More Details About Possible On-Line Revival of 'All My Children' and 'One Life to Live'

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December 24th, 2012

The internet is buzzing with more details about the possible on-line revival of All My Children and One Life To Live by production company Prospect Park.

Some great investigative reporting by Daytime Confidential and Soaps Uncensored has uncovered the following details:

The current plans are for each show to produce four half-hour episodes a week with a recap show streaming on Fridays. This is scaled back from last year's goal of daily hour long episodes. There will be episodes produced 42 weeks a year.

The shows would tape in Stamford, Connecticut in the same production facility as Maury. Tax incentives make Connecticut a more affordable filming location than New York City or Los Angeles. Since the original sets for the shows have been dismantled, new sets are being designed.

Though Prospect Park has signed deals with the DGA (the union that represents directors) and SAG/Aftra( the actors union), it plans to circumvent the Writer's Guild by using daytime writers who took financial core status during the last strike. (Deadline's article wrongly singles out the writers of The Young & the Restless. There were some writers on each soap who opted to go financial core, while other writers chose to remain full union members.)

There is no word yet on whether the deals with 15 One Life to Live actors and two All My Children actors that were signed in 2011 are still binding. Complicating matters are the three One Life to Live characters who joined General Hospital. If Prospect Park wants to use them in the on-line version, GH may have to write them off, regardless of whether the actors who play them sign on to the on-line show.

Ginger Smith, a longtime AMC producer, has been tapped as the Executive Producer for the on-line AMC. There is no word on who will shepherd OLTL now that the former executive producer of the soap have moved onto General Hospital.


  • TimsDale4ever

    Thank you MB. I too am excited about all the possibilites. So many people are ALREADY saying it won’t work, or I don’t see how it will work. Why not wait and give it all a chance people? Dang…. I choose to be positive.

  • Heather

    TimsDale4ever, I’m not saying that it will or will not working. But let’s just say, I’ll believe it when I see it. PP’s current plan (while more realistic than their original one from 2011) remains very ambitious for a small production company and unlikely to succeed.

    And Soapsbuff, I don’t know where you got your info about Bravo being interested. The only info I have from Bravo dates from August 2011 where they said these were all just a bunch of rumors. Unless, they have changed their mind since then.

  • Cass rowlwland

    why would abc cancel the chew when the chew ratings are close to amc

  • Heather

    Also, if studio space is indeed available for OLTL in NYC, it won’t be in the same location as when the show was on ABC. Its former studio is now used for the show Millionaire.

    As for AMC’s LA studio, it’s hard to tell what happened to it since ABC was just renting the place.

  • Nick

    The best part of this would be getting those characters booted from GH. Starr especially would be a huge addition by subtraction. Can’t act and has a face for radio.

  • Mike

    Prospect Park can’t blame anyone but themselves for making people skeptical about them and about this working. They did an awful job at handling this the last go around. Most fans don’t even know they have successful primetime projects out there. All they know about them is how they handled the project last year. And sorry but they handled it very incompetently and came off looking as if they didn’t know what they were doing.

    At least they are finally saying something instead of their traditional no comment at this time.

  • Greg

    All I care about is PP getting AMC and OLTL onto a cable network! DALLAS is doing very well on TNT…TNT would be a perfect fit! I’m okay with 30 minute formats…and who’s to say that if ratings do well they might expand to an hour. They are also saying that PP has plans to do “spin offs” of AMC and OLTL if they do well…featuring certain “super couples” or popular characters.

    AMC will need a MAJOR overhaul. The last 6 to 7 years of AMC were pretty bad. It had a few good moments but keeping characters fans do not like such as Ryan Lavery and Krystal Carey (or Babe…thank God she’s dead) isn’t going to help the AMC revival at all. So keep Ryan and Krystal out of the equation, and bring back the characters from AMC past that fans love the most…like Tom and Livia and Brooke and Trevor and the Fryes and Dimitri and even Edmund, and Julia and Maria! GH is doing very well in the ratings since they began to bring back core characters from the 80s! PP take note here!!! NOSTALGIA SELLS!!!

    I’d give anything if Ron C and Frank V could somehow be a part of PP’s plans regarding AMC and OLTL. They know how to make a successful soap. That is a fact! If PP could bring them on as consultants…and hire writers/producers who care about these soaps and what the fans really care to see…it would be a win-win for PP and the fans!

  • Terryjackson1NYC

    The idea of a 30-minute soap airing four times/week isn’t new. The Eastenders has been running (very successfully) with this format for years (maybe even decades?).

    I used to watch One Life to Live from 1992-1994. I liked it a lot. What I don’t get about the people talking about Todd is that he used to be a not-so-nice character. I don’t know what they’ve done with him since, but there is nothing that can rehabilitate someone who did the things he did. Maybe it’s for the best that he isn’t in the revival, which sounds promising if only because it is testing a new means of producing television. I’m all for it, even though I won’t watch it.

  • Mike

    The thing that surprised me most about the TV Line article and the Soaps Uncensored articles was the fact that AMC sold for more money to Prospect Park than One Life To Live did.

    Despite all the harping from fans and the soap opera press about how bad AMC was and how great OLTL was in the end on paper and as far as what the shows were worth Prospect Park has to pay ABC $500,000 more per year for AMC than they do OLTL.

    From the TV Line article:

    “IS IT TRUE THAT AMC WILL COST MORE TO RESURRECT? | Soap Opera Uncensored cited the licensing fees for each of the soaps, indicating that All My Children will cost Prospect Park $500,000/year more than OLTL — even though the latter had better ratings at the time of its demise.”


    I don’t know about how contracts and stuff work but since Ron and Frank are under contract to ABC now could they even act as consultants on an outside project like that?

    I guess maybe they would have to get permission from ABC but would ABC give it if AMC and OLTL ended up on a cable channel in direct competition with say GH. They could end up helping something that took away viewers from their main job.

  • Jim

    Does anyone know how the current web series (soaps) do? I don’t watch them but doesn’t Chrystall Cappell have one on ?

  • Curry

    Jim that’s a good question I would really like to see how the web soaps do. I just know that from a stat I saw last year that Y&R and DAYS were in the top 10 for the most watched programs online in the States.

    I would hope that if AMC and OLTL are successful that one of these web soaps get picked up by a network. NBC really needs to look into giving DAYS a partner on the schedule. They should try to negotiate with P&G into buying Guiding Light or As the World Turns. I think at this point CBS will only do with Y&R and B&B.

    I think its interesting from some of the syndication talk I was hearing about where ABC could be apart of syndicating these two shows. If they end up airing on an ABC affiliate they could air at anytime of the day like Katie does so this keeps The Chew where its at.

  • jonboyelk

    If this happens (and it all sounds very problematic to me) I wonder where Kristin Aldersons loyalty would lie. she’s from the East Coast her family is there and on her tweets she constantly goes back to the east coast. I I wonder if she wouldn’t rejoin 1 life because of the convenient location

  • Mike

    Oh and Soapsbuff — Mr. Know It All — here is a direct Tweet from the author of this article who is in the industry. So she should know.

    Sara Bibel ?@deepsoap
    Worst cases scenario: Dena Higley is a financial core writer who used to headwrite #OLTL

    Sounds like u are the one who needs to get his facts straight

  • Mike


    I thought it was stated when OLTL ended that Alderson’s family were moving out to the West Coast to give the kids more acting opportunities.

    I guess they changed their minds like Steve Burton did with concentrating on the move to Tennessee.

  • jonboyelk

    @mike don’t know but she always seems to be in flight. Hope not. Although I never much cared for her on OLTL I’ve gotten accustomed to her on GH. She and Mikie are a nice fit and had a steamy sex scene yesterday.

  • Mike


    When I watched OLTL, I loved KA when she was a the bratty kid Starr. As she got older her talent did not grow with her like it did her brother. The last I saw her was in 2010. I quit watching OLTL about the time that the announcement was made that the actors who played the Kish couple were fired. Not because of that, it was just I could no longer handle the over the top writing. I like a little camp but I am more of in regards to my soaps a straight drama person.

    I hvae not seen Starr on GH. I quit watching GH after the Metro Court disaster story. Nothing has made me want to even think about tuning in since. Plus wouldn’t have time in my schedule to watch anything new now anyway.

  • jonboyelk

    Mike – If opposed to high camp then avoid GH. I’m a drama fan myself but enjoy the over the top style of GH for a change of pace. For drama I’ve got Y&R, which I’ve found to be more watchable the past couple of days.

  • Mike

    Thanks jonboyelk.

    On Vincent Irizarry’s Facebook he says he has signed on with Prospect Park to do All My Children.

    I guess if there was any truth to the rumors of David Hayward coming to General Hospital that will be out of the question now.

    I will be glad when we see something official from Prospect Park. So far it is still just sites or actors saying stuff. And all the sites say are sources tell us or something similar.

    Unless I have missed it we still do not have an official statement from Prospect Park. Just leaked stuff from other sources.

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