'Game of Thrones' Was 2012's Most Pirated TV Show, 'Fringe' Makes Top 10

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December 27th, 2012

File sharing news site Torrent Freak has released the list of the top 10 most pirated shows of 2012. According to the site, 80 percent of pirating occurs outside of the United States.  Game of Thrones topped the list, followed by Dexter. The list is evenly split between broadcast and cable. Fringe fans may be pleased to note that the show is in the top ten, though this is definitely a somewhat dubious distinction. It certainly adds a new square to Fan Excuse Bingo.



  • silvit


    It’s not surprising when you consider that this list is made by mostly the international market. Modern Family doesn’t reflect at all other cultures’ way of life -don’t even know if it reflects America’s.

    In my country Modern Family is a dud for example despite being the society of my country heavily based and rooted on “family” (even too much).

  • cobber1234

    If the reasoning behind this is lost ad revenue then it really is quite absurd. I also the approach of the networks broadcasting them. There is unquestionably an audience for the shows as evidenced by the very quick showings in parts of Europe of current shows in recent times. Piracy as a headline is really quite lazy and benefits no-one except lawyers. It also gives networks and production companies an excuse not to address their own shortcomings. If the price and product are right many of those who “pirate” can be persuaded to sign up.

  • Joe Smith

    It’s only lost revenue if the person pirating the broadcast TV show would have bought something a commercial was trying to sell. But we all know most people don’t sit and watch a commercial. They leave the room, mute, or change channel. And that’s only if they aren’t watching it on a dvr and skipping commercials anyways.

    It’s time for them to admit that this advertising scheme is a waste of effort and an annoyance to virtually everyone. I know shows have to be funded, but they need to move out of the last century and stop using advertising spots to do it.

  • SJ

    I’m surprised Homeland translates that well outside the US. It’s a very “American” show.

  • slider121

    For broadcast shows it’s really only hurting the networks if you are a nielsen household..since you are not counted otherwise. This just shows there should be a buisness model besides nielsen ratings.

  • Alan

    I think piracy is fine if you’re a fan of the shows. As a mexican, I really don’t like to wait, especially after the episodes air in the US you see spoilers everywhere and it’s annoying to find out what happens in your favorite shows.
    Another thing for example, I hate that they take a loooooong time to premiere the shows. How hard is to put subtitles on the shows? It’s annoying to see that in USA they at for example, episode 8 and in your country they are at 2 or 3.

  • swalker

    @ Joe Smith

    so how do these show become produced without commercials? Everything goes on the HBO subscription model? Yikes (well for me at least)

  • MDM

    In Soviet Russia, show downloads you.

  • Kyle

    I got rid of Cable 4 years ago and still watch every show I want. I stream though and live on the west coast. I could be completely done watching my shows without commercials before they hit the west coast. Its just way to convient this way.

  • Barbarossa


    You don’t actually get HBO do you? They don’t have commercials

  • psychic

    Dammit, why couldn’t they watch Fringe legally – live – when the show still had half a chance?

  • psychic

    House isn’t even ON anymore. What’s up with that?

  • John A

    You would think Nikita would make the list as it does so well Internationaly? Obviously not a big International Hit afterall.

  • John A

    And its weird to see Dexter at No.2 as its been a bit rubbish the last 2 seasons.

  • Bob Jones

    What’s crazy is that I watch all of those shows except TBBT; I do not watch HIMYM regularly.

    Game of Thrones/The Walking Dead
    Breaking Bad/House MD

    If they could sneak in Strikeback/Falling Skies/Terra Nova/Alphas or The Good Wife (I guess), or some Canadian shows (Continuum, Flashpoint, etc), we would be set.

  • Bob Jones

    Oh yeah, Person of Interest/Human Target

  • Derrick

    ” Ali

    When people watch it on TV, the ads are part of it, you are forced to watch them. When you download it, ads are removed. You’re paying HBO by watchin their ads. Pirates dont do that. ”

    no, you pay for HBO by buying premium cable.

  • cobber1234

    A little more intelligence make far more sense, i.e. greater availability at a price that people will pay and treating it as a further income stream, and not just an excuse to make a digital copy of a broadcast show. The BBC currently make their iPlayer on-demand service available for about $10 a month. The BBC model also does not include advertising.

  • cobber1234


    It’s a thriller with the CIA and bad guys in it and the annoying female lead aside is well-crafted and gripping stuff.

  • serbia here

    in serbia, we don’t even have a low againt that, so it’s not even ilegal to download all those shows from torrent or rapidshare. and in europe generally people don’t know about new shows, it takes time for people to find out about new shows, so it makes sense why for example “house” is on the list, and “person of intrest” is not…

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