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January 3rd, 2013

The Big Bang Theory seems unstoppable this season. Its reruns get higher ratings than original episodes of most programs Its last original episode on December 14 earned a 5.4 adults 18-49 rating. It has gone as high as a 5.7 this season. Tonight, a new episode airs with lighter than usual competition - repeats and an episode of Mobbed on Fox. So, how big will The Big Bang Theory be? Make your guess below.

  • American

    I’m shooting for 5.9.

  • Dan S

    I don’t even watch this show & I’m guessing 6.0. It’s already on fire & no fresh competition will allow it to set a new record. I’m curious as to how POI will do with no Greys tonight.

  • DW

    700 kagillion rating for the fans but im sure it will do a 5.4

  • were123

    If any show can break 6s is TBBT, so I’m going with that

  • HalCapone

    TBBT is a respectable sitcom but I now find it tiresome after so many years on television. The socially awkward geek who doesn’t get laid much is no longer funny or original. Obviously, this is just me since the show continues to have legions of fans (and reruns have created a new rabid fanbase for people who have just discovered it). That being said, I honestly don’t understand the broad appeal of this show or especially 2-1/2 Men but anything…and I do mean anything is better than singing competition shows (including test patterns which I never see any more—whatever happened to test patterns? Cheap infomercials, I guess)

  • ToeHead81

    I think low because it is a new episode during a week of re-runs and people don’t know it is new. I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t look here.

  • jake3988

    There’s no competition basically at all, but it’s just after the holidays and many people probably aren’t aware it’s a new ep. Plus, there’s the ‘spring slump’. All shows in the spring are always well down from the episode numbers in the fall, likely because networks are stupid and stagger the episodes like crazy in the winter/spring.

    So, with that being said, those two things will probably cancel and we’ll likely see mid to low 5s.

  • American

    CBS will be sky-high tonight like last night was for NBC, because of all the repeats. I’m predicting 5.9 but really hoping for higher!!

  • rob60990

    If people knew NBC was on last night, they’ll know CBS is airing new tonight. CBS does a better job promoting their shows than NBC anyway.

  • iggy agrimotor

    like 4.5

  • Networkman

    Well, we have seen NBC’s Wednesday night lineup increase significantly due to the other networks airing repeats. Chicago Fire had its best rating of the season. The new high of 2.4 was an increase of .2 from when it aired behind The Voice. CBS has been strong on Thursday night against original programming, so without any competition, I see season highs for each show. The Big Bang Theory should be able to increase by .3. There are no NFL games tonight either. So, I’m going with 6.0 demo with 18 million viewers.

    Big Bang Theory 6.0 18 million
    Two & A Half Men 4.3 14 million
    Person of Interest 3.3 15.5 million
    Elementary 2.6 12 million

  • Hugh


  • Nick

    Nashville (R): 0.6
    Scandal (R): 0.6
    Scandal (R): 0.7

    The Big Bang Theory: 6.0 [season (series?) high]
    Two and a Half Men: 4.5 [season high]
    Person of Interest: 3.3 [series high]
    Elementary: 2.4

    The Vampire Diaries (R): 0.3
    Beauty & the Beast (R): 0.1

    Mobbed: 0.8
    Mobbed: 1.0

    30 Rock (R): 0.7
    Up All Night (R): 0.6
    The Office (R): 1.3
    Parks & Recreation (R): 1.0
    Rock Center with Brian Williams (R): 0.4

    TBBT will hit a season, possibly series, high. As a result, 2.5 Men will hit a season high, Person of Interest will hit a series high, and Elementary will be within a tenth or two of its series high.

  • Ashley

    With no competition, I’m hoping for over 6.0 but thinking it’ll realistically beat the 5.7 high.


    Person of Interest’s series high is 3.4, and Elementary’s is 3.1.

  • Drew

    They promoted the new episode quite a bit during football on Sunday, so I’m sure people are aware there was a new episode tonight.

  • Networkman

    The episode was extremely funny. So, I’m hoping the show will see its largest audience to date.


    12.4/9 HH

    Over 6.0 and 20 millon are coming?

  • hanp

    Hmmm… there just might be a chance it hits 6 and 20 M based from overnights.

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