Wednesday Final Ratings: 'Law & Order: SVU' and 'Nashville' Adjusted Up

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January 4th, 2013


Law & Order: SVU and Nashville were each adjusted up a tenth versus the preliminary Wednesday broadcast ratings.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Wednesday, January 2, 2013:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (millions)
8:00 ABC The Middle - R 1.8/5 6.61
NBC Whitney 1.8/5 4.96
CBS Mike & Molly - R 1.3/4 6.29
FOX Mobbed 1.0/3 3.06
CW Arrow - R 0.4/1 1.96
8:30 NBC Guys With Kids 1.7/5 4.39
CBS Mike & Molly - R 1.6/4 6.71
ABC The Neighbors - R 1.3/4 4.83
9:00 NBC Law & Order: SVU 2.2/6 7.73
ABC Modern Family - R 2.1/5 6.56
CBS Criminal Minds - R 1.6/4 6.65
FOX Mobbed 1.1/3 2.75
CW Supernatural - R 0.4/1 1.31
9:30 ABC Suburgatory - R 1.3/3 4.18
10:00 NBC Chicago Fire 2.4/7 8.54
CBS CSI - R 1.3/4 6.19
ABC Nashville - Clip Show 1.2/3 3.97



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  • rob60990

    The Middle rerun didn’t adjust down and had more viewers than Modern Family! :)

  • victor hugo

    Whitney loose for repeat of The Middle.. just so sad

  • Young

    SVU sucked the other night, I don’t know who these people Warren Leight is calling to write these “weird episodes” of SVU – it felt like something straight out of season 9 or 11.

    I’m glad the series is steady in the ratings on NBC, esp. for it’s age. But the writing needs work and the series needs a more steady cast, I thought with Leight taking the reins, the “revolving ADA door” would stop. He has Broadway actor Raul Esparza in the ADA, he’s doing better than expected, I bet before the season ends Leight will dismiss him, I hope Leight doesn’t, but he likely will. The ADA in Wed’s SVU needs an a** kicking.

    But back on ratings, good for SVU. I still think SVU should move to Fridays at 10PM behind Grimm though; versus the horrid Wed night slot it’s at if it has to to be at 9PM.

  • Pam

    Chicago Fire was adjusted up as well. It has great writing.

  • Danimals

    Wished the rerun of the middle got adjusted down :(

  • Oliver


    NBC has put SVU there because nothing else will succeed in that slot, and it’s doing very respectably despite a very tough situation.

    10pm Friday is a dead timeslot. My guess is that slot becomes all unscripted or repeats within a few years.

  • Young


    Actually SVU was in that slot between seasons 1 and 4, of course it was a different NBC then.

  • CenterGravity

    Way to go SVU!

  • BigBrotherFan

    I happen to like that cast of SVU but I agree they need a new ada and one that will join the cast. Looks like they got screwed when Paula Patton started getting film roles and had to be replaced. What I don’t understand is why they don’t have Alex Cabot back. She was by far the best ADA on that show and Stephanie March is freed from Made In Jersy now, so why isn’t she back? She had great scenes and chemistry when Benson!

    That ADA last episode did deserve a real ass whoppin! what a piece of work! I don’t know the actors name but the ADA for the episode where it was a take off of 50 shades of Grey was a good one.

  • david

    Arrow went d down to a .4 as well.

  • BigBrotherFan

    Nice to see Nashville adjusted up but those are still UGLY numbers, too.

  • Oliver


    The TV landscape has changed dramatically since SVU occupied that timeslot. The networks were still scheduling Saturday back then.

  • Leondre

    SVU was up two tenths vs last year.

  • Young


    Broadway actor Raul Esparza was in “Twenty-Five Acts” AKA “Fifty Shades of Grey”. He’d be an awesome addition to the SVU cast, just as much as Stephaine March & Diane Neal were – I hate former EP Neal Baer just shuffled these characters in and out, that way Leight could continue with just one steady ADA each week versus various actors/actresses.

    Before the season started, it was said Paget Brewster was up for being the next ADA (I’m guessing the recurring role), I guess she told them to write her character out.

    Leight and his writers do court scenes better than Baer did in his final years, I don’t understand why Leight and his writers often stray from the former SVU formula to write lackluster/Criminal Intent-style episodes at times. It was too much going on in last week’s episode and it wasn’t even an SVU-themed case.

  • ATL

    Still in shock that Whitney got 5 million viewers after it got only 3.7 million for its previous episode. I knew against repeats it would rise but not this much. GWK did well behind it also only shedding one point in the demo. Gosh these two shows skew young, just imagine if they both established more viewers in the coming season how much of a monster they can be in the demo.

    I’m going to keep a close watch on these NBC comedies as I think they’ll be something special like BBT is in 6th season.

  • ATL

    What makes the Chicago Fire story so special is that the hype behind Nashville looked like it was too much for Chicago Fire to overcome especially also having to deal with CSI but it totally flipped the switch on everybody. This is one of television’s biggest surprises in a long time.

  • David Howell

    SVU is definitely a show that would work better at 10pm (although not as obviously so as the former timeslot occupant Harry’s Law, a show whose now-infamous demographic skew could only have worked for NBC in that slot given the benefits to affiliates for the late local news). Thursday 10pm if Rock Center is put out of its misery?

  • Oliver


    They don’t skew especially young by NBC standards.

    This week:
    Whitney has 46% of its total in 18-49
    Guys With Kids: 49%

    Compared with:
    30 Rock: 43%
    Go On: 46%
    The New Normal: 47%
    Up All Night: 50%
    Community: 55%
    Parks: 58%
    The Office: 64%

    Compare with the young-skewing Fox comedies:
    Raising Hope: 58%
    Ben and Kate: 58%
    New Girl: 65%
    Mindy: 67%

  • Oliver

    (That’s based on their last ‘regularly scheduled’ episodes. Apologies for any mistakes!)

  • DryedMangoez

    Chicago Fire could be this season’s Grimm if it holds up. Everyone thought Grimm was DOA, same for Chicago Fire.

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