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December 27th, 2012

Tonight's broadcast line-up is nothing but reruns. The week between Christmas and New Year's is essentially a television dead zone, with even many cable networks opting to run repeats.  That can be frustrating for those of us who love TV. I am marathoning this entire season of Dexter, which I DVRd but never got around to watching. I am looking forward to New Year's Day when NBC will air a new episode of Parenthood. How are you surviving?


  • Walker

    Where is the “watching sports and/or movies” option?

  • capslocke

    all i can say is thank god for HBO Go

  • EatMorePez

    I’ve coped by watching reruns of shows that I’ve never watched before. Such as United Stats of America on History Channel. Educational and hilarious. Well done Sklar brothers.

  • Jeff R

    Watched Walking Dead, now starting Breaking Bad! Finally!

  • Hadesa

    Good thing about living in the UK TV doesn’t stop just for the holidays, loads of Christmas and New Year specials and some new dramas and comedies starting up too not to mention Premiership Football.

  • Percysowner

    Also watching DVDs that I own.

  • Amybeth4

    Jeff R, best decision you’ve ever made. I just finished season 4 of BB yesterday. Right now I’m watching S01 E01 of Homeland.

    PS let’s not forget there’s a new episode of IMPRACTICAL JOKERS on TruTV tonight. Funniest show on TV and the season just started.

  • Sherry

    Got out my Supernatural DVD’s, always a great re-watch choice.

  • Mark

    I did a “Watching College Bowl Season/Other Sports” choice.

  • rob60990

    Thank God for Netflix!

  • reidjr

    I have been watching a ton of sports be it bowl games or the world juniors and even the spengler cup.

  • Dan

    I think the general reaction is either rewatching old DVDs of older shows or shows currently on the air. Most people also catch up with their favorite shows whose episodes they may have missed this season.

    Than the TV Gods for this week off of shows because for those who watch a lot of TV, this January is going to be packed with returning shows and midseason premieres.

  • Nick

    NBC is airing a new Parenthood on New Years? What idiot made that decision?

  • Freddy Arrow

    Apparently I watch too many shows. My DVR will still be fairly full when shows start up again. It takes me almost all summer before I have nothing worth watching on my DVR.

  • Nathan

    I’ve decided to give The Walking Dead a try and now I’m addicted to the show. Thank you Netflix/iTunes!

  • Anon


  • James C.

    I’m checking out podcasts and British TV.

  • The Mike Factor

    Fun article, thanks Sara Bibel!

  • Justin

    Clearing my DVR and watching movies.

  • Melissa

    I’m watching season one reruns of Desperate Housewives on Netflix. I totally forgot how good that show was in its heyday! By the time season eight came around, watching just became a chore. Also, looking at the show’s old ratings, I didn’t realize that it used to pull 11’s, 10’s, 12’s, and 13’s in the demo for tons of consecutive weeks! Amazing! It’s hard to believe how hard the show fell; I think the season eight high was a mere 3.3.

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