'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Returns with a Vengeance in New Series 'DOG' (WT) on CMT; Premieres April, 2013

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January 5th, 2013

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            LOS ANGELES – January 5, 2013 – The world’s most notorious bounty hunters, Dog and Beth Chapman, are back with a vengeance in an all-new, 10 episode series, DOG (working title), premiering April 2013 on CMT.  Crisscrossing the United States for the first time, Dog and Beth, joined by their son Leland, will set ablaze the industry they made famous.  On this cross-country mission, the famous bounty hunting couple will rescue struggling bail-bondsman companies by hunting down America’s most dangerous criminals together.  This explosive new, hour-long series also reveals a never-before-seen look into Dog and Beth’s stressful strategizing process, Leland’s expert use of cutting-edge equipment and the evolving family dynamic that have made the Chapman’s fan favorites.

“Bail bondsman and bounty hunter have become household names and so has the danger surrounding them. It's a very dangerous job and my show over the last nine years has influenced many to be in this industry that I may have made look easy. So some may find themselves over their heads and ill-trained for the job,” said Duane “Dog” Chapman. “This show on CMT gives us the opportunity to get out on the road and help save a dying breed ‘big or small we'll get them all.’”

In each episode of DOG, the Chapman team will use their years of experience to work with one local bounty hunter and lead them on the ride to knock down doors and chase law-breakers while analyzing the state of their business, assessing their arsenal and combat abilities, and implementing strategic, tactical and hi-tech device training.  If Dog and Beth don’t show them how to bring the bad guys to justice, these bail bondsman companies could be forced to close their doors and lose their businesses.  DOG is a fresh, more in-depth look into this famous bounty hunting couple as they set out on a cross-country thrill-ride bringing amateurs along to see how it’s done.

Dog and Beth are an American phenomenon and the most highly visible bounty hunters in the business today.  Besides the eight season success of their highly-rated reality show, Dog wrote a #1 New York Times bestselling book You Can Run but You Can't Hide and was followed up by Where Mercy Is Shown, Mercy Is Given. The original series captured an audience of millions into the unique day-to-day work of Dog and his team.  In this exciting next chapter of their story, the Chapman’s willaddress new personal and professional conflicts through teamwork, adrenaline-filled arrests and a philosophy of hope and second chances, all while showing their contemporaries a few new tricks along the way.

DOG was created by Duane and Beth Chapman through their production company, Entertainment By Bonnie and Clyde.  The series is executive-produced by Electus (Ben Silverman, Chris Grant and Jimmy Fox) and CMT’s Jayson Dinsmore and Eliot Goldberg.

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  • damon

    i Like dog a lot p.sdamon

  • Boo Radley

    I hope they have some on their team that can carry. Or the jumps are hand picked so as not to be dangerous. Don’t get me wrong, they work well together but they wouldn’t make it in most inner cities.

  • sicnastie

    Is he on this LAPD man hunt if not why not? Get there bro.

  • angela

    i love watching the dog n his family on tv n im absolutely thrilled that they r back on tv in a new series. way to go cmt for keeping them on tv, cant wait to watch it.

  • Mary T

    So happy the zChapmans are back love the show …………yahoo:-)

  • Mary T

    Wish baby Lyssa n the whole crew joins them………….i love the show so much.And haters stop hating,bring it.

  • chris

    im very happy that they’re backk….i love watching the show everytime it was never been boring….i cant wait for the new episodes..

  • tracey

    Cannot wait for Dog and Beth and the crew to be back. I think they bring the positive to negative situations.

  • Myrna

    I have been a fan of Dog and Beth since day one. I’m glad they’re returning to t.v. If you don’t like Dog, don’t watch. This is not for everyone. I know I’ll be watching. A&E messed up royally! This was a show that gave them ratings. Welcome back Dog!

  • Kim

    I’m so happy and excited that DOG AND BETH are back and LELAND, but I really do wish the rest of the crew was joining them. I love watching the family all together. They are such a close-nit family and have so much love and compassion for each other it is really great to watch and also wish that it was your family. I watch the reruns MON thru FRI from 7:00am to 9:00am and every once in awhile on Fridays they have a ” A DOG AND THE BOUNTY HUNTER MARATHON”,& on those days nothing gets done–but I totally don”t mind at all.
    If I was granted one wish it would be to meet “DOG,BETH AND THEIR CREW”. Glad your back on and much thanks to CMT for making that happen.

  • Kayla rose

    I love dog !!! I just got done watching his reruns.si glad they will be bck.come ti salisbury nc

  • Rick

    I can’t wait to see Dog & family again. My whole family & I are addicted to “intervention” style reality shows like Kitchen Nightmares & Restaurant Impossible. I’m really looking forward to the Chapmans helping bounty hunters in the same way.

  • tamara

    your show is the only show i wake up at 5;30am every morning to watch till 8am.then i tv search to see if any more is coming on.they have slowed dowed on the shows so i have to put in the only dvd i have and watch it.it got me through chemo and radition.but i still raise early dont care if its a rerun i still watch it.so glad its coming back .new on twitter and got my acct.up but cant figure how to twitt mrs dog c.help.(@tmartin1478)thats my tweet.please let me no when your show starts.god bless cmt.

  • tamara

    you all are so good at what you do you went thru hell sounds like before you and your family got together and started your business.so yes you no everyone deserves 2nd chances.sometimes you have to mess up before you strighten up.god bless you all

  • Lisa

    THank God!!!!! I watch all the old shows everyday and I miss not seeing any new ones, but I am thrilled to know that they r coming back to TV with an all new show. U r all amazing especially with how much u love each other and God!!! God Bless u all and see u soon. I can’t wait now!!!!

  • csevenup

    so very glad ur coming back!!! and screw those who dont like you I think your great!!!!

  • Francis Silva

    ALOHA!!! Chapman Ohana, it is good to see u guys back on the road doing what u guys do best and love. Braddah lee-lan show dem wanna be’s whos got da real mana. Cuz u my braddah is the kind is real silent but real dangerous at the same tim. Braddah “DOG” there are no words to explain of how awesome of a person u are. Keep up the AWESOME work u do of keeping the community safe. Aunty BETH, you go AUNTY, keep yellin and tellin dem fools off and maybe trow some slaps or cracks wen dey act up lol..na leave da cracks for braddah lee-lan dont want u to hurt those pretty hands den BIG DADDY gotta get nutts..lol But my CHAPMAN OHANA all of Hawaii Nei is be hind u MUCH ALOHA and GOD BLESS

  • Jason

    Can’t wait for the new show to start, dog has changed a lot of people’s lives in a positive way, I still watch his shows on a&e 5 days a week never get tired of the reruns,I’m going to hawaii next month I would love to meet dog and the crew keep up the good work dog

  • Lisa Fletcher

    I miss Dog…………………….so pumped he is coming back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hell Yes!

  • Calder green

    So happy to see dog and company back on t.v., so stoked for the first episode? Just disappointed that the two times I’ve gone to his main office in Honolulu he’s never there!! Hopefully this year!!

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