'Revolution' Season One Order Reduced by 2 Episodes

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January 6th, 2013

For those wondering whether NBC would be able to squeeze the remaining episodes of Revolution in without running into June, wonder no more!

During today's TCA session NBC chief Bob Grenblatt referred to the "the last 10 episodes" of Revolution remaining to air this season. An NBC spokesperson confirmed to The Futon Critic that indeed there will only be 10 more episodes to air this season, which brings it to  a total of 20 episodes for the first season. Additionally NBC also cut the order for Deception by two episodes, from 13 to 11.

  • Nick

    It’s not rocket science. NBC needed to cut both dramas to fit them both in the same timeslot.
    The question is, why did NBC wait so long to announce it? I imagine both writer’s rooms had to do some major revisions. It could turn out to be sloppy.
    Why didn’t NBC announce the episode cuts before/when they announced premiere dates, like ABC & Fox did with The Family Tools & The Goodwin Games?

  • Herb Finn

    NBC cutting an order of a hit show?

    That’s got to be a first!

  • Stella

    “Reducing the order of their most popular show in years? I echo the sentiment of the previous posters… only NBC would do something this stupid.”

    Chicago Fire seems more popular at this point than The Revolution and doing better in the ratings without a huge lead-in.

  • steve

    NBC are stupid they get a drama that is a hit then go and bench it for four months and then turn around and say we cant fit all the episodes in WTH but oh you manager to fit 2 seasons of the voice in????

  • steve

    @Nick They benched it for FOUR MONTHS read it again FOUR MONTHS it hasnt been on the air they could of easily brought it back earlier or doubled up but oh no there biggest drama hit in years and they go oh we cant fit 22 episodes in after it being on a four month break come on its not rocket science???

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Two less episodes aren’t enough for this dog… They need to pull the last ten all together. :-)

    Still can’t believe the ratings are as high as they are for this garbage.

  • thesnowleopard

    That’s very odd. Yes, the show was already dropping in the ratings before it went on hiatus, but it was hardly in danger. If they’re that worried the show won’t do well without The Voice, that doesn’t say much about their opinion of Revolution. Or it could be budget. Either way, it’s not a terribly good sign, though if the show continues to get decent ratings, it should still get a second season.

  • CrimTV


    I have nothing against Chicago Fire but it hasn’t beaten Revolution in the ratings ever!

  • bluejoni

    What a total mess NBC is !!! and they have the nerve to make negative comments about CBS !!

  • Ray

    Well, this is actually pretty smart. The episode “Kashmir” was total filler and a show like this might benefit from an episode reduction to 15 per season. There’s not enough material to be stretched out for 22 eps because the writers apparently don’t have all that much to offer.

  • Amy

    I actually think this is a good idea writing wise. Cable shows are generally better written because their seasons are shorter which means less filler episodes.

  • Blake

    They should have cut the order of “The Biggest Loser” instead and brought back “Revolution” one week before the return of “The Voice” with a 2-hour mid-season premiere episode [on 3/18] leading into “Deception” finale.

    But they would have to be more confident about “Revolution” [airing without a “Voice” lead-in] which they are obviously not.

  • Edward

    Anyone who knows the business knows that Warner Bros wouldn’t allow their order to be trimmed on a successful show. It would hurt their output deal. I wonderi if NBC is saving those last two episodes to bring the show back early next season.

  • Networkman

    I wouldn’t read to much into this. If Revolution continues to have decent retention after The Voice it will see a second season. I don’t feel it will do any worse than Smash did following The Voice last year. And we will see that show returning next month.

  • POIFanatic

    Forgetting the rest of the uneven season, the finale was Emmy-worthy! A real success for television. Can’t wait for Revolution’s return. I’m actually fine with just 10 episodes. This means less filler. But NBC is really stupid. Who cuts the episode order for the highest rated new show!

  • bk

    I do wonder why NBC is emulating Jericho with the unnecessarily long hiatus – if memory serves me right (which I doubt,because I’m yet to start my first coffee for the day XD) – Jericho posted decent enough numbers before a similarly long pause,but started shedding viewers as soon as the new episodes started airing…
    Come to think of it,didn’t FlashForward experience a similar ratings slump after a December to mid-March break?

  • Ruan

    Bad decision, in my opinion.

    Isn’t that, like, NBC’s only hit scripted show? A very good one, too. They should be treating it like gold and not fecal matter.

  • David Howell

    Clearly NBC has no faith in this show as a self-starter, and I think that’s going to be self-fulfilling prophecy.

  • Renee


  • Dan

    Stupid NBC for cutting the order of their biggest hit in years! What were they thinking?!? Oh wait, they weren’t. Also, cut the order of a show that hasn’t even aired its’ pilot yet…that shows that they have real faith in Deception!

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