'Katie' Finishes Number 1 Among Its Freshman Syndicated Talk Show Competition the Week of December 10, 2012

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December 26th, 2012

via press release:

“Katie” Finishes No. 1 Among its Freshman Syndicated Talk Show Competition,

Leading the Pack for the 14th Consecutive Week with Households and Viewers


Up for the 2nd Straight Week, “Katie” Delivers its Biggest Audience in 1 Month


 Opposite All Syndicated Talkers, “Katie” Stands as a Top-Tier Show for the Season



“Katie” National Ratings – Week 14

Based on National ratings for the week of December 10, 2012, “Katie” ranked No. 1 among all freshman syndicated talk shows with Total Viewers (2.388 million) and Households (1.8 rating).  Leading runner-up “Steve Harvey” (1.4 rating and 1.930 million) by strong margins in Homes (+29%) and Total Viewers (+24%), “Katie” stood as the top new talker for the 14th consecutive week.  Overall, “Katie” qualifies as TV’s strongest new syndicated talk show in 3 years – since “Dr. Oz” in 2009.


  • Building for the 2nd week in a row (+5% - 2.388 million vs. 2.283 million), “Katie” drew its biggest audience in 4 weeks with its 2nd-most-watched week since October – since w/o 11/12/12 and 10/22/12, respectively.    In addition, the show retained 100% of its week-earlier delivery with Households and all key Women (W18-34/W18-49/W25-54).


  • Out of 18 total talk shows in the syndicated market this season, newcomer “Katie” stands among the top-tier across all key measures, including Households (No. 6 – 1.9 rating), Total Viewers (No. 6 – 2.462 million) and Women 25-54 (No. 6 – 1.0 rating).


“Katie” is executive-produced by Katie Couric and Jeff Zucker and is distributed by Disney-ABC Domestic Television. Co-executive producers are Kathy Samuels and Michael Bass and the program is directed by Joseph Terry.


Source: The Nielsen Company, National Live + Same Day Program Ratings, week of 12/10/12.  Season to date rankings based on National Most Current Program Ratings.

  • moshane58

    Our area doesn’t even carry her.None of them wanted her for the price they wanted.

  • Mike

    Good job Katie. Glad to see her building. Many predicted she would drop every week, but she has settled in to some respectable albeit not great ratings. But no. 6 out of all the syndicated talkers and the top new talker is respectable and enough to keep it around for now.

  • Sean

    Thanks to GH….But, dont worry! She will be gone soon enough…

  • RJ


    Somehow I doubt that.

  • primetime blabber

    @mike….your very gulliable in believing these ratings….ABC is making up these ratings, no way that many people are watching garbage, but yet again…people are still watching The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad, and DWTS….so maybe there are people watching crap….but not that many people out there, could be that stupid….

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “your very gulliable in believing these ratings….ABC is making up these ratings, no way that many people are watching garbage, but yet again”

    Is that a whiff of crazy Nielsen conspiracy that I smell?

    Smells like pageviews!

    Please tell all your friends about these ratings that ABC is “making up”.

  • moshane58

    RJ thats what there email said when I ask so not making it up.She was not picked up on no locals.They went with Jeff Probsts.so why would I lie about that?Several said they would not pay what ABC wanted.We aren’t the only ones not getting her on any locals.

  • Mike

    @ primtetime blabber

    I guess there are just as many out there gullible enough to watch crap as there are stupid people who believe ABC is making up ratings.

    @ moshane,

    As bad as Probst is doing in the ratings I am sure they are happy with their decision.

  • Lindalou

    I’m guessing the folks that call KATIE “crap” have never watched. Personally, I like her guests and her approach to interviewing them. I have learned from the program via her line of questioning. She’s definitely my favorite…and I didn’t expect she would be at all!

  • moshane58

    Mike probably not the new owner is tight.He could care less like Anne Sweeney what we want.He shut down one fox affliate over prices.Who knows he may shut down this ABC.hope they don’t cancel soapnet.At least I can still see GH.well if Probst is cancelled I assumed they would go with Harvey.He seems to be picking up ratings all the time.

  • Mike


    I agree with you. I like Katie. Didn’t think I would but I really like her on this show.

  • Curry

    My affiliate stopped showing Katie this past month, I believe they threw her on in late night now.

    I think they want to push ABC into bringing in All My Children and One Life to Live back who more than likely can put up better ratings than Katie easily and get close to the 2.6-2.7 million that GH is putting up now.

    Steve Harvey is doing really well and much better than I thought.

  • Mike

    Funny how the soap opera whiners love to pander to Steve Harvey. The man’s show airs in GH’s timeslot in many areas.

    If the affiliates wanted to push ABC into bringing back the soaps not airing Katie is not going to do it.

    Katie is syndicated and whether or not it doesn’t make it ABC will not get the old GH timeslot back. The affiliates now own that time slot. ABC gave it to them to get them to air Katie. It is theirs to do with whatever they want. They are responsible for it now. Not ABC. Katie is produced by the syndicated part of ABC — totally different area.

    If Katie goes away, the affiliates will only replace it with another talk show, the local news, a local talk show, etc.

    If the other 2 soaps come back ABC will only be able to air them in place of The Chew, The View or General Hospital. Those are the only 3 hours of day part they have left.

    As far as the Katie timeslot, the affiliates don’t care one way or the other. They choose what airs in that timeslot and not ABC. ABC asked them to air Katie but they don’t have to and many didn’t. Many put on Steve Harvey and other shows like Jeff Probst. Others air Katie later in the afternoon. Some don’t air Katie but other networks do esp. some of the NBC affiliates.

  • Jay

    Ouch, these are lower than Rachael Ray’s freshman season.

    What happened to Katie being hyped as the next Oprah?

  • primetime blabber

    all I do know is Hatie is not Oprah…..and mike & Lindalou are soap haters….don’t expect Hatie on for much longer…..

  • shelly

    She doesn’t even air in my cable market. LOL. Our local ABC affiliate put out “feelers” to see if she was worth the hype; well you should have heard/seen the responses. The soap fans came out in droves vowing never to watch her show and even threatening to not to watch that station. Needless to say they decided to go with the less expensive of the 2 evils and air JP after General Hosp. I change the channel at 3:00 or turn off the TV. The Katie crowd will be happy to know that my MOTHER (age 70, NOT in the desired demographic)watches her every once in a while on Direct TV.

  • Mike

    Wow the soap opera cry babies never stop.

    Ur shows got cancelled move on. Act like a grown up if you even know how.

    primetime-blabber — u love to call out the hate word. Ur just a bitter person who can’t deal with the real world.

    U don’t want anyone to hate on ur show but u sure don’t mind dishing out u bitter old hypocrite.

    I used to feel sorry that u guys lost ur soaps. Now I don’t. so tired of ur whining and crying. I have lost more soap operas to cancellation in my lifetime than many of u ever will. I never acted like u and most of the other fans didn’t either. It’s a fact of life — shows get cancelled and get replaced by something else.

    Try to be happy ur still living. Ur life could have gotten cancelled instead of a stupid TV show. Grow up and move on.

  • primetime blabber

    not giving up on the soaps, millions are not giving up….you should not call someone old hypocrite when you don’t even know what your talking about I am not old, I am 29 years old…I have always been told not to give up so easy, unlike yourself… how would you feel if they cancelled the Super Bowl? get over it….get over scripted tv for stupid reality shows, never….those who watch reality shows, don’t know how to have a life, and they need others to run their lives….and who are the one’s who need to grow up? the one’s who need others to run their lives or the one’s who want to get away from reality to enjoy some drama?

  • moshane58

    I am not a Steve Harvey fan.Don’t care for him either.Just saying if my ABC cancels Jeff Probst by cost they’ll go with Steve Harvey.Like there email said Katie’s price was not in there cost bracket.So before you make a statement get the facts Mike.We are fighting for our soaps so just get over and you move on.Don’t see me on here knocking any soap even yours.didn’t like Katie before she got this show and don’t like her now.She’s not even on my locals.I don’t watch ABC except for Gh and sticking to it.Its my right.We sure in the hell don’t need a zillion talk and cooking shows because these CEO’s are just plain lazy and put there interest in movies and other adventures instead of the networks where alot of people only have them to watch.Some people are shut ins and only have television as a outlet.Don’t see my satelite bill reflecting cheaper shows

  • Mike

    primetime blabber,

    You don’t want to be called a name but you sure don’t mind throwing out the hater word did you.

    If you don’t want to be called a name — don’t call me one.

    I’ve watched soaps longer than you have lived. And I have dealt with more cancelled shows than you could even dream about. And yes even ones I that I have watched for 40 years — not just ones that were on for the air for 40 years. Guess what? I dealt with it and moved on. That is what adults do. If I threatened to never watch every network that ever cancelled a show — guess what I wouldn’t even be watching TV anymore.

    And as to your comments about the reality folks needing someone to run their lives. The way some soap fans act on the message boards I think it is them that need someone to run their lives. They need to step away from the drama for awhile until they can learn to separate reality from fiction.


    Funny thing these so called set of soap opera viewers will constantly say if you don’t want such shows or don’t care about them, why in the world do you come into the threads about them and post. But yet even like moshane says he doesn’t watch Katie but it sure doesn’t stop him from coming into Katie threads and posting his hate for the show. Moshane if you don’t like Katie then why do you come into the threads about katie and post?

    Take your own advice folks. If you don’t want folks commenting on your shows and saying hateful things, then stay out of the threads about the shows you don’t watch.

    I love the last 2 soap operas I watch. But I also love The Chew and I love Katie. And I hope they are around for many years to come. If not I’ll deal with it. I’ll find me another show, watch it until it is cancelled, and move on again.

    Believe I have dealt with the deaths of all my grandparents, the suicide of a close friend, the loss of both parents, illness — there are a whole lot worse things than the cancellation of a TV show.

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