of AMC and OLTL being off air, I think the past should be just that…the past.

  • Stephen Judson

    The three actors on GH should just makes appearances every once in a while Todd has no importance to the show anymore.

  • moshane58

    Here we go again.Do not know why they would build setes when noone has been hired to write a script for to have the set for.Does that make sense.Why would you build sets if you have no clue who is staring in it and nothing has been wriitten if they don;t have writers.ABC doesn’t want anyone to have them so lets put a heap version with unknown actors and say PP has the rights for ten years now.Kill them for good and shut everyone up.They have already broke there promise to keep them the same.Well its not.Eriks slezac and Walt Willy both have already said noone has contacted them.There only hearing the same rumors as us.well looks like a cheap version if its true.

  • lll

    GH isn’t giving up those names without a fight. Prospect may take the names but they can give Todd and Starr new LAST NAMES while John McBain can be respelled “Jon McBain” or “John McBane.” GH will find a way around this no matter what Prospect does.

  • Ting En

    It’s like you’re trying to eat a spoiled apple.

  • Leighton

    WOW! This is starting to look like its really going to happen now. These last couple of breaking stories with more information on the move to taping in Connecticut and AMC hiring Ginger Smith as the new showrunner kind of confirms unofficially that AMC and OLTL are definitely coming back but I still have two questions.

    When will they be coming back and where they will be coming back?

    I think what’s going to happen is that the soaps will start back online in the spring and then ABC will try to put them back on television either in the summer or in the fall so that pretty much means that The Chew is either in trouble or Katie is in trouble or might get moved to other affiliates in many markets where its airing on ABC behind General Hospital. Hopefully they move into The Chew’s spot since they will be 30 minutes long and they can air before GH instead of after in that weak timeslot.

  • joshua

    If they bring them back I am sure they will suck and will be shut down again. I can’t even believe the have a check book to pay these actors, build sets, ect ect for a 30min online drama. Sounds like a big waste of time. As for ABC bringing back AMC and OLTL keep dreaming. GH rating are not that great and could still be cancelled and will be cancelled with time. Believe me I would love to see ATWT/GL hour AMC/OLTL hour but I don’t think it could ever work like it did in the 75 years these shows were on network.

  • chris

    Unrealistic daydreamer you are.. So sorry to burst your bubble, but even though gh has improved slightly in the ratings the past couple months, abc probably wants more ratings improvement before the network is satisified. I feel bad for the soap opera genre, this was once a stable community in which was vital and competetive for the big 3 daytime networks. Now we are down to 4. Soaps were great in the 90’s, and somewhat good in the 2000’s, I wonder if it is all too predictible or just recycled stories that cease to amaze? Days was the best soap to me during the 90’s kinda went downhill in 2000’s with certain storylines it was hit and miss all the time pretty much since(outside of the whole serial killer storyline of 2003-04 which received critical acclaim). I tuned into Passions for comedy until 2004. GH and Port Charles were good too but I stopped watching PC before they went vampire on us viewers. That is not why I stopped watching though. I just hope soaps can turn around this downward trend thats occurring and make a change. Better Acting for one, quit overkilling with certain actors and actresses, better storytelling, and less predictablity. Soaps used to be suspenseful and had “a Twist you didn’t seem coming” vibe, Now it is all, “Yeah I told you two months ago this is what would happen”.

  • Andy

    Would there be a fee to watch the shows? Also, I would be happy to have AMC and OLTL back, I would hate to see Todd, Star and McBain leave GH. GH is really rolling and I’d hate to see the ratings drop.

  • Mike

    Well knowing that they have leaked that they will be going fi-core for the writers and knowing some of the past AMC and OLTL writers who have fi-core status they are some of the writers that drove the ratings down on both shows.

    Add to that the fact that I do not like to watch shows on my computer and the fact that one report says they may charge to watch them, I doubt very seriously I will be checking them out. Unless they come to something like Netflix or Hulu which I already pay for. I will not pay extra to watch them.

    I would much rather see ABC get the rights back and use the money to produce quality DVD sets of the days both shows were great than for them to spend money on producing cheap quality 30 minute productions that won’t have the characters I loved or even decent stories.

    I would pay for DVD sets of the shows that included the good stuff and even some of the later stuff. But I won’t spend money on cheap productions of the shows.

    And if ABC doesn’t watch and they let PP start making demands about who can and cannot appear on GH. The current GH is not for me but it must be for some folks. I don’t know if the current resurgance will continue but why mess with a good thing. And latest reports are saying that Prospect Park can tell them at anytime to cease the use of all OLTL characters by the end of January.

    That will leave ABC with 3 actors who have contracts with ABC but who will no longer have characters. And I doubt that those 3 actors are going to be happy with going from an ABC contract to one with Prospect Park for an internet show and have to commute or move from California to Connecticut.

    Will the AMC stars that moved to California even want to do that.

  • Timothy Wade

    I think these shows will be coming back for sure but I’m still unsure of the whole PP situation as far as ABC using PP to get the shows back on their network(s). Are they using PP to cover production costs so they can only pay for the cheap license fees. I hear this is why DAYS keeps coming back every year because of the cheap license fees.

    ABC would literally only have to pay like $10 million a year just to air them without paying a dime on production costs.

  • Mike

    I don’t think you will ever see ABC pay licensing fees for shows. If ABC does anything I think the rumors that they are going to go all syndication during the day would be more true. ABC likes to be in control of its programming — a pattern they have set for years by purchasing the soaps from the production companies to avoid contracts and licensing fees. It allows them more freedom. With a contract to Prospect Park they would be locked in for a number of months or years, and if the shows weren’t a success they couldn’t get out of that.

    They own GH, The View and The Chew and if either started failing they could cancel them tomorrow if they have a show to replace it. Just like they did with The Revolution.

    I think that Prospect Parks biggest problem is going to be production values esp. if they are wanting to air the shows on TV or cable. I have seen some of the web soap operas and they are okay for just that, but you put them on some of the high definition TVs and they would pale in comparison. And even on cable with the competition they face they are going to need to be of some quality to ever build an audience.

    I loved Guiding Light but as its production values got so low and they went to the Peapack production style it was embarrassing to watch at times. And it got to where just its core faithful viewers were watching. It couldn’t compete to pick up and attract new viewers.

    In this new modern age cable shows couldn’t compete for years until they increased production values and stuff. People watched the network shows and then the cable shows got better and better. And now many of them are better produced than the network shows.

    Its just the nature of the beast of this modern generation. They want bigger and better as much as they want fast and exciting over the old way soaps were done where stories drug out for years.

  • Heather

    Anybody who thinks that ABC will cancel The Chew in order to put the 30 minute versions of AMC/OLTL is delusional and living in a fairy tale.

  • Soapsbuff

    I wished some people would get their facts straight before posting an ‘opinion’…

    1. ABC granted PP an extension to get AMC/OLTL on-line;
    2. PP CANNOT force Roger Howarth or Kristen Alderson off GH, since they DID NOT sign with PP in the first place;
    3. Michael Easton’s PP contract was bought out by ABC so he could be on GH;
    4. The ‘Fi-Core’ Writers at OLTL were Gary Tomlin (now under a firm contract with DAYS as HW), Jeanne Ford (also under contract at DAYS) and Michelle Poteet Lisanti. Lisanti could very write 4 half hour scripts all by herself and OLTL would be in capable hands. I say go for it, Michelle.;
    5. AMC’s ‘Fi-Core’ Writers, James Harmon Brown and Barbara Esensten (ex-
    Headwriters) are just James Harmon Brown now since Esensten died several weeks ago. I doubt Brown would go solo, especially with having to do it all. He doesn’t strike me as the type that would. I wouldn’t be surprised if David Kreizman and/or Donna Swajeski wanted the positions. Kreizman???
    Eck…AMC on-line 2013-2013;
    6. All of OLTL’s sets and most set dressing (furniture, etc…) are in storage in NYC. Most of AMC’s is also in storage in LA, although a few pieces that ABC spent some $$$$ on, have been used at GH;
    7. Studio space in NYC is available for OLTL, also in LA for AMC. AMC
    could even move back to NYC and share a studio with OLTL. It could work
    and I’m sure PP has thought about this;
    8. PP realizes that this won’t happen if they DON’T have SOME of the old cast members. OLTL had several signed on, some may even still be under a ‘holding contract’, depending on the time they signed originally. AMC only had two. It would be difficult to build a show around that, but with
    Ginger Smith as EP, it’s possible she can coax some hold outs back. I think there will be more familiar faces at OLTL than AMC.
    9. THE CHEW isn’t going anywhere, although I wished it was. It airs on ABC. AMC and OLTL will be on-line, and possibly re-broadcast on a cable net (like BRAVO, who was interested before…or even SOAPNet).
    10. PP also wouldn’t be doing this a YEAR after the fact had all the outcry from fans calmed down. It hasn’t. They managed to secure most pacts with Unions (which was one of the main sticking points, originally). They’ve also secured $$$$$$$. It’s not like they’re amatuers in this business.

  • MBmomof3

    This ia very exciting news. I hope it all shakes out in favor of the fans, the talent and the genre itself. I’m taking a wait-and-see approach, but its fun to think of the possibilities.

  • Mike


    Obviously before you come on acting all high and mighty about people getting their facts straight maybe you should get yours straight. Maybe you should even read the article that you are posting under.

    Direct quote from the article above:

    “The shows would tape in Stamford, Connecticut in the same production facility as Maury. Tax incentives make Connecticut a more affordable filming location than New York City or Los Angeles. Since the original sets for the shows have been dismantled, new sets are being designed.”

    It is also reported on several sites.

    Now why in the world would the shows tape in Connecticut but have their studios in California and New York. What are they going to do pick them up and move them to Connecticut on the day of taping?

    And this article as well as several actors have confirmed that the One Life To Live sets were dismantled and destroyed. Why in the world would Prospect Park being doing new sets if the sets were still available?

    And Dena Higley who was the previous headwriter before Ron Carlavati when fi-core while she was at Days as headwriter. She is now out of a job. since being fired last year by Days. She is still fi-core. She went fi-core during the last strike is what was reported on several sites.

    And several sites have reported that Megan McTavish is also fi-core. I do not know when she went fi-core, but those sites say she is.

    And as far as Prospect Park telling GH what to do about characters this is what is reported on several sites. This is a direct quote from an article:

    “HEY, SPEAKING OF GH: WILL TODD, JOHN AND/OR STARR HAVE TO LEAVE PORT CHARLES? | Here’s where things get tricky. My understanding is that Prospect Park, having made a new deal to license the soaps (after the rights reverted back to ABC this fall), owns the characters and thus has “right of first refusal.” Meaning, if they want Todd Manning back in the “new” Llanview, they get him. (Whether Roger Howarth in turn is obligated to make the move along with his character is unclear.)”

    That is at:

    The whole article has more stuff.

  • agatematt

    Since OLTL ended its filming last December, the majority of its cast (not to mention behind the camera staff) has relocated to the West Coast — because that is where work opportunities are greatest. So, it is an open question of how many of them would be willing to uproot themselves — and in many cases their families — a second time in a year to move back to New York or Connecticut to take part in a Web soap, the success of which is something of a crap shoot at this juncture. And the same can be said for former AMC performers and staffers. Fans also need to remember that it takes a lot more staffers to put on a soap beside actors, writers and directors and there is no mention about agreements Prospect Park has reached with any of the craft unions (electricians, grips, camera operators, wardrobe, painters, carpenters etc. And New York and Connecticut are not right to work states.

  • Mike

    Oh and Soapsbuff, if you will read what I said. I said just what the articles have said. I said that Prospect Park could tell GH they couldn’t have the characters. I said that they cannot get the actors because they have contracts with ABC. That would leave GH with actors without characters. And I said that I doubt the actors are going to want to give up their contracts with ABC.

    But what can ABC do if they don’t get to use the characters anymore?

    I never said Prospect Park could tell ABC what to do with the actors. Prospect Park doesn’t own them anymore but they do own the characters.

  • better business

    I think there’s more to this whole situation, I think the whole syndication aspect is clearly what could be driving ABC to want to have something to do with these shows. They just syndicated Katie this past year and that allows the timeslots to not be an issue for AMC/OLTL or The Chew having to be cancelled which won’t happen anyways. The Chew’s numbers aren’t bad but they’re not good either but for its production costs its not a huge worry right now so the show is safe.

    I think ABC would like to make money off of them and help PP syndicate them whether it be on a broadcast affiliate or cable like those AMC network rumors that have come up lately.

    If both shows end up back on broadcast TV they can land on any affiliate in any market that would want to air them at anytime of the day through syndication. If they’re on cable the network can put them on during the day or night.

    It seems to be a pretty good option to bring these soaps back and there’s wonder out there if this will actually start a small trend of other soaps returning like Guiding Light and As the World Turns but the problem with these soaps is that P&G for whatever reason won’t sell them or produce them. I think if NBC keeps DAYS again then they should take a hard look at bringing back a cancelled soap or making a new one.

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