'Game of Thrones' Was 2012's Most Pirated TV Show, 'Fringe' Makes Top 10

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December 27th, 2012

File sharing news site Torrent Freak has released the list of the top 10 most pirated shows of 2012. According to the site, 80 percent of pirating occurs outside of the United States.  Game of Thrones topped the list, followed by Dexter. The list is evenly split between broadcast and cable. Fringe fans may be pleased to note that the show is in the top ten, though this is definitely a somewhat dubious distinction. It certainly adds a new square to Fan Excuse Bingo.



  • Bill

    And, they said only sci fi fans pirated…

  • sara


    Not only is House still very popular all over the world, its star Hugh Laurie has been selling out concerts in South America, Russia, America and all over Europe. There was and still is a huge audience out there but NBC and Fox were unable to come to an agreement on continuing the show. SO they got Mob Doctor and whatever is on NBC,haven’t watched anything on that network in quite a while.

  • mmogaddict

    Interesting that the highest percentage of people downloading GoT is Australia despite the delay being only 1 week this year (previously it was longer)

    # Country %
    1 Australia 10.1%
    2 United States 9.7%
    3 Canada 7.7%
    4 United Kingdom 7.6%
    5 The Netherlands 4.4%
    6 Norway 3.7%
    7 Spain 3.2%
    8 Poland 3.0%
    9 Greece 2.8%
    10 Philippines 2.7%

  • mmogaddict

    Whether you DL or not it only matters to the survivability of a show if you actually have a ratings box.

  • Ghos

    The situation is most of the show we have to wait two month to see the new episodes (that is for the popular ones), the rest maybe a year. In the internet era, who wants to wait?
    Certainly not me.

  • Grimman

    I have to download Psych.. It doesn’t air here. All the shows on the list I have a way of getting on tv, so no need. Game of Thrones was on HBO in Cuba too. Just saying.

  • jessica

    Apparently more people download each of Game Of Thrones, Dexter, and Homeland than watch it on tv in the USA. That tells me HBO and Showtime don’t necessarily have distribution that is meeting the demands of their audience anywhere. Game Of Thrones s2 and Boardwalk Empire s3 have been on the Australian iTunes store for months now while US fans who don’t subscribe to HBO can’t legitimately acquire either. Homeland s2 is available on iTunes in most countries where tv shows are sold on iTunes… except the US. And internationally Homeland is shown quite soon after it is on in the US.

    As mmogaddict pointed out, without a ratings box it doesn’t matter that much how you access any shows. If they won’t release them for sale immediately (HBO) or only offer DVDs in this HD era (psych) then should they really be surprised at the torrents’ popularity?

  • RJ

    I just buy the DVD’s. Sure I’m way behind on Dexter (S6, E7) but whatever.

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