'The Big Bang Theory' Ratings Adjusted Upward to New Series Highs in Viewers, Adults 18-49 and Adults 25-54

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January 4th, 2013

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Last night's THE BIG BANG THEORY has been adjusted upward to a new all-time series high in viewers, adults 18-49 and adults 25-54.


THE BIG BANG THEORY averaged 19.25 million viewers, 6.1/18 in adults 18-49 and 7.8/19 in adults 25-54, according to Nielsen updated ratings for Thursday, Jan. 3.

  • Rob R

    Congratulations to everyone associated with this incredibly entertaining sitcom!

  • Melissa

    No 18–34 series high?

  • TV Addict


  • Mike

    @TV Addict,

    Wrong show.

  • Samuel

    Yay, Big Bang! It’s great to see such a quality show getting so huge!

  • Oliver

    The huge difference between 18-49 and 25-54 demonstrates how old TBBT skews.

    CBS likes to pretend 18-34 doesn’t exist.

  • Billy

    The Big Bang Theory got a 4.0/13 in 18-34 year olds. Not too shabby. Most shows would love to get a 4.0 in 18-49 year olds. CBS did report this number in its original press release. They did not report it again in this press release because it apparently did not change in the finals.

  • Oliver


    I wasn’t implying TBBT does badly in 18-34, just that CBS tries to avoid talking about a demographic they do badly in.

  • Billy


    The only two shows CBS usually reports 18-34 year olds is TBBT & HIMYM. They are basically a 25-54 network. Their business plan does work well for them. I really can’t question it.

  • nerv

    I agree. I think TBBT and HIMYM are skewing comparatively young compared to other CBS shows.

  • Oliver


    HIMYM skews young, TBBT not so much. That said, TBBT is so big that it grabs plenty of younger viewers regardless.

    HIMYM is the only CBS show with a median age under 50.

  • Billy


    TBBT is so diverse and so big it really doesn’t matter how it skews. Even with its older skew it is one of the top two or three 18-34 year old shows on TV. HIMYM may have a lower median age, but it has far few 18-34 year olds because it can barely break 8 or 9 million viewers.

  • Martin

    What about 2 Broke Girls?.

    Also, out of curiosity, anyone have the series high numbers in A18-34 for Tbbt, I wonder how far off it it was, it did start skewing older when it moved to Thursdays, I know that much.

    Am really glad TBBT is doing so well though, a matter of time before it crosses 20 million in viewers I think, although know it will drop next week with all originals back, not by much though, will prob end up being second most watches episode next week I think, which is definitely not bad.

    One thing I can’t wait for is Spring/Summer 2014 when the contract negotiations begin, cos with the show getting numbers like this I definitely wouldn’t want to be CBS. Expect very high pay checks for Jim, Kaley and Johnny.

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