Viewers Can Choose Episode Ending in Real Time for 'Hawaii Five-0' on January 14

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January 3rd, 2013

via press release:


“Hawaii Five-0” Viewers Will Be Able to Choose the Culprit by Voting Live on or Twitter Monday, Jan. 14

Voting Will Take Place in Real Time during the Broadcasts for Both East/Central and Pacific Time Zones

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For the first time in television history, a primetime drama will allow viewers to choose the ending of an episode in real time when CBS’s HAWAII FIVE-0 lets fans vote on or Twitter during the East and West Coast broadcasts, Monday, Jan. 14, 2013 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.


The mystery begins on #H50 when the team must investigate the death of an O’ahu State University professor. His boss, his teaching assistant and a student who he busted for cheating are all viable suspects.


To vote, after each of the suspect’s motives is revealed, viewers will be directed to or Twitter to select either #theBoss, #theTA or #theStudent as the culprit, any of whom could have committed the crime. The votes will be tallied immediately and the most popular ending will become part of the broadcast. Separate voting will occur for East/Central and Pacific Time Zone broadcasts. The three different endings will all be available at after the broadcasts.


“I've always felt the most fun aspect of watching a mystery is trying to figure out ‘whodunit,’” says Executive Producer Peter Lenkov. “Now the HAWAII FIVE-0 viewers will actually get the chance to tell us who they think committed the crime and we will listen. I love that our dedicated and attentive fans will actually play a part in resolving our story.”


HAWAII FIVE-0 is broadcast Mondays, (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network and is a production of CBS Television Studios. Peter Lenkov, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are the executive producers

  • merrranga

    “I’ve always felt the most fun aspect of watching a mystery is trying to figure out whodunit,”… and so you’ve removed that from this episode completely? BRILLIANT.

    in order to make any of 3 ending work then that means there is absolutely no way to “figure out whodunit” the who becomes completely arbitrary knowing the episode was written so they could all be the culprit. bravo!

  • juliedawn

    And coming the week after that, viewers can vote on the result of the live football game, and the game will end accordingly.

    Interesting gimmick that may attract new viewers (but not me). I wonder which ending will end up on the repeats.

  • RJ

    Very cool!

  • martha

    I think its a great Idea.Hawaii Five-o is best show on TV right now!!!

  • Dan S

    Next viewers can choose which shows to cancel & which ones to keep.

  • AlexFan

    @Dan, the fans already choose which shows to cancel it’s called ratings.
    @JulieDawn Cynical are you. It’s new it’s innovative and I am sure other shows will follow.

  • Jon

    @AlexFan It’s not new and innovative. Two Guys and a Girl did the exact same thing with their series finale almost 12 years ago. It’s a gimmick that relies on lazy storytelling since the episode was written so that they could all be the culprit.

  • Neil

    They must be getting desperate.

  • Criss

    Seriously @merrranga, you posted the same comment here and on Deadline. that’s just sad. It’s a show, get a life.

  • CenterGravity

    I just hope the episode ends with Danno booking ’em.

  • TV#1

    I am not a fan of H50, but I think this is a good promotional idea. If this works out we may see this happening more often.

  • susie

    They may use one ending for the east coast showing and one for the west coast or the same one. I doubt they will rush around sticking in the ending at the last minute. My guess is they already have the endings firmly in place whether it is the same one on both coasts or a different one. Nice try but shows desperation for ratings.

  • Sam

    This show is sinking fast. Poor CBS, you cannot blame them for trying.

  • susie

    @Criss. Why can’t Merranga post where she wants and what she wants? “It is just a show.” So why are you bothering to post anything at all or taking the time to criticize her? I posted two places also. Is that any different than fans voting over and over for some unimportant poll? That is more obsessive. No one should be intimidated when they have an opinion you don’t like.

  • AlexFan

    @Jon, that other show was a comedy if I am not mistaken, this is a drama, it is new and innovative. Sour grapes from bitter people. I don’t care if I like a show or not I would like something different every now and then. Sad that some people will always find fault. This is the same old stuff never a kind word for anyone. I understand if a person doesn’t like a show I value your opinion but it’s just sad that you run down a show others may like. If you don’t like the show just say that and try to respect others opinions.

  • Christian

    I guess first time in U.S.? They did the same thing for some Phiippine (soap opera) program where text messages, going on up to the final airing of the show, determined the ending. That was about 8 years ago or so.

  • Samunto

    It’s been done elsewhere. It really wasn’t a success. But hey, you really don’t want to bet on CBS’s lazy procedural viewers. Then again,there’s no new Revolution and CBS is hoping for some buzz for this episode – and take away buzz from NBC’s Deception. Castle is always quiete at this time of the year without DWTS.
    You can’t blame CBS for trying to hit those syndication episodes with a bad show that’s down about 30% in the ratings this season.

  • AlexFan

    Well I hope everyone is happy, there is so much hatred in this world and on this sight that you have done what all haters do you have taken a fun discussion and turned it bitter. I hope everyone is happy I will no longer be commenting on this sight. To haters of #H50, I have tried to be positive and upbeat about other shows. I have not pointed a finger or run down other shows but in ending my comments. I will finally say no matter how bad you think H50 is Castle never wins in key demo, Revolution was slowly losing their audience. All shows are down this season. Lastly Good Bye and I hope you have fun trying to hurt other peoples feelings.

  • Hubert R. Wentland

    After scandal gaining so much because of the whole #whoshoutfitz game (I never seen the show, and yet thanks to that I know fitz was shot, whoever it is), I now see the internet buzz brighter. This one might also work out.

  • AniMatsuri

    Interesting. We may get 2 different endings shown depending on how each coast votes.

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