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December 27th, 2012

Tonight's broadcast line-up is nothing but reruns. The week between Christmas and New Year's is essentially a television dead zone, with even many cable networks opting to run repeats.  That can be frustrating for those of us who love TV. I am marathoning this entire season of Dexter, which I DVRd but never got around to watching. I am looking forward to New Year's Day when NBC will air a new episode of Parenthood. How are you surviving?


  • Neil

    Where is the “Filling out polls on TVbytheNumbers” option?

  • frank

    i’m pretty busy watching the hard news from the various malls and getting up to date of how much people are spending or not and or if they were able to find a parking place. this is a wasteland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rebecca

    Streamed stuff on Netflix (a Jim Gaffigan comedy special, Arrested Development and 3rd Rock from the Sun – seen them all before but decided to watch them again), flipped channels while parents were here (gone now) and caught bits of things here and there, caught up on Hot In Cleveland on TVLand’s site (I was an episode behind and now have to wait for the latest one to post), and we’re getting “Dark Knight Rises” tonight in mail from Netflix. Also went out to see “The Guilt Trip” and “Les Miserables” – will soon see others some time, like “This is 40,” “Silver Linings Playbook,” and “Parental Guidance.” All caught up on my other regular TV shows. Haven’t been in any stores since Saturday. Taking the kiddo out to a couple fun places over the next few days – she and I have all of next week off.

  • Grey

    I don’t like it but … I’m old enough to remember the days when only a few homes in the neighborhood had cable while the rest of us only had ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, and a handful (if your antenna was good) of local independent channels to choose from *and* VCRs hadn’t been invented yet! OMG!! Let me say that again, OMG!! Talk about the dark ages. Whew!! But, the up side was that with everything in reruns you could catch episodes of stuff you missed and even if you had seen something before, a second airing allowed you to catch details you missed. So I guess it wasn’t all bad. But we do have it MUCH better now folks. And like I said in another post – at least this gives you the opportunity to clear out your DVRs etc. and have them all ready to re-load come January. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em! :D

  • Grey

    @ LA-1849

    Can I come over to your house and watch “Firefly” with ya? ;D LOL.

  • ann

    Spending a lot more time on my computer!

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Unless you count streaming TV online as downloading, you left out downloading.

    I usually get my TV via downloads, but this week I’ll be downloading theatrical movies I missed this past summer. I’ve got Battleship, Dredd, Ghost Rider 2, and The Immortals lined up.

    I watched an older movie, Shooter, the other night. Last night it was an even older movie, Black Mask with Jet Li, followed by an episode of the now defunct VIII – The Series. I also rewatched the original Jason Statham Transporter movie a couple night ago followed by re-watching the new Transporter – The Series TV episode.

    Still, I hate that there wasn’t anything on this week but Rizzoli and Isles and the really good series finale of Leverage. Somehow I’ll muddle through.

  • Hugh

    I started watching The Walking Dead. I’m also watching Deadwood.

  • iggy agrimotor

    NHL Vault
    Old Time Primetime sitcoms on youtube and hulu

  • One

    I’m “coping” by b_tching about the lack of Last Resort repeats, or any new episodes beyond the original 13…

  • One

    I’m also working to catch my DVR up. I only just got around to the season premiere of Suburgatory tonight. Although I should have it easier now that I’ve got that particular hurdle out the way.

    (now if only I could do a better job of working around my need to catch up on Transformers Prime)

  • Survivor Fan

    I am behind on a bunch of shows, so I actually NEED this break to catch up.

  • Aaron Explicable

    I’ve been watching cheers on Netflix, but I need to start watching Fringe’s finale season so I can watch the finale live. Cooper and probably Revolution to see if it’s any good.

  • Hillbilly

    Lots of toe curling wild jungle sex. I hope the Winter Break is over soon..I’m about out of Hillbilly love potion. :grin:

  • KevinY

    I use this two-three week gap to do my annual TV awards!

  • Barb

    Amazing. We air nothing but repeats while the Brits air original programming most of the day. Definitely in the wrong country but at least I can view some of their stuff here plus catch up on reading.

  • BG

    I’ve been watching White Collar on Netflix


    Only watched Downton Abbey on Sunday 12/23, then plan on watching Mob Doctor on Sat & Mon, Downton Abbey on Sunday 12/30. Basically visited friends & family, read a book, am seeing Les Miz today (Fri) & probably Django Unchained on Sun afternoon.

    I’m having no trouble coping at all (plus had a winter storm 12/26 & 27, then another one due 12/29). Nature rules!

  • Jason50

    There’s a lot to do. Saw Skyfall last week and gonna watch the Hobbit today. Still behind on many older TV series(24, Lost), also have many games to play on X360/PS3.

  • HT

    The US is the only developed country to have such bad tv scheduling. The UK, New Zealand, Australia all have year round programming and still make money. Maybe if networks didn’t pay morning tv “journalists” $25 million salaries, we’d have more shows to watch? There are many journalists who’d do real breakfast news for $150,000. Time for rethink networks – you’ve got it SO wrong.

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