Guess The Ratings: The Return of 'Once Upon a Time'

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January 6th, 2013

Once Upon a Time returns tonight from its month-long hiatus. Will viewers return too? The fall finale four weeks ago earned a 3.1 adults 18-49 rating, which was even with the previous week. Do you think Once will continue to match these ratings, or will tonight's episode see some fluctuation? Cast your vote and tell us why in the comments!

  • Tyler D


    Wait, you’re guessing that, not only Revenge will hit its highest numbers in a VERY long time, but that those numbers will then lead into numbers for Happy Endings and Apt 23 that matched their last repeats? Uhh. Okay.

  • Joseph

    I want to see how revenge does tonight without the walking dead!

  • Ryann

    3.3 for once, 2.8 for revenge and inbetween 1.5 – 2.0 for Happy endings and dont trust the b*. Have a feeling dpnt will do better than happy endings

  • Dan S

    OUAT should probably get 3.2-3.3 easily. I too am curious if HE & Apt 23 can improve on Sundays but I’m guessing not by much. Would’ve rather have seen the final episodes of 666.

  • omabin

    A 3.2. The biggest question mark is revenge and the comedies, I hope both improve

  • JR35

    I’ll go with a 3.2-3.3. It’s been off for too long. :)

  • rob60990

    The Walking Dead never hurt Revenge. Theres basically zero crossover between the shows. They are both entirely different.

  • Jenny

    I know some people that watched The Walking Dead and Revenge. Personally I gave Walking Dead a shot, but it was a bit too graphic for me. Revenge was up against Dexter too. I know Dexter is no huge hit like The Walking Dead, but they did share a little of the same audience.

  • Pepper

    3.4 or higher. Not much competition will help it out a lot

  • zerg

    I hope it will shoot up like it did last year…

  • Nick


    It’s Revenge’s midseason premiere, so yes it will definitely get numbers we haven’t seen in a while. But HE and Apt 23 are burnoffs that have almost no promotion and very little overlap with their lead in, despite it being big. So, yes, they will hit lows.

  • cimmer

    3.3 although every time I think something will rate highly it rates low and vice versa but I’m leaning towards people being hungry for new eps after the holidays.

  • JJA

    3.0 max

    Except for the season premier and the introduction of Captain Hook, season 2 has been rather terrible so far. Even using Jorge Garcia as the giant fell flat.

  • Networkman

    Well, Both NBC and CBS saw nice boost last week for their shows, I’m hoping the trend continues with these favorites on ABC in January, coming back after their strong Winter finales. Both have to compete against new programs on other networks and the return of Biggest Loser may impact both The Good Wife and Revenge.

    These are my predictions:
    Once Upon A Time: 3.3
    Revenge 2.6
    Happy Endings 1.8
    Don’t Trust the B… 1.4

    The 10pm hour could actually improve from 666 Park Avenue.

  • Juan

    I think these predictions are a bit low, it’s going up against dateline and a repeat of person of interest, I say a 3.7 hopefully and revenge 2.9 though hopefully over a 3 and I think the comedies will do high 1 maybe even a 2, I hope anyway

  • JoJo

    I can’t wait to see the ratings for HE and APT 23. I’ll guess OUAT will do pretty good tonight 2.8-3.1.

  • Josh

    Surprised to see the optimism around here. OUAT is a good show, but network television breaks rarely result in a ratings boost. I’m inclined to think it’ll slip a few tenths of a point. 2.8-2.9, but it’ll bounce back quickly.

  • Liam

    I’m going to guess:
    Once: 3.3-3.4
    Revenge: 2.7-2.8

    I don’t want to guess to high and be disappointed.
    On last years note, Once went out with a 2.9 and 8.91 million viewers last mid-season finale and returned to a 3.7 and 10.35 million viewers. The show could return to a 3.7 but i’m don’t want to get my hopes up.

  • Tyler D


    There is zero chance. ABC has been promoting the hell out of the move, not to mention that they, literally, have a bigger lead ins than they’ve had all season. You are saying that a promoted move with a bigger lead in will yield ratings that will equal their last repeat numbers. That’s not pessimistic, that’s straight up delusional.

  • Tyler D


    Also, no overlap with their lead in? Happy Endings/Apt 23 WERE both Revenge’s lead in last year and that worked extremely well for that show.

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