'Katie' Finishes Number 1 Among Its Freshman Syndicated Talk Show Competition the Week of December 10, 2012

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December 26th, 2012

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“Katie” Finishes No. 1 Among its Freshman Syndicated Talk Show Competition,

Leading the Pack for the 14th Consecutive Week with Households and Viewers


Up for the 2nd Straight Week, “Katie” Delivers its Biggest Audience in 1 Month


 Opposite All Syndicated Talkers, “Katie” Stands as a Top-Tier Show for the Season



“Katie” National Ratings – Week 14

Based on National ratings for the week of December 10, 2012, “Katie” ranked No. 1 among all freshman syndicated talk shows with Total Viewers (2.388 million) and Households (1.8 rating).  Leading runner-up “Steve Harvey” (1.4 rating and 1.930 million) by strong margins in Homes (+29%) and Total Viewers (+24%), “Katie” stood as the top new talker for the 14th consecutive week.  Overall, “Katie” qualifies as TV’s strongest new syndicated talk show in 3 years – since “Dr. Oz” in 2009.


  • Building for the 2nd week in a row (+5% - 2.388 million vs. 2.283 million), “Katie” drew its biggest audience in 4 weeks with its 2nd-most-watched week since October – since w/o 11/12/12 and 10/22/12, respectively.    In addition, the show retained 100% of its week-earlier delivery with Households and all key Women (W18-34/W18-49/W25-54).


  • Out of 18 total talk shows in the syndicated market this season, newcomer “Katie” stands among the top-tier across all key measures, including Households (No. 6 – 1.9 rating), Total Viewers (No. 6 – 2.462 million) and Women 25-54 (No. 6 – 1.0 rating).


“Katie” is executive-produced by Katie Couric and Jeff Zucker and is distributed by Disney-ABC Domestic Television. Co-executive producers are Kathy Samuels and Michael Bass and the program is directed by Joseph Terry.


Source: The Nielsen Company, National Live + Same Day Program Ratings, week of 12/10/12.  Season to date rankings based on National Most Current Program Ratings.

  • Nancy M

    We all know how many more things are worse than cancelling a soap. I too have had 2 cases of cancer in 1 year. We and myself have watched these 2 shows for 84 years combined. We love and miss them and I am so happy that you actually love to watch crap. I for one want entertainment. No one cares about your opinion Mike. We just would like to have AMC and OLTL back and I for one never thought it would happen. I guess our war on ABC actually worked. Their numbers are way down and oh well. As far as your taste or opinions of programming are really worth nothing. Watch what you want. No one cares believe me you are a royal pain.

  • moshane58

    Mike I’m not a guy and bet i have been watching longer then you.So get your facts straight.You like replacement show thats your business,But if we don’t that ours.I’ve seen you put down Gh but I have never one time put down CBS soaps because i respect any soap regardless If I watch it our not.when they said Gh was doing good you where there to critise.Take your own words and used them.You go to Berman’s site and tell him off for posting the same thing here about The talk and applauded it on here.Make up your mind.He only posted what they posted here.Whats the differents.Rooted it on when it was posted on here.You just want to disagree with everyone if its not your liking.So if we want to like our dislike a show that is what this board is for.Get over it.At least we fight for our soaps.Where you when yours got cancelled.You have no clue what any of had dealt with in our life time.But I’ll be damn if I’ll sit back and anymore and say thats okay cancel more.We veiwers pay there bills and when they stop listening so do we.Watch out CBS starts with budget cuts and then for you know it cancelled.OLTL was over 3 million and still cancelled.Doesn’t matter on ratings anymore.Doesn’t matter about the veiwers.Maybe if where lucky CBS will give Anne Sweeney a great deal to come and destroy your soaps.She doesn’t like them.She likes news channels.

  • primetime blabber

    I will give Mike a reality check…..AMC and OLTL was my exercise time, I exercised during their airings, I lost 40 pounds while watching those shows, they distracted me, most of the time I didn’t even know I was exercising….and I maintained my weight, but since they went off air, I gained my 40 pounds back and even gained an extra 20 pounds….AMC and OLTL was my lifesaver…I may not be 300, 400, 500 pounds….but in a couple years I will probably be….and I will probably be dead….now that is reality….I don’t need a cooking show that stars a criminal who stole from his employee’s….and another talk show, when there is dozens out there….I pay a whole lot of attention toward the ratings….ABC affilates themselves have said Katie costs too much….and The Chew isn’t as good as ABC thought….ABC according to some sources say their not liking The Chew or Katie’s ratings, because their lower than what they expected….plus look at ABC’s primetime ratings, their week and low on most of their shows….Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue for an example both are cancelled….because we are boycotting, ABC expected these shows to be big hits and they failed, everything ABC tries fails….except for GH, which is beating both Chew and Katie in ratings, GH is even beating most primetime shows in ratings….but I guess I don’t see what some see, they prefer a tv network with over 12 hours of news, lifestyle, reality shows…than scripted tv….I guess ABC should just cancel everything, and become 24 hours world news….I won’t be watching….

  • moshane58

    Yrimetime Blabber thats what Anne Sweeney wants.Non stop news.She even stated she didn’t want any soaps.It wasn’t ,oney it was her version as she calls it.Well ABC has went to crap over her vision.Maybe if we are lucky CBS will give her a sweet deal and then He an deal with her destruction with soaps.She is a person that has tooken ABC down more each season’s she has had this damn job.Looks like these big stockholders would get smart.Oh I forgot they only care about Disney Pizar and Lucas Films.ABC is just a tax right off for them.Wish they would sell it to someone who gives a damn.Then she can start her 24 hour news channel somewhere else.One hour of scripted show now and rest news.talk and cooking,All damn day long.Now a cooking show on prime time is coming.Give me a break.How much more destruction is she gonna create.

  • Mike

    Oh wow you folks are so sad. But at least your good for a laugh. You can’t stand and fight your own battles so you have to go get your buddies to come fight with you. Poor poor pitiful me.

    Robert or Bill were right they smelled page views and they are getting them. roll out the pity party and bring on the soap loons.

    Why don’t you try being useful for a change. Try encouraging people to watch the shows that are still on and try encouraging people to fight for their dignity and for better writing and better production values. As long as these idiots running our soaps continue doing things the same old way, writing the same old tired stunts, the same old return from the dead stories, telling the same old tired stories that have already been told over and over, keep hiring the same writers and producers that have already destroyed other soaps, — things will never change. They are just going to keep driving viewers farther and farther away year after year. Those are the things that got all the shows in the last few years cancelled. And those are the same things that will get these shows cancelled too.

    That is what I fight for. I fight for the dignity of the shows I have left.

    You guys are big cry babies and give soap fans a bad name. Poor poor pitiful us. ABC cancelled our soap operas and now we have nothing to live for.

    Oh and primetime blabber if you believe half the stupid bull you cited at the end then I have some ocean front property in Arkansas I would like to sell you. I have seen you guys post that same stuff over and over again to the point I just laugh now when I see it. I can’t believe some people are so gullible to believe all of it.

    Nancy M. said it best. Funny it is supposed to be about respecting others opinion. You guys prove once again what big hypocrites you are. Well Nancy M. believe it or not I cojuld care less about your opinion too. And talk about saying people like me want to watch crap. You watched 2 shows that in the last few years served up more CRAP than The Chew, Katie or any them serve up. And sorry but if you can’t handle your show being called crap you should serve up the word yourself.

    Believe me I watched them and as much as I enjoyed them I am smart enough to know when I was being served up a show with bad acting, bad writing, and it was just plain crap. I know when garbage is garbage. And I don’t think so highly of myself that I don’t think my garbage don’t stink like some of you do.

    And Nancy opinions are just like butts. We all have one — some just stink more than others. And I don’t care about your taste or opinion either. But your entitled to yours just as much as I am. But I just still have to laugh at you calling what other people watched crap when I know what you sit through on AMC and OLTL in the last few years. I faithfully watched AMC right til the end. But even I know that it was a poor imitation of how great AMC used to be. But anyway thanks for the laugh I need that today.

    Moving on. You guys can hash it out all you want. Your not even worth my time. Even the right wing and left wing nuts on the political boards are not as loony as you folks are.

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