Guess The Ratings: The Return of 'Once Upon a Time'

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January 6th, 2013

Once Upon a Time returns tonight from its month-long hiatus. Will viewers return too? The fall finale four weeks ago earned a 3.1 adults 18-49 rating, which was even with the previous week. Do you think Once will continue to match these ratings, or will tonight's episode see some fluctuation? Cast your vote and tell us why in the comments!

  • J.G.

    OUAT- 3.3
    Revenge- 2.6
    Happy Endings- 1.4
    Apt. 23- 1.2

  • Dillon

    Since there is no sunday night football it should get a 3.4 or up.

  • Save666ParkAvenue

    Tonight, we WON’T watch ABC on 10 PM. We will watch previous episodes of our beloved 666 Park Avenue on Demand or by streaming, instead. WE ARE THE CHILDREN OF THE DRAKE AND WE WANT OUR SHOW BACK!

  • Sam

    Better than a lot of other shows.

  • LisaNeedsBraces

    I voted for 3.2. I think it will tick up slightly from the winter finale but not a ridiculous amount.

  • Prism

    I think Once tends to do better with its own reruns as a lead in vs. AFV so there’s also that possible boost. About 3.4 though anything higher would be great.

  • Rebecca

    Hoping the OUAT marathon from last night helps boost tonight’s episode…looking forward to it and the two ABC comedies.

  • BigBrotherFan

    OUAT- 3.3
    Revenge- 2.6
    HE- 1.3
    Don’t trust the B- 1.1

    I really think this a awful slot for the comedies! I really don’t see much or any chance of improvment from 666 Park Ave. I can understand wanting to due away with Don’t trust the B because it had a short first season and it’s only in its second season, so ABC doesn’t have much to lose here.

    HE is really getting the shaft here! ABC is in trouble if they keep Dancing With The Stars because it’s hurting a lot of their shows.

  • Joey

    I think OUAT will hit a 3.4 at least, not much competition. Have to see how the biggest loser affects revenge with gillian being back!

  • were123

    OUAT: 3.6 (similar to last year January comeback)
    Revenge: 2.9
    Happy Endings: 1.8
    Apt 23: 1.6

    I think Revenge will benefit from OUAT and thus it will benefit HE a little bit, and so it might allow us a fourth season for HE

  • Nick

    @Tyler D

    Let’s take a look at how this has happened in the past.
    1. Mid-season slot changes usually don’t work out. Just last year, Private Practice had a highly-promited move to Tuesday at 10. It immediately tumbled from mid 2s to mid-to-high 1s.
    2. Comedies fail at 10 pm on broadcast. NBC tried it a while ago with 30 Rock and a new comedy. The new comedy flopped, and 30 Rock changed from a megahit to the terrible ratings it gets now.

    In addition, the HE/A23 lead-in that Revenge got last year didn’t really work out for it. It got its best ratings behind Modern Family, fell drastically once it was behind Happy Endings, and even more once it was behind Apartment 23.

  • Ultima

    NFL Wild Card Football: 8.5


    Last night’s snoozer blowout did better than that. Last year, the two Sunday afternoon games each had 15.0+ ratings.

    Last year, the ratings for FOX’s animation lineup after playoff football were 5.4, 4.4, 4.4, 3.3.

  • SarahL

    I voted > 3.4

  • Tyler D

    @ Nick

    That’s some extremely revisionist history:

    — First you say that this is not a highly promoted move. Then you concede it is. Then you compare the move with Private Practice. That makes zero sense, considering Private Practice went from one of the best lead ins on ABC to one of the weakest (DWTS results). Yet was still renewed. This is a show going from a relatively weak lead in to a considerably stronger one.

    — 30 Rock has never been a megahit. Let’s look at the ratings from the first night where it premiered at 10:

    Community: 2.2
    Perfect Couples: 2.1
    The Office: 4.5
    Parks & Recreation: 3.2
    30 Rock: 2.7
    Outsourced: 1.8

    In fact, 30 Rock was the THIRD highest rated show of the night at 10pm, from a very wide margin.

    — What are you talking about, that the Happy Endings/Apt 23 lead ins didn’t work for Revenge? It premiered very strong behind Modern Family and then became the most successful drama that ABC has had in that timeslot all season with those two shows serving as its lead in.

    You aren’t looking or listening to any facet of these numbers that could be considered making a prediction. Look at the numbers. Look at the facts: Last week, with a 1.5 lead in from a repeat of Shark Tank, a repeat of Happy Endings got a 0.8. Are you to tell me that you believe that a lead-in, which you believe will be a 2.8 will lead to a 0.8 episode of a Happy Endings original, and then a 0.5 episode of Don’t Trust the Bitch? Even though both have been highly promoted? Even though both showed last year to be compatible at some level with Revenge as their lead out? A 0.8 and a 0.5? Really?

    That’s delusional.

  • Tyler D

    @ Nick

    I had a long post that was then not posted.

    Basically: No.

  • Robert Seidman

    @Tyler: I’ve freed it from the spam filter.

  • rob60990

    “ABC is in trouble if they keep Dancing With The Stars because it’s hurting a lot of their shows.”

    LOL, this statement makes no sense at all.

  • jake

    I guess a 3.3 for Once, 2.7 for Revenge and the comedies… that’s very tricky, I can see HE getting a 1.8 and Apt 23 a 1.6, if they can earn numbers like this tonight, there’s a chance for them…that and the eventual flop of the other comedies ahead.

  • Patrick G.

    I hope it’s above 3.0, but I fear it’s still too early in the year for viewers to realize it’s back with new episodes, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s below 3. We’ll see.

  • David Howell

    3.4. The ballgame is over so the overlapping audience will tune in on time, and CBS has a rerun in any event.

    The comedies could wind up absolutely anywhere. I must say, they are two shows that could potentially work at 10pm together, both edgy shows. 1.6/1.3? I would not be shocked to be completely off though.

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