Pilot of Dwight-Centered Spin-Off 'The Farm' to Air as Episode of 'The Office'

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December 26th, 2012

Per TVLine, though NBC passed on The Farm, the proposed spin-off of The Office that would have focused on Dwight (Rainn Wilson), the pilot will be retooled and air as an episode of The Office.  The airdate for the almost-spinoff has not been announced, but fans will have the opportunity to watch and decide whether The Farm would have been the next Frasier or the next Joey.

  • Greg

    First Mockingbird Lane, now The Farm. Should we expect to see the four episodes of Next Caller to air on summer?

  • Oliver

    Is this news? I thought it was a backdoor pilot from the start.

  • Greg


    No, they were going to set things up for Dwight’s departure the way they did with Michael’s, but it was never a backdoor pilot.

  • Neil

    It will be worse than Joey!

  • dref22

    Here’s hoping Oscar and The Senator have their happy ending too.

  • NBC is awesome

    Great detective work, guys! Too bad I’ve known this for months!

  • MDM

    I like it. Should be an interesting episode.

  • James

    Finally, here ends the office.

  • hello

    Just realized this is the second spin-off project in few years that was called The Farm and didn’t get picked up.

  • DryedMangoez

    The Farm is a title better suited for some drama about a cult or something. Definitely not a comedy.

  • Dan

    Probably a good idea that NBC didnt pick this up, The Office needs to end with all characters in May. Plus I’m sure Thursdays next fall the new comedy will be the 22 episode Michael J Fox Project along with Parks and Recreation, Go On and The New Normal.

  • richard

    If dwight and jim weren’t on i wouldnt even bother. i didnt watch season 8 because the premiere was so awful. then i heard there was a reboot and it was the final season so i checked it out, and i have watched this season, and i kind of like it. it is kind of good now. i will never watch season 8 though.

  • Rebecca

    Last season was mostly bad, but I’m glad I stuck around to watch the current season – it got better. Now it’s mostly good, lol.

  • Curry

    I think The Farm would’ve worked when The Office was in its prime like around 2008. It’s too late now to revive this so good decision by NBC in not picking this up.

  • POI

    i miss joey the show was funny i liked it.

  • k:Alex

    The ratings of Joey weren’t such bad, now it would be one of the best NBC rated shows.

  • CrimTV


    It’s first season’s ratings weren’t bad, it’s second season fell flat :(

  • AnnoyingToYou

    Just when you thought this season of The Office couldn’t possibly get any worse… this! Not sure why anyone thought Dwight would make for a good spin-off. The character has been nothing but mean, cruel, and nasty for the past 4 seasons. There’s zero fun left in him – or anyone else on The Office for that matter.

  • Rebecca

    Anyone know if this counts as an extra episode of “The Office” or has it been built into the existing episode order?

  • CenterGravity

    Good. More room for Community on the NBC schedule.

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